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Acronyms Used by Asian / Pacific Studies' Scholars:
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    AA back
    AA Artibus Asiae periodical --- Switzerland
    AA Arts Asiatiques (Annales du Musee Guimet et du Musee Cernuschi) periodical Paris France
    AAA Asian Art Archive body --- Hong Kong
    AAA Australian Archaeological Association group --- Australia
    AAACU Asian Association of Agricultural Colleges & Universities group SEARCA Philippines
    AAAPS Australian Association for the Advancement of Pacific Studies group --- Australia
    AAARI Asian American / Asian Research Institute body City U. of New York US
    AAAS Association for Asian American Studies group --- US
    AABC Australian Association for Byzantine Studies group --- Australia
    AABS Australasian Association of Buddhist Studies group --- Australia
    AACAI Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists group --- Australia
    AACaPS Australasian Association for Communist and Post-Communist Studies group --- Australia
    AAEC La Asociacion Argentina de Estudios Coreanos / Argentina Association for Korean Studies group --- Argentina
    AAEI l'Association pour l'Avancement des Etudes Iraniennes / Association for the Advancement of the Iranian Studies group --- France
    AACS American Association for Chinese Studies group --- US
    AAERI Association of Australian Education Representatives in India group --- India
    AAGS Asia Association for Global Studies group --- Japan
    AAI Asia-Australia Institute --- U. of New South Wales Australia
    AAI Asien-Afrika-Institut body Hamburg U. Germany
    AAMH Australian Association for Maritime History group --- Australia
    AAIOFI Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions body --- Bahrain
    AAJ Akademischer Arbeitskreis Japan group --- Austria
    AAKKL Aasian ja Afrikan Kielten ja Kulttuurien Laitos body U. Helsinki Finland
    AALCO Asian African Legal Consultative Organisation body --- India
    AAN Art Autonomy Network body --- Japan
    AANM Arab American National Museum body --- US
    AAOU Asian Association of Open Universities group --- US
    AAPI Australia Asia Pacific Institute body Victoria U. Australia
    AAPI Asian and Asian American Pacific Islanders collections resource Library of Congress US
    AAPS Asian Association of Police Studies group --- South Korea
    AAR American Academy of Religion group --- US
    AAR American Asian Review periodical St John's U., New York US
    AARDO Afro-Asian Rural Development Organization body --- India
    AAS Association for Asian Studies, Inc. group --- US
    AAS Asian and African Studies(Bratislava) periodical --- Slovak Republic
    AAS Asian American Studies body U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign US
    AAS Asian American Studies body U. of Minnesota US
    AAS Asian American Studies body Stanford U. US
    AASC Asian American Studies Center body U. of California, Los Angeles US
    AASN Asian Studies Newsletter periodical AAAS US
    AASP Asian American Studies Program program U. of Wisconsin-Madison US
    AASP Asian American Studies Program program Cornell U. US
    AASP Asian Association of Social Psychology group --- Australia
    AASR Australian Association for the Study of Religions group --- Australia
    AASRN Asian Australian Studies Research Network group --- Australia
    AAST Asian American Studies Program program U. of Maryland US
    AATA American Association of Teachers of Arabic group --- US
    AATJ Alliance of Association of Teachers of Japanese group --- US
    AATK American Association of Teachers of Korean group --- US
    AATT American Association of Teachers of Turkic Languages group Princeton U. US
    AAUJ Arab American University-Jenin body --- Israel
    AAVAA African & Asian Visual Arts Archive body --- UK
    AAWH Asian Association of World Historians group U. of Osaka Japan
    AB back
    ABAC Australian Business Association of Cambodia group --- Australia
    ABERU Asian Business and Economics Research Unit body Monash U. Australia
    ABF Asia Business Forum group Copenhagen Business School Denmark
    ABI Arnold Bergstraesser Institute for socio-cultural research body U. of Freiburg Germany
    ABIA South and Southeast Asian Art and Archaeology Index formerly: Annual Bibliography of Indian Archaeology resource Kern Institute, Leiden The Netherlands
    ABMC Asian Business and Management Conference meeting IAFOR Hong Kong / Japan
    ABORI Annals of The Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute periodical BORI India
    ABTHIS Departement d'Etudes Arabes, Berberes, Turques, Hebraiques, Iraniennes et Semitiques body U. Provence, Marseille France
    ABZU A Guide to Information Related to the Study of the Ancient Near East on the Web resource Oriental Institute US
    AC back
    ACA Armenian Cultural Association / Ormianskie Towarzystwo Kulturalne group --- Poland
    ACAES American Committee on Asian Economic Studies group --- US
    ACAH Asian Conference on Arts and Humanities meeting IAFOR Hong Kong / Japan
    ACAM Association Culturelle Armenienne de Marne-la-Vallee group --- France
    ACAPA Australian Centre of Asia-Pacific Art body Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art Australia
    ACARI Afghanistan and Central Asia Research Information resource Indiana U. US
    ACARP Aceh Community Assistance Research Project project --- Australia
    ACAS Asian Conference on Asian Studies meeting IAFOR Hong Kong / Japan
    ACAS Ateneo Center for Asian Studies body Ateneo de Manila U. Philippines
    ACAS Association of Central Asian Students group U. of Washington USA
    ACASIAN Asian Spatial Information and Analysis Network body Griffith U. Australia
    ACBC Australia China Business Council body --- Australia
    ACBUT Association for Computerization of Buddhist Texts group --- Japan
    ACC Australia-China Council body Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) Australia
    ACC Arts of China Consortium resource --- US
    ACCP Association of Chinese Canadian Professors group --- Canada
    ACCU Asia/Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO body UNESCO Japan
    ACE Asian Conference on Education meeting IAFOR Hong Kong / Japan
    ACEA Association Canadienne des Etudes Asiatiques group --- Canada
    ACEA Association Canadienne des Etudes Asiatiques group --- Canada
    ACES Association of Central Eurasian Students group Indiana U. US
    ACGA Asian Corporate Governance Association group --- Hong Kong
    ACIC Academic Conferences in China resource Wanfangdata Co.,Ltd China
    ACICIS Australian Consortium for 'In-Country' Indonesian Studies group Murdoch U. Australia
    ACIP Asian Classics Input Project project Princeton U. US
    ACLK Association of Chinese Linguistics in Korea group --- South Korea
    ACM Asian Civilisations Museum body --- Singapore
    ACMR Association for Chinese Music Research group U. of Hawaii US
    ACMS American Center for Mongolian Studies body --- US
    ACOR American Center of Oriental Research body --- Jordan
    ACORN Asia-Pacific Cross-Border Online Rights Network group RSPAS Australia
    ACPR Ariel Center for Policy Research body --- Israel
    ACPS Association of Chinese Political Studies group USCS US
    ACPSS Association of Chinese Professors in Social Sciences group USCS US
    ACRLI Arab Center for the Development of the Rule of Law and Integrity body --- Lebanon
    ACRP Asian Conference on Religion and Peace meeting --- ---
    ACRSN Asian Century Research School Network group NIAS Denmark
    ACSAA American Council for Southern Asian Art body --- US
    ACSI Association for Chinese Studies in Ireland group --- Ireland
    ASCJ Asian Studies Conference Japan meeting AAS US
    ACSS Asian Cinema Studies Society group --- US
    ACSS Asian Conference on the Social Sciences meeting IAFOR Hong Kong / Japan
    ACWF All-China Women's Federation group --- China
    ACWS Asian Center for Women's Studies body Ewha Woman's U., Seoul South Korea
    ACYA Australia-China Youth Association group --- Australia
    ACYD Australia-China Youth Dialogue program --- Australia
    AD back
    ADA Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy body --- Azerbaijan
    ADB Asian Development Bank body --- Philippines
    ADFS The Library of Congress, Asian Division and its Friends Society group The Library of Congress US
    ADI Asian Dynamics Initiative program U. of Copenhagen UAE
    ADIAS Abu Dhabi Islands Archaeological Survey project --- UAE
    ADR Asian Development Review periodical ADB Philippines
    ADRI Asian Development Research Institute body --- India
    ADT Australasian Digital Theses Program resource --- Australia
    AE back
    AEAS Academy of East Asian Studies body Sungkyunkwan U. South Korea
    AEB L'Asia Economic Brief d'Asia Centre body --- France
    AEC Asia Europe Centre body --- France
    AECA European Association of Cooperation With Asia group --- Brussels, Belgium
    AEEP Asociacion Espanola Estudios del Pacifico group --- Spain
    AEF Asia Education Foundation body U. of Melbourne Australia
    AEJF Association des Enseignants de Japonais en France group --- France
    AEMS Asia Educational Media Service body U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign US
    AEN Aotearoa Ethnic Network group --- NZ
    AEPR Asian Economic Policy Review periodical JCER Japan
    AETBC Australia East Timor Business Council body --- Australia
    AF back
    AFA Advanced Filipino Abroad program CSEAS US
    AFAR Association for Asian Research group --- US
    AFBC Australia Fiji Business Council body --- Australia
    AFCC Asian Festival of Children's Content meeting National Book Development Council of Singapore Singapore
    AFE Asia for Educators body Columbia U. US
    AFEC Association Francaise d'Etudes Chinoises group --- France
    AFEMOTI l'Association Francaise pour l'Etude de la Mediterranee Orientale et du Monde Turco-Iranien group --- France
    AFO/ AfO/ AOF Archiv fuer Orientforschung periodical Graz/ Berlin Germany
    AFPC Association Francaise des Professeurs de Chinois group --- France
    AFPPD Asian Forum of Parliamentarians on Population and Development group --- Thailand
    AFRASE Association Francaise pour la Recherche sur l'Asie du Sud-Est group --- France
    AFS Asian Folklore Studies periodical Nanzan U. Japan
    AFWG Arab Families Working Group group --- US
    AG back
    AGA / ARG Arbeitsgemeinschaft Afghanistan / Afghanistan Research Group group --- Germany
    AGSG Asian Geography Specialty Group group Association of American Geographers US
    AGST Asia Graduate School of Theology body --- Philippines
    AH back
    AHAD American Hindus Against Defamation group --- US
    AHP Asian Highlands Perspectives periodical --- ---
    AHRC Asian Human Rights Commission body --- Hong Kong, China
    AI back
    AI Asian Institute body U. of Toronto Canada
    AIA Axis Information and Analysis body --- Russia
    AIAS American Institute of Afghanistan Studies body Duke U. US
    AIBC Australia India Business Council body --- Australia
    AIBS American Institute of Bangladesh Studies body --- US
    AIBS American Institute of Buddhist Studies body Columbia U. US
    AIEA L'Association Internationale des Etudes Armeniennes group --- France
    AIEJ Academia Iberoamericana de Estudios sobre Japon body --- Mexico
    AIEO Annales de l'Institut des Etudes Orientales periodical U. d'Alger France
    AIGRP Australia-Indonesia Governance Research Partnership body Australian National U. Australia
    AII Australia-Indonesia Institute body DFAT Australia
    AIIA Australian Institute of International Affairs body --- Australia
    AIIFL Asian Institute of International Financial Law body U. of Hong Kong HK
    AIIrS American Institute of Iranian Studies body --- US
    AIIS American Institute of Indian Studies body --- US
    AIJC Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication body --- Philippines
    AILS Annual Indonesia Lecture Series program CSEAS Australia
    AIM Asian Institute of Management body --- Philippines
    AIM Australian Islamist Monitor periodical --- Australia
    AIMA Australasian Institute of Maritime Archaeology body --- Australia
    AIPP Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact Foundation body --- Thailand
    AIPRG Armenian International Policy Research Group group --- US
    AIPS Asan Institute for Policy Studies body --- South Korea
    AIPS American Institute of Pakistan Studies body --- US
    AIR Japan Japanese Artist-in-Residence Programs program JPF Japan
    AISF Atsumi International Scholarship Foundation body --- Japan
    AISLS American Institute for Sri Lankan Studies body --- US
    AISRF Australia-India Strategic Research Fund body --- Australia
    AISTUGIA Associazione Italiana per gli Studi Giapponesi group --- Italy
    AIT American Institute in Taiwan body --- Taiwan
    AITPN Asian Indigenous & Tribal Peoples Network group --- India
    AIU Association of Indian Universities group --- India
    AIYEP Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program program AII Australia
    AIYS American Institute for Yemeni Studies body --- Yemen/US
    AJ back
    AJAD Asian Journal of Agriculture and Development periodical SEARCA Philippines
    AJAL Australian Journal of Asian Law periodical ALC Australia
    AJAS American Journal of Arabic Studies periodical US
    AJBA Australian Journal of Biblical Archaeology periodical --- Australia
    AJBA Australia Japan Business Association group --- Australia
    AJBI Annual of the Japanese Biblical Institute periodical --- Japan
    AJBS Association of Japanese Business Studies group --- US
    AJCP Australian Joint Copying Project project NLA Australia
    AJCS American Journal of Chinese Studies periodical AACS US
    AJISS Association of Japanese Institutes of Strategic Studies group --- Japan
    AJISS American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences periodical --- US
    AJJ Anthropology of Japan in Japan resource --- Japan
    AJLCS Asian Journal of Literature, Culture and Society periodical Assumption U. Thailand
    AJLS Association for Japanese Literary Studies group --- US
    AJRC Australia-Japan Research Centre body APSEG Australia
    AJRP Australia-Japan Research Project body Australian War Memorial Australia
    AJS Association for Jewish Studies group --- US
    AJSS Asian Journal of Social Sciences periodical -- Singapore / Hong Kong
    AJWS Asian Journal of Women's Studies periodical ACWS South Korea
    AK back
    AKBC Australia Korea Business Council body --- Australia
    AKDN Aga Khan Development Network Society --- Switzerland
    AKIP Australia-Korea Internship program RIAP Australia
    AKMR Association for Korean Music Research group --- US
    AKPIA Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture program Harvard U. and the MIT US
    AKS Academy of Korean Studies body --- South Korea
    AKS Anglo-Korean Society group --- UK
    AKSE Association for Korean Studies in Europe group --- ---
    AKU-ISMC Aga Khan University's Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations body Aga Khan U. UK
    AKWA AusAID's Knowledge Warehouse resource --- Australia
    AL back
    ALAA Applied Linguistics Association of Australia group --- Australia
    ALADAA Asociacion Latinoamericana de Estudios de Asia y Africa group --- Mexico
    ALANZ Applied Linguistics Association of New Zealand group --- New Zealand
    ALC Asian Law Center body U. Washington US
    ALC Asian Law Centre body U. of Melbourne Australia
    ALIM Asian Libraries in Melbourne body Monash U. Australia
    ALL Asian Languages and Literatures body U. Minnesota US
    ALL Asian Librarians Liaison Committee group AAS US
    ALLEX Alliance for Language Learning and Educational Exchange group --- Japan
    ALMISBAH Database of Internet Resources on the Middle East and Islam resource MENALIB Germany
    ALRC Asian Legal Resource Center body --- Hong Kong, China
    ALS Australian Linguistic Society group --- Australia
    AM back
    AMAN Asian Muslim Action Network group ARF Thailand
    AMA Asia Matters for America resource EWC US
    AMBCWA Australia-Malaysia Business Council (WA Division) body --- Australia
    AMC Asian Migrant Centre body --- Hong Kong
    AMCE Anthropology of the Middle East and Central Eurasia (Russia, the Caucasus, Central Asia, China) group EASA UK
    AMES Asian and Middle Eastern Studies body U. Pennsylvania US
    AMEWS Association for Middle East Women's Studies group --- US
    AMI Amnye Machen Institute body --- India
    AMIC Asian Media Information & Communication Centre body --- Singapore
    AMRC Australia Mekong Resource Center body U. of Sydney Australia
    AMRC Asia Monitor Resource Center body --- Hong Kong
    AMRC Afghan Media Resource Center body Williams College, MA US
    AMRI Asian Music Research Institute body Seoul National U. South Korea
    AMRT Timorese Resistance Archive & Museum body --- East Timor
    AN back
    ANCAM Ankara Center for Turkish Policy Studies body --- Turkey
    ANELL Department of Asian & Near Eastern Languages and Literatures body Washington U. in St. Louis US
    ANEPR Asian Network of Economic Policy Research group Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry Japan
    ANERI Academic Network for European Research related to India group EIAS Belgium
    ANFREL Asian Network for Free Elections group --- Thailand
    ANGED Arab Network for Gender and Development group Center of Arab Women for Training and Research Tunisia
    ANHS Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies group --- US
    ANJeL Australian Network for Japanese Law group --- Australia
    ANN Asia News Network resource --- Thailand
    ANTHSI Anthropological Survey of India project --- India
    ANUCAP ANU College of Asia and the Pacific body ANU Australia
    AO back
    AOCS Academy of Overseas Chinese Studies body Jinan U. China
    AOH / ActaOH Acta Orientalia Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae periodical Budapest Hungary
    AOI Asien-Orient-Institute body U. of Tuebingen Germany
    AOS American Oriental Society group --- US
    AOV Acta Orientalia Vilnensia periodical Vilnius U. Lithuania


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