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Acronyms Used by Asian / Pacific Studies' Scholars:
a Dictionary

Part 7

Edited by Dr T. Matthew Ciolek and John Noyce
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    FA | FD | FE | FF | FH | FI | FL | FO | FP | top |

    FA back
    FAFI Federation of Indian Associations in France group France
    FANHS Filipino American National Historical Society group US
    FAPC Fondation Asie Pacifique du Canada --- --- Canada
    FAS Faculty of Asian Studies --- ANU Australia
    FASID Foundation for Advanced Studies on International Development body --- Japan
    FD back
    FDASL Furniture and Decorative Arts of Sri Lanka resource Digital Library for International Research US
    FDRI Foundation for Democratic Reforms in India body --- US
    FE back
    FECCA Federation of Ethnic Communities' Councils of Australia group --- Australia
    FEEGI Forum on European Expansion and Global Interaction group --- US
    FEIAP Foro Espanol de Investigacion Sobre Asia Pacífico group --- Spain
    FENU Far Eastern National University. body --- Russia
    FES Far Eastern Studies periodical C-FES Japan
    FF back
    FFA Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency body --- Solomon Islands
    FFCEAS Five College Center for East Asian Studies body Smith College US
    FFJS Fondation Franco-Japonaise Sasakawa body --- France/Japan
    FH back
    FHAC First Historical Archives of China --- State Archives Bureau China
    FHC Frontiers of History in China periodical --- ---
    FI back
    FIBIS Families In British India Society group NACIRA UK
    FIHA Fiji Islands History Association group --- Fiji
    FIS Foundation for Iranian Studies body --- US
    FISPRI Fiscal Policy Research Institute --- Ministry of Finance Thailand
    FL back
    FLA/LAF Forum Luso-Asiatico / Luso Asian Forum --- --- Macau/China
    FLAS Foreign Language Area Studies Fellowships for Graduate Students program --- US
    FO back
    FoNM Friends of the Nukus Museum group Nukus Museum Uzbekistan
    ForSCASS(formerly FOCAS) Forum for South and Central Asian Studies at Stockholm University body Stockholm U. Sweden
    FORUMSEC Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat --- --- Fiji
    FP back
    FPI Foreign Policy Institute body --- Turkey
    FPIF Foreign Policy In Focus body Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) US
    FPRC Foreign Policy Research Centre body --- India


    GA | GB | GC | GE | GF | GH | GI | GJ | GL | GN | GO | GP | GR | GS | GU | top |

    GA back
    GAI Global Aging Initiative project CSIS US
    GAP Greater Angkor Project project U. of Sydney Australia
    GAS Group in Asian Studies program U. of California, Berkeley US
    GASS Great Asian Streets Symposium meeting National U. of Singapore Singapore
    GB back
    GBCC Great Britain China Centre body --- UK
    GBCET Great Britain-China Educational Trust body GBCC UK
    GC back
    GCBS Ghent Centre for Buddhist Studies body Ghent U. Belgium
    GE back
    GEAN Goteborg East Asian Network group GESEAS Sweden
    GEAP-PUC/SP Grupo de Estudos da Asia-Pacifico --- Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Sao Paulo Brasil
    GEEA Grupo de Estudios del Este Asiatico / East Asian Studies Group group Universidad de Buenos Aires Argentina
    GEHN Global Economic History Network group London School of Economics UK
    GESEAS Centre for (East and Southeast) Asian Studies, Goeteborg University body Goeteborg U. Sweden
    GF back
    GFCPS Global Forum of Chinese Political Scientists group American U. US
    GH back
    GHCC Global History and Culture Centre body Warwick U. UK
    GHT The Great Himalaya Trail body -- Nepal
    GI back
    GIARI Global Institute for Asian Regional Integration body Waseda U. Japan
    GICAS Grammatological Informatics based on Corpora of Asian Scripts project Tokyo U. of Foreign Studies Japan
    GIDEA Grupo de Investigacion de Estudios Asiaticos group --- Universidad de Granada
    GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies --- --- Germany
    GILRS Goethals Indian Library and Research Society group St. Xavier's College, Kolkata India
    GIN Global Islands Network group --- UK
    GIRU Griffith Islamic Research Unit --- Griffith U. Australia
    GJ back
    GJAPS Graduate Journal of Asia-Pacific Studies periodical U. of Auckland New Zealand
    GJF Gesellschaft fuer Japanforschung group --- Germany
    GL back
    GLOCOM Center for Global Communications --- International U. Japan Japan
    GLORIA Global Research in International Affairs --- IDC Herzliya Israel
    GN back
    GN-SAN Gijodai-Nihongo-San --- CSAS Japan
    GO back
    GOSECA Graduate Organization for the Study of Europe and Central Asia --- Pittsburgh U. US
    GP back
    GPIH Global Price and Income History Group group U. California, Davis US
    GR back
    GRASP Group for Research in the Anthropology, Sociology and Politics of Pakistan - group --- Pakistan/France
    GRC Gender Research Centre body HKIAPS Hong Kong
    GRC Gulf Research Center body --- United Arab Emirates
    GRETIL Goettingen Register of Electronic Texts in Indian Languages resource U. of Goettingen Germany
    GREZ Groupe de Recherches et d'Etudes sur le Zen group --- France
    GRIC Group of Research on Identities and Cultures body U. of Le Havre France
    GRIPS National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies body --- Japan
    GRN Goa Research Net (web site) resource --- India
    GRN Goa Research Net (mailing list) resource --- India
    GS back
    GSAA Graduate School Asia and Africa in World Reference Systems body Martin Luther U. Halle-Wittenberg Germany
    GSAPS Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies body Waseda U. Japan
    GSAS Graduate School of Contemporary Asian Studies body U. of Turku Finland
    GSID Graduate School of International Development body Nagoya U. Japan
    GSIS Graduate School of International Studies body Yonsei U. South Korea
    GSP Genocide Studies Program project Yale U. US
    GU back
    GUAVA Group of Universities for the Advancement of Vietnamese Abroad group --- US


    H- | HA | HC | HE | HH | HI | HJ | HK | HM | HN | HO | HP | HR | HS | HU | HW | HV | top |

    H- back
    H-ASIA H-Net List for Asian History and Culture resource --- US
    H-MEM H-Mideast-Medieval resource US
    H-NEASIA H-Net Network on Northeast Asian History and Culture resource --- US
    H-SEASIA H-Net Discussion List on History and Study of Southeast Asia resource --- US
    HA back
    HAG Historical Archives of Goa --- --- India
    HAIL Hmong American Institute for Learning --- --- US
    HAPIN Stichting Hulp Aan Papua's In Nood --- --- The Netherlands
    HAPR Harvard Asia Pacific Review periodical Harvard U. US
    HAR Himalayan Art Resources resource Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation US
    HARP Harappa Archaeological Project project U. of Wisconsin US
    HC back
    HCAC Hindu-Christian Studies Academic Discussion List resource U. of Calgary Canada
    HCER Hong Kong Centre for Economic Research body U. of Hong Kong China
    HCLMBC Historical Chinese Language Materials in British Columbia --- U. British Columbia Canada
    HE back
    HEAL History and East Asian Languages --- Harvard U. US
    HEAS Harvard East Asia Society group Harvard U. US
    HECAP Humanities Education - Central Asian Partnership (Taalim-Forum Public Foundation) body --- Kyrgyzstan
    HEW Hindu Kush Environmental Watch body --- Canada
    HH back
    HHS Hawaiian Historical Society group --- US
    HI back
    HID Himalayan Institute of Development body --- Nepal
    HIFIP Harvard Islamic Finance Information Program program Harvard U. US
    HIRIJW Hadassah International Research Institute on Jewish Women body Brandeis U. US
    HJ back
    HJAS Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies periodical Harvard U. US
    HJDD Himalayan Journal of Development and Democracy periodical NSC US
    HK back
    HKABA Hong Kong-Australia Business Association group --- Australia
    HKABASA Hong Kong Australian Business Association group --- Australia
    HKCER Hong Kong Centre for Economic Research body U. of Hong Kong China
    HKIAPS Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies body The Chinese U. of Hong Kong Hong Kong
    HKInChiP Index to Chinese Periodicals in Hong Kong resource The Chinese U. of Hong Kong Hong Kong
    HKIHSS Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences body U. of Hong Kong China
    HKPRD Hong Kong-Macau-Pearl River Delta Development Information Net --- U. of Hong Kong Hong Kong
    HKUST Hong Kong University of Science and Technology body --- Hong Kong
    HM back
    HMONGIHRW Hmong International Human Rights Watch body --- US
    HN back
    HNG Database of the Normative Glyphs in Hanzi Script resource GICAS Japan
    HO back
    HOMSEA History of Medicine in Southeast Asia --- U. Sains Malaysia Malaysia
    HP back
    HPAIR Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations --- Harvard U. US
    HPRC Himalayan Policy Research Conference meeting NSC US
    HPSACP Heidelberg Papers in South Asian and Comparative Politics resource U. of Heidelberg Germany
    HR back
    HRB Himalayan Research Bulletin periodical Portland State U. US
    HRCBM Human Rights Congress for Bangladesh Minorities meeting --- Bangladesh
    HRI Hajj Research Institute body Umm Al Qura U., Makkah Saudi Arabia
    HRIC Human Rights in China body --- US
    HRW Human Rights Watch --- --- US
    HS back
    HSTCC Historical Society for 20th Century China group AAS US
    HSSTUDYC Holy Spirit Study Centre body --- HK, China
    HU back
    HUJI Hebrew University of Jerusalem body --- Israel
    HURIGHTS Osaka Asia Pacific Human Rights Information Center in Osaka body --- Japan
    HUSCAP Hokkaido University Collection of Scholarly and Academic Papers resource Hokkaido U. Japan
    HW back
    HWRD Hawaii War Records Depository body --- US
    HV back
    HVK Hindu Vivek Kendra - A Resource Center for the Promotion of Hindutva body --- India


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