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Acronyms Used by Asian / Pacific Studies' Scholars:
a Dictionary

Part 13

Edited by Dr T. Matthew Ciolek and John Noyce.
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    SA back
    SAAF Southeast Asia Art Foundation Archive resource University of Michigan US
    SAAG South Asia Analysis Group --- --- India
    SAALG South Asia Archive & Library Group group NACIRA UK
    SAAM Seattle Asian Art Museum --- --- US
    SAARC South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation group --- ---
    SABER South Asian Bureau of Economic Research group The Australian National U. Australia
    SAC South Asia Council (aka Canadian Asian Studies Association's South Asia Council, CASA-SAC) group CASA Canada
    SAC South Asia Council [of the Association for Asian Studies] group AAS US
    SAC Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Anthropology Centre body --- Thailand
    SACAP South Asia Cooperative Acquisitions Program program Library of Congress US
    SACP South Asia Centre for Peace body --- Pakistan
    SACPAN South Asia Conference of the Pacific Northwest meeting U. of British Columbia Canada
    SACU Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding group --- UK
    SACW South Asia Citizens Web resource --- France
    SAF South Asia Foundation body --- India
    SAFDIC South Asia Foundation Documentation and Information Centre body SAF India
    SAFHR South Asian Forum for Human Rights body --- Nepal
    SAGAR South Asia Graduate Research Journal periodical U. of Texas, Austin US
    SAGSC South Asia Graduate Student Conference meeting U. of Chicago US
    SAHC South Asian History and Culture periodical --- UK
    SAHRDC South Asian Human Rights Documentation Center body --- ---
    SAHSA Society for Advancing the History of South Asia group --- US
    SAI South Asian Institute body Columbia U. US
    SAI Suedasien-Institut body U. of Heidelberg Germany
    SAIA Sino Asian Institute of America body --- US
    SAIM South Asia Independence Movement Project project SASC US
    SAIR South Asia Intelligence Review periodical SATP India
    SAIS Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies body Johns Hopkins U. US
    SAJ South Asian Journal periodical Harvard U. US
    SAJA South Asian Journalists Association group --- US
    SALA South Asian Languages Analysis Roundtable, meeting --- US/ Germany
    SALA Southeast Asian Linguistics Archives resource SEALANG US
    SALC South Asian Languages and Civilization body U. of Chicago US
    SALIDAA South Asian Diaspora Literature and Arts Archive --- --- UK
    SALNAC South Asia Library News and Queries --- U. of Virginia US
    SALON South Asian Linguistics On Line  [mailing list resource --- US
    SALPAT South Asia Language Pedagogy and Technology body U. of Chicago US
    SALRC South Asia Language Resource Center body U. of Chicago US
    SALS South-East Asian Linguistic Studies resource RSPAS Australia
    SALT South Asian Life & Times periodical --- India
    SALTA South Asian Language Teachers Association group --- US
    SAMAJ South Asia Multidisciplinary Academic Journal periodical Association pour la Recherche sur l'Asie du Sud France
    SAMP South Asia Microform Project project Center for Research Libraries (CRL) US
    SAN SouthAsiaNet --- PIPS Pakistan
    SANEI South Asia Network of Economic Research Institutes group --- Pakistan
    SANDEE South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics group --- Nepal
    SANSAD South Asian Network for Secularism and Democracy group --- Canada
    SAR South Asia Research periodical --- ---
    SARAI South Asia Resource Access on the Internet resource Columbia U. US
    SARAM/ CESRAN Stratejik Arastirmalar ve Analiz Merkezi/ Centre for Strategic Research and Analysis body Turkey
    SARCAJC South Asian Research Centre for Advertisement, Journalism and Cartoons body --- India
    SARD South Asia Resources Database resource Curtin U. Australia
    SARDS2 South Asia Research Documentation Services 2 resource Martin-Luther U. Germany
    SARI Societe d'Activite et de Recherche sur les mondes Indiens group Cergy-Pontoise U. France
    SARII South Asia Research and Information Institute body --- US
    SARIT Search and Retrieval of Indic Texts resource --- UK
    SARN South Asia Research Network on Gender, Law and Governance group Social Science Research Council US
    SARTrain South Asia Research Training group ACRSN Denmark
    SARU South Asia Research Unit body Curtin U. Australia
    SARVA South Asian Residual Vocabulary Assemblage Project project ILCA Japan
    SAS Centre for South Asian Studies body U. of Toronto Canada
    SAS Society for Armenian Studies, Inc. group California State U., Fresno US
    SAS South Asian Survey periodical --- ---
    SAS South Asian Society group Yale U. US
    SASA South Asian Studies Association of Australia group ASAA Australia
    SASA South Asian Studies Association (formerly: South Asian Studies Alliance, SASA) group --- US
    SASC South Asian Studies in China body CASAS China
    SASC South Asian Studies Council group Yale U. US
    SASCV South Asian Society of Criminology and Victimology group --- India
    SASI Southeast Asian Serials Index resource The Australian National University Australia
    SASIALIT Literature of South Asia and the Indian diaspora: mailing list resource Rice U. US
    SASIN South Asian Studies in the North meeting U. of Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield and Lancaster UK
    SASLI South Asia Summer Language Institute program U. of Wisconsin US
    SASNET Swedish South Asian Studies Network group --- Sweden
    SASP South Asian Studies Program program Rutgers U. US
    SASRF South Asian Social Researchers' Forum body --- UK
    SASS Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences body --- China
    SASSS South Asia Studies Summer School program CAP Australia
    SASSU South Asian Strategic Stability Unit body U. Bradford UK
    SAST South Asia Studies body U. Pennsylvania US
    SAT Text Database of the Taisho Tripitaka resource ACBUT Japan
    SATOE South Asia Through Official Eyes --- U. of Oxford UK
    SATP South Asia Terrorism Portal resource Institute for Conflict Management, New Delhi India
    SAWNET South Asian Women's NETwork group U. of Maryland US
    SAWTEE South Asia Watch on Trade, Economics & Environment resource --- Nepal
    SAV Southeast Asia Visions - a Collection of Historic Travel Narratives resource Cornell U. US
    SAVIFA Die Virtuelle Fachbibliothek Suedasien resource U. of Heidelberg Germany
    SB back
    SBL Society of Biblical Literature group --- US
    SBBR SOAS Bulletin of Burma Research periodical SOAS UK
    SC back
    SCAD Survey on Conservation of Asian Documents project U. of Oxford UK
    SCAPE Singapore Centre for Applied and Policy Economics body National U. of Singapore Singapore
    SCBS Stanfor Center for Buddhist Studies body ICA US
    SCC Science and Civilisation in China --- NRI UK
    SCCS School of Contemporary Chinese Studies body U. of Nottingham UK
    SCFI Society for the Confluence of Festivals in India group --- India
    SCHR Scottish Centre for Himalayan Research body U. of Aberdeen, Scotland UK
    SCTIW Society of Contemporary Thought and the Islamicate World group --- UK
    SCJS Society for Crypto-Judaic Studies group --- US
    SCMP South China Morning Post periodical --- China
    SCO Shanghai Cooperation Organization body --- China
    SD back
    SDC Support Democracy in China --- --- US
    SDSC Strategic and Defence Studies Centre body RSPAS Australia
    SE back
    SeSaMO Societa per gli Studi sul Medio Oriente group Universita di Catania Italy
    SEA-IMAGES Synergy Europe-Asia group ASEF Singapore
    SEAA Southeast Asian Affairs periodical ISEAS Singapore
    SEAA Society for East Asian Anthropology group American Anthropological Association US
    SEAA Society for East Asian Archaeology (formerly: East Asian Archaeology Network, EAAN) group --- ---
    SEAArch South Asian Archaeology Newsblog resource --- Singapore
    SEAC Canadian Council of Southeast Asian Studies group CASA Canada
    SEAC Southeast Asia Center body U. of Washington, Seattle US
    SEAC Southeast Asia Council group AAS US
    SEACOM Southeast Asia Communication Centre body --- Germany
    SEACSN Southeast Asian Conflict Studies Network group --- Malaysia
    SEADL Southeast Asia Digital Library resource Northern Illinois U. Libraries US
    SEA-EAT South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami Blog resource ---
    SEAGA Southeast Asian Geography Association group --- Singapore
    SEAHC Southeast Asia: History and Culture / Tonan Ajia: Rekishi to Bunka periodical JSSEAS Japan
    SEAHTP South East Asian Historical Texts Project project --- UK
    SEAiT Southeast Asian Images and Text resource U. Wisconsin US
    SEAL Social Standards Exchange of Experience in Southeast Asia and Practical Learning program --- US
    SEALANG Language Reference Materials for Southeast Asia resource Department of Education US
    SEALG Southeast Asia Library Group group NACIRA UK
    SEAM Southeast Asia Microform Project project Center for Research Libraries (CRL) US
    SEAMEO Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization body --- ---
    SEAP Southeast Asia Program program Cornell U. US
    SEAP Southeast Asia Publications --- Northern Illinois U. US
    SEAPSNet Southeast Asia Publications --- SIIA Singapore
    SEAR South East Asia Research --- SOAS UK
    SEAR South-East Asia Regional Office --- World Health Organisation ---
    SEARAC Southeast Asia Resource Action Center body --- US
    SEARC Southeast Asia Research Centre body City U. of Hong Kong HK
    SEARCA Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture body U. of the Philippines at Los Banos Philippines
    SEARP South-East Asia Rainforest Research Programme research The Royal group UK
    SEAS School of East Asian Studies body U. Sheffield UK
    SEAS Society for South-East Asian Studies / Gesellschaft fuer Suedostasienwissenschaften group Vienna Austria
    SEASSI Southeast Asian Studies Summer Institute program --- US
    SEASREP Southeast Asian Studies Regional Exchange Programme program --- Philippines/Japan
    SEATO Southeast Asia Treaty Organization body --- ---
    SEC / AAS Southeast Conference [of The Association for Asian Studies] meeting AAS US
    SEECHAC Societe Europeenne pour l'Etude des Civilisations de l'Himalaya et de l'Asie Centrale / European Society for Studies of Central Asia and Himalayan Regions group --- France
    SECSOR Southeastern Commission for the Study of Religion group American Academy of Religion US
    SEECR Southeastern Early China Roundtable group Berea College US
    SEER Scholars Engaged in Electronic Resources project U. Frankfurt Germany
    SEHK Hong Kong Stock Exchange body --- Hong Kong
    SEJJIR Shingetsu Electronic Journal of Japanese-Islamic Relations periodical Shingetsu Institute Japan
    SELAI Indonesian-Australian Language Exchange Society group The Australian National U. Australia
    SENAS Southern Europe Network of Asian Studies group --- France
    SEPHIS South-South Exchange Programme for Research on the History of Development program --- The Netherlands
    SERAS Southeast Review of Asian Studies periodical --- US
    SERI Socio-Economic and Environmental Research Institute body --- Malaysia
    SERI Samsung Economic Research Institute body --- South Korea
    SES Stock Exchange of Singapore body --- Singapore
    SESRTCIC Social, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries body --- Turkey
    SETA Siyaset, Ekonomi ve Toplum Arastirmalari Vakfi / Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research body --- Turkey
    SF back
    SFEJ Societe Francaise des Etudes Japonaises group College de France France
    SG back
    SGMOIK / SSMOCI Schweizerische Gesellschaft Mittlerer Osten und Islamische Kulturen / Societe Suisse Moyen Orient et Civilisation Islamique / Societa Svizzera Medio Oriente e Civilta Islamica group --- Switzerland
    SGRA Sekiguchi Global Research Association group AISF Japan
    SGX Singapore Exchange body --- Singapore
    SH back
    SHAC Second Historical Archives of China body State Archives Bureau China
    SHAN Sinologie Heidelberg Alumni Netzwerk / Sinology Heidelberg Alumni Network group Heidelberg U Germany
    SHAPS School of Hawaiian, Asian and Pacific Studies body U. of Hawaii US
    SHARP Shastri Applied Research Project project SICI Canada
    SHCS Society for Hindu-Christian Studies group U. of Calgary Canada
    SHEHR Network on Comparative Urban Landscapes in the Middle East and South Asia group --- US
    SI back
    SIAL Sana'a Institute for the Arabic Language body --- Yemen
    SIAP United Nations Statistical Institute for Asia and the Pacific body ESCAP Japan
    SICI Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute / L'Institut Indo-Canadien Shastri body --- Canada
    SICRI Small Island Cultures Research Initiative project Macquarie U. Australia
    SIEF Societe Internationale d'Ethnologie et de Folklore / International Society for Ethnology and Folklore group Meertens Institute, Amsterdam The Netherlands
    SIFL Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages body --- Uzbekistan
    SIIA Singapore Institute of International Affairs body --- Singapore
    SIIS Shanghai Institute for International Studies body --- China
    SIKS Strategic Initiatives for Korean Studies project AKS South Korea
    SIL Summer Institute of Linguistics body Philippines
    SIMEX Singapore International Monetary Exchange body --- Singapore
    SINHAS Studies in Nepali History and Society body Emory U. US
    SIPR Society for Indian Philosophy and Religion group Lewis & Clark College, Portland, OR US
    SIRD Strategic Information and Research Development Center body GB Gerakbudaya Enterprise Sdn Bhd, Selangor Malaysia
    SIS Suomen Itämainen Seura --- Helsinki U. Finland
    SITE Search for International Terrorist Entities project --- US
    SJ back
    SJEAA Stanford Journal of East Asian Affairs periodical Stanford U. US
    SJEAS Sungkyun Journal of East Asian Studies periodical AEAS South Korea
    SK back
    SKAS Society of Korean-American Scholars group --- US
    SKY A group of the top three universities in S. Korea: Seoul National U.Korea U. and Yonsei U. --- --- South Korea
    SL back
    SLABS Sri Lanka Association for Buddhist Studies group --- Sri Lanka
    SLO Dipartimento di Studi Linguistici e Orientali body U. Bologna Italy
    SLTP Sri Lanka Tripitaka Project project --- Sri Lanka
    SM back
    SMAP Socio-genetic Marginalisation Programme --- IIAS The Netherlands
    SMC Online National University of Singapore Library Databases resource RMIT, Melbourne Australia
    SMI Senter for Midtausten- og islamske studiar / Centre for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies body U. of Bergen Norway
    SMPD Te Pua Wananga ki te Ao / School of Maori and Pacific Development body U. of Waikato New Zealand
    SMU Singapore Management University body --- Singapore
    SMVO Studienschwerpunkt "Moderner Vorderer Orient" program U. Erlangen-Nuernberg Germany
    SN back
    SNTS Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas --- --- UK
    SO back
    SOAS School of Oriental and African Studies body U. London UK
    SOITM Iraqi Turkmen Human Rights Research Foundation body --- The Netherlands
    SOS Seminar fuer Orientalische Sprachen meeting U. Bonn Germany
    SOSAA Society of South Asian Archaeologists group --- ---
    SOTA Stichting Onderzoekcentrum Turkistan en Azerbaidzjan --- --- The Netherlands
    SOTS Society for Old Testament Study group --- UK
    SouthasiaCRN Collaborative Research Network (CRN) for South Asia group --- US
    SP back
    SPARROW Sound and Picture Archives for Research on Women body Mumbai India
    SPAS School of Pacific and Asian Studies body U. of Hawaii US
    SPC The Secretariat of the Pacific Community group --- New Caledonia
    SPEAC Summer Programs East Asian Concentration program DEALL US
    SPIA Shakespeare Performance in Asia resource MIT Shakespeare Electronic Archive US
    SPICE Stanford Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education program Stanford U. US
    SPJCA Special Program in Japanese Studies for Central Asian countries program U. of Tsukuba Japan
    SPREP Pacific Regional Environment Programme program SPC Samoa
    SPTO South Pacific Tourism Organisation body --- Fiji
    SR back
    SRAS School of Russian and Asian Studies --- --- Russia
    SRC Social Research Center --- AUCA Kyrgyzstan
    SRI Secretariat pour les Relations avec l'Islam --- L'Eglise Catholique de France France
    SRSP Silk Road Studies Program program Johns Hopkins U./Uppsala U. US/Sweden
    SRSSTAC Shanghai Research Society of Science and Technology of Ancient Ceramics group Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences China
    SS back
    SSA Syrian Studies Association group U. Oklahoma US
    SSAAPS Swedish School of Advanced Asia-Pacific Studies --- --- Sweden
    SSAS Society for South Asian Studies group --- UK
    SSAS Sällskapet för Asienstudier --- Uppsala U. Sweden
    SSCLE Society for the Study of the Crusades and the Latin East group --- US
    SSCR Society for the Study of Chinese Religions group --- US
    SSE Shanghai Stock Exchange body --- China
    SSE Shenzhen Stock Exchange body --- China
    SSEAL South/Southeast Asia Library body U. of California, Berkeley US
    SSEC Society for the Study of Early China group U. of Chicago US
    SSELP Sinological Serials in European Libraries Project project U. of Heidelberg Germany
    SSEASR South and Southeast Asian Association for the Study of Religion group --- India
    SSELP Sinological Serials in European Libraries Project --- U. of Heidelberg Germany
    SSGM State, Society and Governance in Melanesia Project --- RSPAS Australia
    SSG-S EZB-Fachausschnitt Suedasien Dokument-Schnellieferdienst --- U. of Heidelberg Germany
    SSJR Society for the Study of Japanese Religions group U. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill US
    SSPC Society for the Study of Peace and Conflict group --- India
    SSRC Social Science Research Centre on Contemporary China body UM, Macao China
    ST back
    STEDT Sino-Tibetan Etymological Dictionary and Thesaurus resource U. of California, Berkeley US
    STICERD Suntory and Toyota International Centres for Economics and Related Disciplines body LSE UK
    STIMW Sanskrit Tradition in the Modern World meeting U. of Machester UK
    SU back
    SUPRA Support Program for Advanced Asian Studies program NIAS Denmark
    SW back
    SWAIC Program on Southwest Asia and Islamic Civilization program Tufts U. US
    SWCAS Southwest Conference [of The Association for Asian Studies] meeting AAS US
    SWSEEL Summer Workshop in Slavic, East European and Central Asian Languages program Indiana U. US


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