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Acronyms Used by Asian / Pacific Studies' Scholars:
a Dictionary

Part 4

Edited by Dr T. Matthew Ciolek and John Noyce,
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    CA back
    CA&CC Central Asia and the Caucasus Press body Institute for Central Asian and Caucasian Studies Sweden
    CAAC Chaire ASIE / ASIA Chair: Canada Chair of Asian Research body U. de Montreal Canada
    CAAKS Central Asian Association for Korean Studies body --- ---
    CAALS Circle for Asian American Literary Studies group American Literature Association (ALA) US
    CAAPR / APR Central Asia Agency of Political Research body --- Kazakhstan
    CAAS Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences body --- China
    CAAS Centre for Arabic and African Studies body Jawarhal Nehru U. India
    CAAS Center for Asian American Studies body U. of Texas at Austin US
    CAB Centre for Asian Business body U. of South Australia Australia
    CACI Central Asia-Caucasus Institute body SAIS US
    CACSA Central Asia Crafts Support Association group --- Kyrgyzstan
    CACSA Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia body --- Australia
    CAD Caucasus Analytical Digest periodical Heinrich Boell Foundation in Tbilisi, the University of Bremen, the Jefferson Institute in Washington, DC and the Center for Security Studies at ETH Zurich Switzerland
    CAD Center for Asian Democracy body U. of Louisville, KY US
    CAD Chicago Assyrian Dictionary resource OI US
    CADAL China-America Digital Academic Library project / resource Zhejiang University Libraries, Hangzhou China
    CADAP EU Central Asia Drug Action Programme program --- Kyrgystan
    CAEC Council for Asia Europe Cooperation group --- ---
    CAEG China Agricultural Economics Group group The U. of Queensland Australia
    CAFDP Central Asian Faculty Development Programme program U. of Central Asia Kyrgyzstan
    CAFHOV Chinese Australian Family Historians of Victoria group --- Australia
    CAG Central Asian Gateway resource UNDP Regional Bureau for Europe and the CIS ---
    CAHS Chinese Australian Historical Society group --- Australia
    CAI-APS Central American Institute of Asia Pacific Studies body International U. of Humanities and Social Sciences Costa Rica
    CAIS Centre for Arab & Islamic Studies body ANU Australia
    CAIS Circle of Ancient Iranian Studies group SOAS UK
    CAITEC Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation body --- China
    CAJ China Academic Journals Full-text Database resource CNKI China
    CAJ China Academic Journals resource Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin Germany
    CAJ Communication Association of Japan group --- Japan
    CAJLE Canadian Association for Japanese Language Education group --- Canada
    CALE Center for Asian Legal Exchange body Nagoya U. Japan
    CALES Centre for Arabic Language and Eastern Studies body --- Yemen
    CALI Central Asia Law Initiative project U. of Montana US
    CALS Centre for Asian Legal Studies body U. of British Columbia Canada
    CALSC Central Asian Languages Studies Center body IUCA Kyrgyzstan
    CAMEL Center for Ancient Middle Eastern Landscapes project OI US
    CAMERA Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America body --- US
    CAMMIC Central Asian Migration Management and International Cooperation project U. of Toyama Japan
    CAN Chechnya Advocacy Network group --- US
    CANELA Confederacion Academica Nipona, Espanola, Latinoamericana group --- Spain
    CANMES Canadian Committee of the Middle East Studies Association group MESA Canada
    CANSS Center for Australia, Zealand and South Pacific Studies --- IAPS China
    CAORC Council of American Overseas Research Centers group --- US
    CAP El Centro de Asia-Pacifico / Asia Pacific Center body Universidad de Chile Chile
    CAPA Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation body --- Australia
    CAPART Council for the Advancement of People's Action & Rural Technology group --- India
    CAPAS Center for Asia Pacific Area Studies body Academia Sinica Taiwan
    CAPDTC China Association for Preservation and Development of Tibetan Culture body --- China
    CAPI Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives body U. of Victoria, Victoria, BC Canada
    CAPI Council of Asian Press Institutes group --- ---
    CAPLUS Centre for Asian and Pacific Law in the University of Sydney body U. of Sydney Australia
    CAPP Center for Asian Politics and Policy body --- US
    CAPP Center for Asia Pacific Policy body RAND US
    CAPRN Canada-Asia Pacific Research Network group Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada Canada
    CAPS Center for Advanced Philippine Studies --- -- Philippines
    CAPS Center for Asian and Pacific Studies --- U. of Oregon US
    CAPS Center for Asian and Pacific Studies --- U. of Iowa US
    CAPS Centre for Asian Pacific Studies body Lingnan U., HK China
    CAPS China and Asia-Pacific Studies --- Cornell U. US
    CAPS Center for Asian and Pacific Studies --- Seikei U. Japan
    CAPS Certificate in Asia Pacific Studies program U. of San Francisco US
    CAPSA Centre for Alleviation of Poverty through Secondary Crops' Development in Asia and the Pacific body ESCAP Indonesia
    CAPSEA South East Asian Cooperative Acquisitions Program program Library of Congress - Southeast Asia Region Indonesia
    CAPSTRANS Centre for Asia Pacific Social Transformation Studies body U. of Wollongong Australia
    CAPWIP Center for Asia Pacific Women in Politics body --- Philippines
    CARC Central Asian Resource Centre body Corporate Educational Foundation "Bilim-Central Asia", Almaty Kazakhstan
    CARI Central Asia Research Initiative project Open Society Institute Hungary
    CARN Central Asia Research Network group --- ---
    CARRE Central Asia Research and Remediation Exchange --- San Diego State U. US
    CARS Center for Asian Regional Studies body Chungnam National U. South Korea
    CARTI Central Asia Research and Training Initiative project Open Society Institute Hungary
    CAS Centre of Asian Studies body U. of Hong Kong HK
    CAS Centre for Asian Studies body U. of of Kelaniya Sri Lanka
    CAS Center for Asian Studies body U. of Colorado at Boulder US
    CAS Central Asian Survey --- Routledge UK
    CASA Canadian Asian Studies Association group Concordia U. Canada
    CASA-CCSEAS Canadian Asian Studies Association's Southeast Asia Council (aka Canadian Council of Southeast Asia Studies, CCSEAS) group CASA Canada
    CASA-EAC Canadian Asian Studies Association's East Asia Council (aka East Asia Council, EAC) group CASA Canada
    CASA-SAC Canadian Asian Studies Association's South Asia Council (aka South Asia Council, SAC) group CASA Canada
    CASA Centre for Asian Studies Amsterdam body U. of Amsterdam The Netherlands
    CASAAP Centre for Advanced Studies in Australia, Asia and the Pacific body Curtin U. Australia
    CASAS Chinese Association for South Asian Studies group IAPS China
    CASAS Centre for Applied South Asian Studies body U. of Manchester UK
    CASBAH Caribbean Studies and Black and Asian History body Institute of Commonwealth Studies UK
    CASC Central Asia and South Caucasus Social Development Network group LSE UK
    CASC Central Asian Studies Conference meeting --- ---
    CASE Centre Asie du Sud-Est body Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS) France
    CASE-Kyrgyzstan Center for Social and Economic Research in Kyrgyzstan body --- Kyrgyzstan
    CASG Central Asian Studies Group resource U. of Washington US
    CASH Centre for Asian Societies and Histories body ANU Australia
    CASI Center for the Advanced Study of India body U. of Pennsylvania US
    CASP Central Asian Studies Program program U. of Washington US
    CASS Center for Asian Security Studies body NBR US
    CASS Chinese Academy of Social Sciences body --- China
    CASWW Central Asian Studies World Wide, now CESWW --- Harvard U. US
    CAUS Centre for Arab Unity Studies body --- Lebanon
    CAYN Central Asian Youth Network group Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Uzbekistan
    CB back
    CBAP Centrum Badan Azji i Pacyfiku / Centre for Asia Pacific Studies body Polska Akademia Nauk Poland
    CBD Chinese Biographical Database resource Lewis-Clark State College US
    CBDB China Biographical Database Project resource Harvard U. US
    CBETA Chinese Buddhist Electronic Text Association group --- Taiwan
    CBJ Caspian Business Journal periodical --- US
    CBRL Council for British Research in the Levant group --- UK
    CBS Center for Buddhist Studies body Columbia U. US
    CBS Centre for Bhutan Studies body --- Bhutan
    CBSR Study of Caucasus and Black Sea Region body U. of Georgia, Tbilisi Georgia
    CC back
    CCA Chinese Communication Association group --- US/Singapore
    CCA Christian Conferences of Asia --- --- Hong Kong
    CCALT Center for Central Asian Literatures in Translation --- U. of Washington US
    CCAS Center for Contemporary Arab Studies --- Georgetown U. US
    CCASLS Canadian Council of Area Studies Learned Societies group --- Canada
    CCAsP Caucasus and Central Asia Program program U. of California, Berkeley US
    CCBD Centre for Chinese Business and Development body U. of Leeds UK
    CCC Contemporary China Centre body RSPAS Australia
    CCC Chinese Commercial Code aka Chinese Telegraph Code (CTC) resource Australia
    CCCAC Centre of Contemporary Central Asia and the Caucasus body SOAS UK
    CCCM Centro Cientifico e Cultural de Macau --- --- Portugal
    CCCS Chennai Centre for China Studies body --- India
    CCD China Citation Database resource CNKI China
    CCEIL Centre for the study of Colonialism, Empire and International Law body SOAS UK
    CCER China Center for Economic Research body Peking U. China
    CCHSBC Chinese Canadian Historical Society of British Columbia group -- Canada
    CCIM Chinese Christian Internet Mission body --- US
    CCJR Columbia Center for Japanese Religion body --- US
    CCKF Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange body -- Taiwan
    CCK-ISC Chiang Ching-kuo International Sinological Centre body --- Taiwan / Czech Republic
    CCND China Core Newspapers Full-text Database resource CNKI China
    CCP Centre for the Contemporary Pacific body RSPAS Australia
    CCPD Center for Communication and Policy Development --- Yonsei U. South Korea
    CCPR Center for Contemporary Political Research --- National U. of Mongolia Mongolia
    CCR Centre for Chinese Research body IAR Canada
    CCRC Caucasus Research Resource Centers body --- Georgia
    CCS Centre of Chinese Studies body SOAS UK
    CCS Center for Chinese Studies body National Central Library Taiwan
    CCS Center for Chinese Studies body U. of California, Berkeley US
    CCS Center for Chinese Studies body U. of Hawaii US
    CCS Centre for Chinese Studies body Victoria U. of Manchester UK
    CCSAS Canadian Center for South Asian Studies body U. of Ontario Institute of Technology Canada
    CCSBS Center for Contemporary Shin Buddhist Studies body IBS US
    CCSEAS Canadian Council of Southeast Asia Studies (aka Canadian Asian Studies Association's Southeast Asia Council, CASA-CCSEAS) group CASA Canada
    CCSL Center for Chinese Studies Library --- U. of California, Berkeley US
    CCSMSC Centre for the Comparative Study of Muslim Societies and Cultures body Simon Fraser U. Canada
    CCT Classical Chinese Texts project Warring States Project US
    CCTS Chinese Civilization in Time and Space project Academia Sinica Taiwan
    CD back
    CDI China Development Institute --- --- China
    CDLI Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative project UCLA/Max Planck Institute for the History of Science US/Germany
    CDMD China Doctor/Master Dissertation Full-text Database resource CNKI China
    CDPSP Current Digest of the Post-Soviet Press Digital Archive resource U. zu Koeln US
    CDRI Cambodia Development Resource Institute body --- Cambodia
    CDS China aktuell - Data Supplement resource GIGA Germany
    CDS Centre for Development Studies body Trivandrum, Kerala India
    CDSL Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon resource U. zu Koeln Germany
    CDT China Digital Times resource --- ---
    CE back
    CEA Centro de Estudos Asiaticos body Univeridade Federal de Minas Gerais Brasil
    CEAL Centre of East Asian Law body SOAS UK
    CEAL Council on East Asian Libraries group AAS US
    CEAA Centro de Estudos Afro-Asiaticos body U. Candido Mendez Brasil
    CEAA Centro de Estudios de Asia y Africa / Center for Asian and African Studies body El Colegio de Mexico Mexico
    CEAA Centro de Estudios de Asia, africa y Diasporas Latinoamericanas y Caribenas body Universidad de Los Andes, Merida Venezuela
    CEAD Centre d'Etudes Arabes pour le Developpement body --- Canada
    CEAO Centro de Estudios de Asia Oriental body U. Autonoma Madrid Spain
    CEAR Centro de Estudios Arabes body U. Playa Ancha Chile
    CEAS Center for East Asian Studies body Monterey Institute of International Studies US
    CEAS Centre for Asian Studies body U. Goeteborg Sweden
    CEAS Centre for East Asian Studies body U. of Turku Finland
    CEAS Centre for East Asian Studies body U. of Bristol UK
    CEAS Centre for Euro-Asian Studies body U. of Reading UK
    CEAS Center for East Asian Studies body Stanford U. US
    CEAS Center for East Asian Studies body U. Pennsylvania US
    CEAS Center for East Asian Studies body U. of Chicago US
    CEC Carrie Eurasia Collection resource European U. Institute, Florence Italy
    CEC Center for Economic Catch-up body Seoul National U. South Korea
    CECA Centro de Estudios Corea body Universidad de Buenos Aires Argentina
    CECC Congressional-Executive Commission on China body --- US
    CECHIMEX Centro de Estudios China-Mexico body Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico Mexico
    CECM Centre d'Etudes sur la Chine Moderne et Contemporaine body L'Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales France
    CED Centre for Education & Documentation body Mumbai India
    CED China Economic Databases Project --- National Chengchi U. Taiwan
    CeDAAME Centre for Digital Africa, Asia and the Middle East body SOAS UK
    CEDIMES Centre d' Etudes sur le Developpement International et les Mouvements Economiques et Sociaux body --- France
    CEEAS Center for East-European and Asian Studies / Centrul di Studii Est-Europene si Asiatice body --- Romania
    CEELI Central European and Eurasian Law Initiative project American Bar Association US
    CEENIS Central & Eastern European Network of Indian Studies group --- European Union
    CEERES Center for East European and Russian/Eurasian Studies body U. of Chicago US
    CEEVN Center for Educational Exchange with Vietnam body American Council of Learned Societies US
    CEF China and Eurasia Forum periodical Johns Hopkins U. US
    CEFAS Centre Francais d'Archeologie et de Sciences Sociales body --- Yemen
    CEFC Centre d'Etudes Francais sur la Chine Contemporaine / French Centre for Research on Contemporary China body --- HK
    CEG Calligraphy Education Group group CLTA US
    CEG China Elections & Governance Website resource The Carter Center US
    CEH Centre d'Etudes Himalayennes body --- France
    CEI China-Europe Institute Cultural Centre body Catholic U. of Leuven Belgium
    CEIAS Centre d'Etudes de l'Inde et de l'Asie du Sud body --- France
    CEIBS China Europe International Business School body --- China
    CEIC Centro Espanol de Investigaciones Coreanas body Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha Spain
    CEJAP Centro de Estudos Japoneses body Universidade de Sao Paulo Brasil
    CEL Central-Eurasia-L mailing list resource Harvard U. China
    CELA Central Eurasia Leadership Academy body --- China
    CeLCAR Center for the Languages of the Central Asian Region body Indiana U. US
    CEMOC Centro de Estudios del Medio Oriente Contemporaneo body --- Argentina
    CEMOTI Cahiers d. Etudes sur la Mediterranee Orientale et le Monde Turco-Iranien periodical --- France
    CENS Centre of Excellence for National Security body RSIS Singapore
    CEO Centro de Estudios Orientales body Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru Peru
    CEP Central Eurasia Project project US
    CEPESA Centro Portugues de Estudos do Sudeste Asiatico body --- Portugal
    CEPII Centre d'Etudes Prospectives et d'Informations Internationales body --- France
    CER China Economic Review periodical --- China
    CER Center for Economic Research body --- Uzbekistan
    CERAMOC Centre d'Etudes et de Recherche sur le Moyen-Orient Contemporain body --- Lebanon
    CERAW / ZEFAW Centre for Research on the Arab World / Zentrum fuer Forschung zur Arabischen Welt body Universitaet Mainz Germany
    CERC Chinese Economies Research Centre body U. of Adelaide Australia
    CERCEC Centre d'Etudes des Mondes Russe, Caucasien et Centre-europeen body Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) France
    CERES Center for Eurasian, Russian, East European Studies body Georgetown U. US
    CERES Centre for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies body U. of Toronto Canada
    CERF Central Eurasia Research Fund body ASPS US
    CERIS Consortium for Educational Resources on Islamic Studies group U. of Pittsburgh US
    CERS China Exploration & Research Society group --- China
    CES / OSW Centre for Eastern Studies / Osrodek Studiow Wschodnich body --- Poland
    CESN Central Eurasian Scholars Network resource Harvard U. US
    CESNUR Center for Studies on New Religions resource --- Italy
    CESR Central Eurasian Studies Review periodical Harvard U. US
    CESRAN/ SARAM Centre for Strategic Research and Analysis/ Stratejik Arastirmalar ve Analiz Merkezi body --- Turkey
    CESS Centrum for Sydostasiatiska Studier body Abo Akademi U. Finland
    CESS Centre for Central Eurasian Studies body U. of Mumbai India
    CESS Central Eurasian Studies Society group Harvard U. US
    CESWW Central Eurasian Studies World Wide --- Harvard U. US
    CETASE Centre d'Etudes de l'Asie de l'Est body U. de Montreal Canada
    CETIM Centre Europe - Tiers Monde --- --- Switzerland
    CETOBAC Centre d'Etudes Turques, Ottomanes, Balkaniques et Centrasiatiques body Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) France
    CEUS Department of Central Eurasian Studies body Indiana U. US
    CF back
    CFAS Center for Foreign Affairs and Security body Chungang U. South Korea
    CFAU China Foreign Affairs University body --- China
    C-FES Center for Far Eastern Studies body U. of Toyama Japan
    CFS Center for Filipino Studies body California State U., East Bay US
    CG back
    CGCS Conference Group on China Studies group GFCPS US
    CGP Cambodian Genocide Program project Yale U. US
    CH back
    CHAC Cambridge History of Ancient China resource U. of Cambridge UK
    CHAF Chinese Heritage of Australian Federation Project project --- Australia
    CHAM Centro de Historia de Alem-Mar body New U. of Lisbon Portugal
    CHAMPSEA Child Health and Migrant Parents in South-East Asia project National U. of Singapore Portugal
    CHANT Chinese Ancient Texts Database project Chinese U. of Hong Kong China
    CHART Clearing House for Archival Records on Timor 1974-1999 project --- Australia
    CHATSEA Challenges of the Agrarian Transition in Southeast Asia project U. of Montreal Canada
    CHC Chinese Heritage Centre body --- Singapore
    CHCAP Cultural Heritage Centre for Asia and the Pacific body Deakin U. Australia
    CHCP Chinese Historical and Cultural Project group --- US
    CHD Chicago Hittite Dictionary resource OI US
    CHDR Chinese History Dissertation Reviews resource Stanford U. US
    CHERISH Center for History and Heritage Studies body Macau Inter-University Institute Macau/China
    CHGIS China Historical GIS project Harvard U. US
    CHIA Chinese-Australian Historical Images in Australia resource --- Australia
    ChiMed History of Chinese Medicine resource --- US
    CHIME European Foundation for Chinese Music Research body --- The Netherlands
    CHR Chinese Historical Review periodical Indiana U. of Pennsylvania US
    CHRO Chin Human Rights Organization body --- Canada
    CHRSD Center for Human Rights Studies and Social Development body Mahidol U. Thailand
    CHS Centre for Historical Studies body Jawaharlal Nehru U. India
    CHSA Chinese Historical Society of America group --- US
    CHSSC Chinese Historical Society of Southern California group --- US
    CHT Catalog of Hittite Texts resource ASOR US
    CHUS Chinese Historians in the United States, Inc. group --- US
    CHWH The Cultural History of the Western Himalaya from the 8th Century group U. of Vienna Austria
    CI back
    CICA Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia meeting --- ---
    CIDASIA Culture: Industries and Diversity in Asia program CSCS India
    CIDFA China Independent Documentary Film Archive body --- Canada
    CIRA Cook Islands Research Association group --- Cook Islands
    CIRDIS The Center for Interdisciplinary Research and Documentation of Inner and South Asian Cultural History body U. of Vienna Austria
    CIRU Confucius Institute at Rutgers University body Rutgers U. USA
    CIS Centre for Iranian Studies body LMEI UK
    CISS Centre for Islamic Shi'a Studies body --- UK
    CIUA China Institute at the University of Alberta body U. of Alberta Canada
    CIW Australian Centre on China in the World body ANU Australia


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