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Acronyms Used by Asian / Pacific Studies' Scholars:
a Dictionary

Part 2

Edited by Dr T. Matthew Ciolek and John Noyce,
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    AP back
    APA Asian Pacific American Studies body Michigan State U. US
    APAC Asia, Pacific & Africa Collections resource British Library UK
    APACIC Asian Pacific American Census Information Center body U. of Maryland US
    APARC Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center body Stanford U. US
    APARC Asia-Pacific-Americas Research Cluster body U. of California, Santa Cruz US
    APASPEC Asian Pacific American Studies Program program Michigan State U. US
    APBC Australia Philippines Business Council body --- Australia
    APBC-PABC Australia Philippine Business Council and Philippine Australia Business Council body --- Australia
    APC Asian Publishing Convention meeting --- ---
    APCCA Asian and Pacific Conference of Correctional Administrators meeting --- ---
    APCD Asia-Pacific College of Diplomacy body ANU Australia
    APCEIU Asia Pacific Center for Education on International Understanding body UNESCO ---
    APCICT Asian and Pacific Training Centre for Information and Communication Technology for Development body ESCAP South Korea
    APCS Asia Pacific Cultural Studies periodical U. Auckland NZ
    APCSN ANU Asian and Pacific Cultural Studies Network group ANU Australia
    APCSS Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies body --- US
    APCTT Asian and Pacific Centre for Transfer of Technology body ESCAP India
    APDC Asian and Pacific Developing Centre body --- Malaysia
    APDIP Asia-Pacific Development Information Programme body United Nations Thailand
    APDR Asia Pacific Dispute Resolution Research Program program IAR Canada
    APEBH Asia-Pacific Economic and Business History Conference meeting U. of Sydney Australia
    APECLIT APEC Literature Database resource ASIA ROM Australia
    APECRIN APEC Research Information Network group IAR Canada
    APEN Asian Pacific Environmental Network group --- US
    APETAU Association of Professors of English and Translation at Arab Universities group --- Jordan
    APEU Asia-Pacific Economic Update resource U.S. Pacific Command, Camp Smith, Hawaii US
    APFC / APF Canada Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada / Fondation Asie Pacifique du Canada body --- Canada
    APFRN Asia-Pacific Futures Research Network group --- Australia
    APHD Asian Partnership for Human Development group --- Thailand
    APHERN Asia Pacific Higher Education Research Network group APRIM Australia
    APHNC Asia Pacific Health and Nutrition Centre body Monash U. Australia
    APIBC Australian Pacific Islands Business Council body --- Australia
    APIC Asian and Pacific Islander Caucus of the National Education Association group --- US
    APIC Asia Pacific International College body --- Australia
    APIEL NOW Asian and Pacific Islander Education and Languages NOW resource --- US
    APISA Asian Political and International Studies Association group Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Malaysia
    APISR Asian Political and International Studies Review periodical APISA Malaysia
    APLP Asia Pacific Leadership Program body EWC US
    APLPJ Asian Pacific Law and Policy Journal periodical U. of Hawaii US
    APL2C Association for Persian Language, Linguistics and Computing group U. of Edinburgh UK
    APMCP Asia Pacific Management Cooperative Program program Capilano College Canada
    APME Asia Pacific MediaEducator periodical U. of Wollongong Australia
    APMRN Asia Pacific Migration Research Network group ANU Australia
    APN Asian Population Network group --- Singapore
    APNA Academy of the Punjab in North America body --- US
    APNIC Asia Pacific Network Information Center body --- Australia
    APNGBC Australian Papua New Guinea Business Council body --- Australia
    APNTS Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary body --- Philippines
    APP Asia Pacific Press body ANU Australia
    APP Asia Policy Point (formerly: Japan Information Access Project, JIAP) body --- US
    APP Asia Past & Present Book Series program The Association for Asian Studies US
    APP Asian Politics and Policy periodical --- US
    APPAF Asia-Pacific Public Affairs Forum --- --- Taiwan
    APPC Asian-Pacific Postal College body --- Thailand
    APPGC All-Party Parliamentary Group on China body --- UK
    APPREB Asia/Pacific Cooperative Programme in Reading Promotion and Book Development program ACCU Japan
    APPU Asian Pacific Postal Union body --- Thailand
    APQ Asia Pacific Queer group ANU Australia
    APR Asia Pacific Reader periodical U. of Toronto Canada
    APR / CAAPR Central Asia Agency of Political Research body --- Kazakhstan
    APRF Asia-Pacific Research Foundation body --- Taiwan
    APRIM Asia Pacific Research Institute body Macquarie U. Australia
    APRMF Asia Pacific Regional Migration Forum group ANU Australia
    APRU Asia-Pacific Research Unit body School of Humanities, U. Sains Malaysia, Penang Malaysia
    APRU Association of Pacific Rim Universities group --- Singapore
    APS Asia Pacific Studies body U. Helsinki Finland
    APS Dr. David Chu Programme in Asia Pacific Studies program U. of Toronto Canada
    APSA Asia Pacific Sociological Association group --- Australia / Thailand
    APSA Arbeitsgemeinschaft fuer Pazifische Studien / Association for Pacific Studies group --- Germany
    APSA Asian Planning Schools Association group --- Hong Kong
    APSARA Authority for the Protection and Management of Angkor and the Region of Siem Reap body --- Cambodia
    APSEG Asia Pacific School of Economics and Government body ANU Australia
    APSI Asian/Pacific Studies Institute body Duke U. US
    APSIG Asia-Pacific Special Interest Group group Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) Australia
    APSNET Austral Peace and Security Network group Nautilus Institute US / Australia
    APSS Asia-Pacific Seminar Series meeting Australian Defence Force Academy Australia
    APSS ANU Asia and Pacific Studies Society group Australian National U. Australia
    APT Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art program Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art Australia
    APTS Asia Pacific Theological Seminary body --- Philippines
    APU Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University body --- Japan
    APW Asia Pacific Week program CAP Australia
    APW Asia Policy Weekly periodical APP US
    APW Asia Pacific World: The Journal of the International Association for Asia Pacific Studies periodical IAAPS Japan
    APWN Asia and Pacific Writers Network group --- Hong Kong
    AR back
    ARAL Australian Review of Applied Linguistics periodical ALAA Australia
    ARAM Society for Syro-Mesopotamian Studies group --- UK
    ARC Asia Research Center body Copenhagen Business School Denmark
    ARC Asia Research Center body National U. of Mongolia Mongolia
    ARC Asia Research Centre body Murdoch U. Australia
    ArchSoc Auckland Archaeological Society group U. of Auckland New Zealand
    ARCM Asian Research Center for Migration body Chulalongkorn U. Thailand
    ARCS American Review of China Studies periodical ACPSS US
    ARENA Asian Regional Exchange for Alternatives program --- South Korea
    AREU Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit body --- Afghanistan/Pakistan
    ARF Asian Resource Foundation body Bangkok Thailand
    ARG / AGA Afghanistan Research Group / Arbeitsgemeinschaft Afghanistan group --- Germany
    ARGO Analisi e Ricerche Geopolitiche sull'Oriente / Geopolitical Analysis and Research on the Middle East, Central Asia and South Asia body --- Italy
    ARIAC Association de Recherches et d'Informaton sur l'Asie Centrale group --- France
    ARI Asia Research Institute body NUS Singapore
    ARIC Asia Regional Information Center body ADB Philippines
    ARIRIAB Annual Report of The International Research Institute for Advanced Buddhology at Soka University periodical IRIAB Japan
    ARISC American Research Institute of the South Caucasus body --- US
    AROSE NBR's Asia Research Organization Search Engine resource NBR US
    ARIT American Research Institute in Turkey body --- Turkey
    ARMACAD Armenian Association for Academic Partnership and Support group --- Armenia
    ARRC Asia-Pacific Regional Resource Center for Human Rights Education body --- Thailand
    ARTI Aceh Research Training Institute body U. of Melbourne Australia
    AS back
    AS Academia Sinica body --- Taiwan
    AS Asian Studies body Pacific University, Oregon US
    ASAA Asian Studies Association of Australia group --- Australia
    ASAIHL Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning group --- Thailand
    ASAO Association for Social Anthropology in Oceania group --- US
    ASARC Australia South Asia Research Centre body RSPAS Australia
    ASC ASEAN Studies Centre body ISEAS Singapore
    ASC Asian Studies Center body U. of Cambridge UK
    ASC Asian Studies Center body U. of Pittsburgh US
    ASCJ Asian Studies Conference Japan meeting Meiji Gakuin U. Japan
    ASCK Alliance of Scholars Concerned about Korea group --- US
    ASCM Asian Seminary for Christian Ministries body --- Philippines
    ASCN Academic Swiss Caucasus Net group U. of Fribourg Switzerland
    ASCNK APEC Study Center at Nankai University body Nankai U. China
    ASCSL Association for Speakers of Chinese as a Second Language group -- UK
    ASDP Asian Studies Development Program program EWS US
    ASEA UNINET ASEAN-European Academic University Network group --- Austria
    ASEAS Austrian Journal of South-East Asian Studies / Oesterreichische Zeitschrift fuer Suedostasienwissenschaften periodical SEAS Austria
    ASEASUK Association for Southeast Asian Studies group --- UK
    ASEF Asia-Europe Foundation body --- Singapore
    ASEM Asia-Europe Meeting meeting IIAS The Netherlands
    ASEMUS Asia-Europe Museum Network group --- Sweden
    ASHA Australasian Society for Historical Archaeology group --- Australia
    ASI Archaeological Survey of India body --- India
    ASI Asia Security Initiative body MacArthur Foundation US
    ASiA Asian Studies in Amsterdam body U. of Amsterdam The Netherlands
    ASIA ROM Social Sciences and Asia databases resource RMIT, Melbourne Australia
    ASIAC Associazione per lo Studio in Italia dell'Asia centrale e del Caucaso / Italian Society for Central Asian and Caucasian Studies group --- Italy
    ASIALEX Asian Association for Lexicography group --- Singapore
    AsianDOC Asian Database Online Community group Ohio State U. US
    ASIANET Asian Studies in Asia Network group ANU Australia
    ASIANET.FI Finnish National University Network for East and Southeast Asian Studies group --- Finland
    ASIANPA Asian Philosophical Association group --- ---
    ASIANRES ASIAN Resources: A Select Directory of Databases resource ASIA ROM Australia
    ASIAS Australasian Society for Inner Asian Studies group --- Australia
    ASILE Australian Society of Indonesian Language Educators group U. of Sunshine Coast Australia
    ASIS Icelandic Centre for Asian Studies body U. of Akureyri Iceland
    ASJ Asiatic Society of Japan group --- Japan
    ASJ Gateway to Asian Studies in Japan --- RICAS Japan
    ASJNA Committee on the Academic Studies of Jainism in North America group --- US
    ASK Advanced Study of Khmer program CSEAS US
    AskEASL Ask an East Asian Studies Librarian resource --- US
    ASLI Asian Law Institute body National U. of Singapore Singapore
    ASN Asian Studies Center body Michigan State U. US
    ASN Association for the Study of Nationalities group Columbia U. US
    ASN Aziatische Studenten Nederland - Asian Student Network group --- The Netherlands
    ASNET Asian Studies Network - Network for Education/Studies on Asia at the University of Tokyo group U. of Tokyo Japan
    ASNIC Asian Studies Network Information Center resource U. of Texas US
    ASOPA Australian School of Pacific Administration body --- Australia
    ASOR American Schools of Oriental Research body Boston U. US
    ASP Armenian Studies Program --- U. of Michigan US
    ASP American Society of Papyrologists group --- US
    ASPAC Annual Conference of Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast meeting AAS US
    ASPS Association for the Study of Persianate Societies group --- US
    ASR Asian Studies Review periodical ASAA Australia
    ASRC Asian Studies Research Collection resource Monash U. Australia
    ASRI formerly Asian Studies Research Institute, now Research Institute for Inner Asian Studies (RIFIAS) body Indiana U. US
    ASrIA Association for Sustainable & Responsible Investment in Asia group --- Hong Kong
    ASRL formerly Asian Studies Research Library, now Asian Studies Research Collection (ASRC) resource Monash U. Australia
    ASSV / VASS Academie des Sciences Sociales du Vietnam / Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences body --- Vietnam
    ASWWWVL Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library resource RSPAS Australia
    AT back
    ATA Asian Theological Association group --- Philippines
    ATBC Australia Thailand Business Council body --- Australia
    ATBC Australia-Taiwan Business Council body --- Australia
    ATD Associazione Tibet Domani group --- Italy
    ATJ Association of Teachers of Japanese group U. of Colorado at Boulder US
    ATJ Asian Theatre Journal periodical U. of Hawai'i Press US
    ATRF Arafura Timor Research Facility --- --- Australia
    ATS Asian Theological Seminary body --- Philippines
    ATSEF Arafura and Timor Seas Experts Forum group --- Australia
    ATWS Association of Third World Studies group --- US
    AU back
    AU Assumption University of Thailand body --- Thailand
    AUA American University of Armenia body --- Armenia
    AUAF American University of Afghanistan body --- Afghanistan
    AUB American University of Baku body --- Azerbaijan
    AUB American University of Beirut body --- Lebanon
    AUCA American University of Central Asia body --- Kyrgyzstan
    AUD American University in Dubai body --- Dubai
    AUIS American University of Iraq - Sulaimani body --- Iraq
    AUK American University of Kuwait body --- Kuwait
    AUS American University of Sharjah body --- United Arab Emirates
    AUW Asian University for Women --- Bangladesh
    AV back
    ADA Avestan Digital Archive resource U. of Salamanca Spain
    AVSAM Center for Eurasian Strategic Studies body --- Turkey
    AW back
    AWAAZSAW AWAAZ - South Asia Watch resource --- UK
    AWAIR Arab World And Islamic Resources and School Services project --- US
    AWMC Ancient World Mapping Center body U. of North Carolina US
    AWNN Animal Welfare Network Nepal body --- ---
    AWORC Asian Women's Resource Exchange body --- ---
    AY back
    AYBC Australia-Asia Youth Business Council body --- Australia
    AYIEP Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program program AII Australia
    AYIS American Institute for Yemeni Studies body --- US
    AZ back
    AZTA American Zen Teachers Association group --- US


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