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Acronyms Used by Asian / Pacific Studies' Scholars:
a Dictionary

Part 12

Edited by Dr T. Matthew Ciolek and John Noyce
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    OA | OB | OC | OD | OG | OH | OI | OM | OP | OR | OS | OT | OW | OY | top |

    OA back
    OAC l'Osservatorio sull'Asia Centrale / Observatory on Central Asia body CIRPET Italy
    OAR Organization for Asian Research --- --- US
    OAS Ostasiatisches Seminar der Universitaet Zuerich meeting U. of Zurich Switzerland
    OAS Organization for Asian Studies body Waseda U. Japan
    OASIES Organization for the Advancement of Studies of Inner Eurasian Societies group Columbia U. US
    OB back
    OBIV Foundation for Middle East and Balkan Studies body --- Turkey
    OC back
    OCHJS Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies body U. of Oxford UK
    OCIMCO Oxford & Cambridge Islamic Manuscripts Catalogue Online resource U. of Oxford & U. of Cambridge UK
    OCIS Oceanic Conference on International Studies meeting U. of Queensland Australia
    OCIS Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies body U. of Oxford UK
    OCREECAS Oberlin Center for Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies body Oberlin College US
    OD back
    ODDDA OWTRAD Dromographic Digital Data Archives resource OWTRAD Australia
    OG back
    OGEA Online Guide East Asia resource Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin Germany
    OGEL Oil, Gas & Energy Law Intelligence - Global Energy Law & Regulation Portal periodical --- The Netherlands
    OGSAA Oslo-Goeteborg School of Asian and African Studies body --- Norway/Sweden
    OH back
    OHC Oral History Centre body National Archives of Singapore Singapore
    OHRJ Orissa Historical Research Journal periodical Orissa State Museum India
    OI back
    OI Oriental Institute body U. of Chicago US
    OIC Organization of the Islamic Conference body --- Saudi Arabia
    OICB Online Index of Chinese Buddhism body Columbia U. US
    OIOC Oriental and India Office Collections --- British Library UK
    OM back
    OMPA Oceania Marist Province Archives --- --- Fiji
    OP back
    OPEC Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries body --- ---
    OR back
    ORASO Online Ranking of the Asian Studies Organizations resource ASWWWVL Australia
    ORF Observer Research Foundation body --- India Institute for Oriental Study, Thane body --- India
    ORO Vserossiyskaya Assotsiatsiya Vostokovedov / Russian Association of Scholars in Oriental Studies group U. of Moscow Russia
    OS back
    OSA Oriental Society of Australia group U. of Sydney Australia
    OSPG Oesterreichisch Suedpazifische Gesellschaft group U. of Vienna Austria
    OSW / CES Osrodek Studiow Wschodnich / Centre for Eastern Studies body --- Poland
    ØRNAST Øresund Network of Asian Studies group Lund U. Sweden
    OT back
    OTAC Observatorio del Tibet y Asia Central --- Universitat de Barcelona Spain
    OTDO Old Tibetan Documents Online resource Tuffs U. Japan
    OTL Online Tamil Lexicon resource IITS Germany
    OW back
    OWTRAD Old World Traditional Trade Routes Project project Australia
    OWZ Orientwissenschaftliches Zentrum body Martin-Luther-Universitaet Halle-Wittenberg Germany
    OY back
    OYCF Overseas Young Chinese Forum body --- US


    PA | PB | PC | PD | PE | PG | PH | PI | PM | PN | PO | PP | PR | PS | PT | PU | PV | PW | top |

    PA back
    PACA Pacific & Asian Communication Association group --- South Korea and US
    PACKS Pacific and Asia Conference on Korean Studies meeting --- ---
    PACLII Pacific News Agency Service body U. of South Pacific Fiji
    PACNEWS Pacific News Agency Service body --- US
    PACREIP Pacific Regional Economic Integration Programme program --- Fiji
    PAFTAD Pacific Trade and Development Conference Series meeting APSEG Australia
    PAH Division of Pacific & Asian History body RSPAS Australia
    PAI Pacific Asia Inquiry periodical U. of Guam US
    PAI Pan-Asian Institute body Indiana U. &ANU US/Australia
    PAIR Portal to Asian Internet Resources resource U. of Wisconsin US
    PAKBO Pakistan Bibliographical Organization body --- Pakistan
    PALM Program for Advanced Language Maintenance program CEAS US
    PAMM Inaugural Philippines-Australia Ministerial Meeting meeting --- Australia
    PAMRI Beijing Pan-Asia Market Research Institute body --- China
    PAR Program on Australasian Research program IAR Canada
    PARADISEC Pacific And Regional Archive for DIgital Sources in Endangered Cultures resource --- Australia
    PARC Palestinian American Research Center body --- US
    PASC Philippines Australia Studies Centre body La Trobe U. Australia
    PASOLS Pacific Area Senior Officer Logistics Seminar meeting --- US
    PASSIA Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs group --- Israel
    PB back
    PBRC Pacific Basin Research Center body Soka U. of America US
    PC back
    PCAPS Program on Canada-Asia Policy Studies program IAR Canada
    PCF Pacific Cooperation Foundation body --- New Zealand
    PCIJ Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism body --- Philippines
    PCMCS Program in Chinese Media and Communication Studies program Duke U. US
    PCRC Pacific Concerns Resource Centre body --- Fiji
    PD back
    PDD Pacific Development Directory resource --- New Zealand
    PDIP Indonesian Learned Periodicals Database resource ASIA ROM Australia
    PDIR Indonesian Research Report Database resource ASIA ROM Australia
    PE back
    PEAR Papers, Essays and Reviews - Yonsei Journal of International Studies periodical --- South Korea
    PEB Pacific Economic Bulletin periodical ANU Australia
    PEIA Prosopography of Early Islamic Administration project JPP Israel
    PG back
    PGIAR Postgraduate Institute of Archaeology body U. of Kelaniya Sri Lanka
    PH back
    PHA Pacific History Association group --- ---
    PHA Philippine Historical Association group --- Philippines
    PHCWP Princeton-Harvard China & the World Program program Princeton U. US
    PI back
    PIAC Permanent International Altaistic Conference meeting --- US
    PIALA Pacific Islands Association of Libraries and Archives group U. of Guam US
    PIANGO Pacific Islands Association of Non-Governmental Organisations group --- Fiji
    PIATS Proceedings of the International Association of Tibetan Studies --- THDL US
    PICSA Program in Inter-Cultural Studies in Asia program IAR Canada
    PIDP Pacific Islands Development Program program East-West Center US
    PIDS Philippine Institute for Development Studies body --- Philippines
    PIERC Pacific Island Ecosystems Research Center --- U.S. Geological Survey US
    PIIA Pakistan Institute of International Affairs body --- Pakistan
    PIMA Pacific Islands Museums Association / Association des Musees des Iles du Pacifique group --- Vanuatu
    PIMS Pacific Islands Monograph Series periodical U. Hawaii US
    PIPS Pak Institute for Peace Studies body --- Pakistan
    PIPSA Pacific Islands Political Studies Association group --- Australia
    PIPSS Journal of Power Institutions in Post-Soviet Societies periodical --- UK/France
    PISAI Pontificio Istituto di Studi Arabi ed'Islamistica body --- Italy
    PITA Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association group --- Fiji
    PL back
    PLMP Preservation of Lao Manuscripts Programme program National Library of Laos Laos
    PM back
    PMJS Premodern Japanese Studies group Meiji Gakuin U. Japan
    PMW Pacific Media Watch resource --- NZ
    PMW Palestinian Media Watch resource --- Israel
    PN back
    PNC Pacific Neighborhood Consortium group Academia Sinica Taiwan
    PNHS Philippine National Historical Society group --- Philippines
    PNOIS Phillippine National Observatory on the Information Society group --- Philippines
    PNRI Perpustakaan Nasional Republik Indonesia / National Library of Indonesia body --- Indonesia
    PO back
    PolyU Hong Kong Polytechnic University --- --- China
    PP back
    PPJ People's Plan Japonesia --- --- Japan
    PPP Pacific People's Partnership --- --- Canada
    PR back
    PRA Pacific Research Archives resource ANU Australia
    PRASADA Practice, Research and Advancement in South Asian Design and Architecture project BASAS UK
    PRC Pacific Research Collections --- ANU Australia
    PRDLA Pacific Rim Digital Library Alliance group --- Hong Kong
    PREL Pacific Resources for Education and Learning resource --- US
    PRG Punjab Research Group body --- UK
    PRI Policy Research Institute body Ministry of Finance Japan
    PRIDE Pacific Regional Initiatives for the Delivery of basic Education --- U. of the South Pacific Fiji
    PRISM Pacific Regional Information SysteM --- SPC New Caledonia
    PRISM Pacific Roundtable on Industry, Society and Management --- --- US
    PROMAP Projet de Documentation et de recherche sur les missionnaires en Asie-Pacifique project U. de Provence France
    PS back
    PSA Project South Asia resource South Dakota State U. Australia
    PSAA Philippines Studies Association Australasia group ASAA Australia
    PSAS Politics of South Asia Specialist Group group Political Studies Association of the United Kingdom UK
    PSCJ Philippine Studies Conference of Japan meeting --- Japan
    PSCO Philadelphia Seminar on Christian Origins meeting --- US
    PSD Pennsylvania Sumerian Dictionary Project project U. of Pennsylvania US
    PSEAL Papers in Southeast Asian Linguistics resource RSPAS Australia
    PSG Philippines Studies Group group AAS US
    PSI Pacific Studies Initiative project U. of Hawaii US
    PSI Pacific Science Intercongress meeting --- ---
    PSWWWVL Pacific Studies WWW Virtual Library resource RSPAS Australia
    PT back
    PTC Pacific Theological College body --- Fiji
    PU back
    PUKAR Partners for Urban Knowledge Action & Research, Mumbai --- --- India
    PV back
    PVS Polynesian Voyaging Society group --- US
    PW back
    PWJ Pacific World: Journal of the Institute of Buddhist Studies periodical IBS US
    PWTN People's Watch - Tamil Nadu resource --- India


    QI | top |

    QIR Kyushu University Institutional Repository resource Kyushu U. Japan


    RA | RC | RE | RF | RG | RH | RI | RK | RM | RR | RS | RU | top |

    RA back
    RAD Russian Analytical Digest periodical RES Switzerland
    RAI Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale - International Congress of Assyriology & Near Eastern Archaeology meeting Leiden U. The Netherlands
    RAJ Russian Association of Japanologists group --- Russia
    RAL Research in Anthropology and Linguistics --- U. of Auckland New Zealand
    RASA Recent Art of South Asia --- --- UK
    RAS Royal Asiatic Society group --- UK
    RAS-KB Royal Asiatic Society - Korea Branch group RAS South Korea
    RASHKB Royal Asiatic Society - Hong Kong Branch group RAS HK
    RAS SL Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka group RAS Sri Lanka
    RATS Regional Antiterrorism Structure --- SCO ---
    RC back
    RCCPB Research Center for Chinese Politics & Business body EASC US
    RCEP Russian and Central Eurasian Studies Program program Wittenberg College US
    RCHSS Research Center for Humanities and Social Science body Academia Sinica Taiwan
    RCMRC Research Center on Metropolitan Regions of China body Shanghai Jiao Tong U. China
    RE back
    REDIAO Red de Investigacion Iberoamericana en Estudios de Asia Oriental group --- Spain
    REECA Russian, East European, and Central Asian Collections resource CREECA US
    REECAS Russian, East European, and Central Asian Studies program U. of Washington US
    REFSA Research for Social Advancement body --- Malaysia
    REP Revista Espanola del Pacifico periodical --- Spain
    RES Russian and Eurasian Security Network group ETH Zurich Switzerland
    ResearchSEA Asia Research News resource --- UK
    RET Revue d'Etudes Tibetaines periodical U. of Cambridge UK
    RETL Reeducation Through Labor program --- China
    RF back
    RFA Radio Free Asia --- --- US
    RG back
    RGICS Rajiv Gandhi Institute for Contemporary Studies body Rajiv Gandhi Foundation India
    RI back
    RIAP Research Institute for Asia and the Pacific body U. of Sydney Australia
    RICAS Research & Information Center for Asian Studies --- U. of Tokyo Japan
    RICAE Red de Investigacion de Comunidades Asiaticas en Espana group --- Spain
    RIFIAS Research Institute for Inner Asian Studies --- Indiana U. US
    RIJS Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies body Harvard U. US
    RIMAS Rotterdam Institute of Modern Asian Studies --- Erasmus U., Rotterdam The Netherlands
    RIPS Research Institute for Peace and Security --- --- Japan
    RISA Religion in South Asia Section of the American Academy of Religion --- --- US
    RISA-L Official email list of RISA resource RISA US
    RK back
    RKS Review of Korean Studies periodical AKS South Korea
    RM back
    RMA Rubin Museum of Art: Art of the Himalayas body --- US
    RMAP Resource Management in Asia-Pacific Program program RSPAS Australia
    RR back
    RRI Rethinking Religion in India meeting --- Belgium
    RS back
    RSEA Committee on Regional Studies - East Asia --- Harvard U. US
    RSG Rajasthan Studies Group group Columbia U. US
    RSIS S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies --- Nanyang Technological U. Singapore
    RSPAS Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies --- ANU Australia
    RU back
    RU-CAAS Rikkyo University Centre for Asian Area Studies body Rikkyo U. Japan
    RUCTA Research Unit on Cultures and Technologies in Asia body Monash U. Australia
    RUMiCI Rural-Urban Migration in China and Indonesia project RSPAS Australia
    RUSSCASP Russian and Caspian Energy Developments program Fridtjof Nansen Institute Norway
    RUSSIC Research Unit for the Study of Societies in Change body Curtin U. Australia


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