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Acronyms Used by Asian / Pacific Studies' Scholars:
a Dictionary

Part 9

Edited by Dr T. Matthew Ciolek and John Noyce
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    JA back
    JAA Japanese Archaeological Association group --- Japan
    JAANUS Terminology of Japanese Architecture and Art History / Japanese Architecture and Art Net Users System resource AISF Japan
    JAAS Journal of Asian American Studies periodical --- US
    JABSEAS Japanese Bibliography of Southeast Asian Studies resource JSSEAS Japan
    JACAR Japan Center for Asian Historical Records body --- Japan
    JAEAR Journal of American-East Asian Relations periodical --- US
    JAET Japan Association for East Asian Text Processing group --- Japan
    JAFNA Jain Academic Foundation of North America body --- US
    JAFS Japan Asian Association and Asian Friendship Society group --- Japan
    JAG Japan Area Group group ANU Australia
    JAHF Japan Art History Forum body --- US
    JAIBS Japanese Association of Indian and Buddhist Studies group --- Japan
    JAINA Federation of Jain Associations in North America group --- US
    JAIRO Japanese Institutional Repositories Online resource National Institute of Informatics Japan
    JAIS Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies periodical U. of Bergen Norway
    JAL Journal of Arabic Literature periodical Indiana U. US
    JALT Japan Association for Language Teaching group --- Japan
    JAM Journal of Asian Mission periodical AGST Philippines
    JANESCU Journal of the Ancient Near Eastern Society of Columbia University periodical Columbia U. US
    JANM Japanese American National Museum body --- US
    JAPC Journal of Asian Pacific Communication periodical --- US
    JAPSS Journal of Asia Pacific Studies periodical --- US
    JAPTA Japan Trade Action --- --- Japan
    JAS Journal of Azerbaijani Studies periodical Khazar University Press Azerbaijan
    JAS Journal of Asian Studies periodical AAS US
    JASAS Japanese Association for South Asian Studies group --- Japan
    JASB Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bombay periodical --- India
    JAWS Japan Anthropology Workshop periodical U. of Melbourne Australia
    JB back
    JBC Japanese Business Council body --- Australia
    JBE Journal of Buddhist Ethics periodical --- US/UK
    JBRAS Journal of the Bombay Branch, Royal Asiatic group periodical --- India
    JBS Journal of Bhutan Studies periodical --- Bhutan
    JBS Journal of Burma Studies periodical Northern Illinois U. USA
    JC back
    JCA Journal of Chinese Australia periodical --- Australia
    JCACS Journal of Central Asian and Caucasian Studies periodical ISRO-USAK Turkey
    JCAS Japan Consortium for Area Studies group Tokyo U. of Foreign Studies (TUFS) Japan
    JCAS Journal of Central Asian Studies periodical Oklahoma State U. US
    JCER Japan Center for Economic Research body --- Japan
    JCIAD Journal of Central and Inner Asian Dialogue periodical --- ---
    JCIE Japan Center for International Exchange body --- Japan
    JCL Journal of Chinese Linguistics periodical --- US
    JCLTA Journal of the Chinese Language Teachers Association periodical CLTA US
    JCMU Japan Center for Michigan Universities program Michigan State U. US
    JCO Journal of Chinese Overseas periodical National U. of Singapore Singapore
    JCP Journal of Chinese Philosophy periodical --- US
    JCPS Journal of Chinese Political Science periodical San Francisco State U. US
    JCR Journal of Chinese Religions periodical SSCR US
    JCSAA Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs periodical GIGA Germany
    JD back
    JDC Japan Documentation Center body Library of Congress US
    JDPA Japan Directory of Professional Associations resource JPGS US
    JDS Journal of Daoist Studies periodical --- US
    JDZB Japanisch-Deutsches Zentrum Berlin / Japanese-German Center Berlin body --- Germany
    JE back
    JEAA Journal of East Asian Archaeology periodical ICEAACH US
    JEAS Journal of East Asian Studies periodical U. of California, San Diego US
    JEAL Journal of East Asian Libraries periodical CEAL US
    JEASC Joint East Asian Studies Center body U. of Southern California / U. of California, Los Angeles US
    JEEAS Journal of East European and Asian Studies periodical --- Romania
    JEF Japan Economic Foundation body --- Japan
    JEPP Japan English Publications in Print resource JPGS US
    JESHO Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient / Journal d'Histoire Economique et Sociale de l'Orient periodical U. Michigan US
    JET Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme program --- Japan
    JETAA JET Alumni Association International group JET Japan
    JETRO Japan External Trade Organization body --- Japan
    JF back
    JFIC Japan Foundation Information Center body JPF Japan
    JFIR Japan Forum on International Relations body --- Japan
    JFNY Japan Foundation New York body --- US
    JH back
    JHS Journal of the History of Sufism / Journal d'Histoire du Soufisme periodical --- France
    JHS Journal of Hindu Studies periodical Oxford U. Press UK
    JHTI Japanese Historical Text Initiative project U. of California, Berkeley US
    JI back
    JIAAA Journal of Inner Asian Art and Archaeology periodical CIAA UK
    JIABS Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies periodical IABS Switzerland
    JIAP Japan Information Access Project renamed to Asia Policy Point, APP body --- US
    JIAS Journal of the Institute of Asian Studies, Chennai periodical IAS, Chennai India
    JIATS Journal of the International Association of Tibetan Studies periodical THL US
    JICA Japan International Cooperation Agency body --- Japan
    JICPR Journal of the Indian Council of Philosophical Research periodical ICPR India
    JIIA Japan Institute of International Affairs body --- Japan
    JIIC Java Institute International Conference meeting Soegijapranata Catholic U. of Semarang Indonesia
    JIJS Journal of Islamic Jerusalem Studies periodical ISRA UK
    JINES Jewish, Islamic and Near Eastern Studies body Washington U. in St. Louis US
    JINSA Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs body --- US
    JJ back
    JJASAS Journal of the Japanese Association for South Asian Studies periodical JASAS Japan
    JJCAP Japanese Journal Current Awareness Project periodical Ohio State U. US
    JK back
    JKS Journal of Korean Studies periodical APARC US
    JL back
    JLG Japan Library Group group NACIRA UK
    JLGC Japan Local Government Centre body London UK
    JLS Journal of Lao Studies periodical CLS US
    JM back
    JMPD He Puna Korero: Journal of Maori and Pacific Development periodical U. of Waikato New Zealand
    JMBRAS Journal of Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society periodical MBRAS Malaysia
    JMEWS Journal of Middle East Women's Studies periodical AMEWS US
    JN back
    JNES Journal of Near Eastern Studies periodical OI US
    JNLAC Journal of Nepalese Literature, Art and Culture periodical U. of Virginia US
    JNRC Journal of the Nepal Research Centre periodical --- Germany
    JNTO Japan National Tourist Organization body --- Japan
    JNU Jawaharlal Nehru University body --- India
    JO back
    JOES Journal of Eurasian Studies periodical --- The Netherlands
    JOSA Journal of the Oriental Society of Australia periodical OSA Australia
    JP back
    JPACS Journal of Pacific Studies periodical U. of the South Pacific Fiji
    JPF Japan Foundation body --- Japan
    JPGS Japan Publications Guide Service resource --- Japan
    JPH Journal of Pacific History periodical --- US
    JPN-UK Jumma Peoples Network UK group --- UK
    JPOL The Roper Center's Japanese Data Archive resource U. of Connecticut and the US-Japan Foundation US
    JPP Jerusalem Prosopography Project project --- Israel
    JPRI Japan Policy Research Institute body U. of San Francisco US
    JP-SAS Japanese Network for South Asian Studies group CSAS Japan
    JPS Journal of the Polynesian Society periodical U. of Auckland New Zealand
    JPSG Japan Political Studies Group group --- US
    JR back
    JRA Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society periodical Cambridge U. Press UK
    JRC Japan Research Centre body SOAS UK
    JRC Japanese Studies Centre body Monash U. Australia
    JS back
    JS-NET now defunct 'Japanese Studies Network Forum' group --- ---
    JSA Japan Studies Association group --- US
    JSAA Japan Studies Association of Australia group ASAA Australia
    JSAC Japan Studies Association of Canada / Association Canadienne d'Etudes sur le Japon group --- Canada
    JSAJ Japan Studies Association Journal periodical Ohio Wesleyan U US
    JSAWS Journal of South Asia Women Studies periodical --- Italy
    JSC Japanese Studies Centre body Monash U. Australia
    JSEAS Journal of Southeast Asian Studies periodical National University of Singapore / Cambridge U. Press Singapore / UK
    JSPS Japan Society for the Promotion of Science group --- Japan
    JSRI Japan Statistics Research Institute body Hosei U. Japan
    JSS Japanese Studies Society group National U. of Singapore Singapore
    JSS Journal of Semitic Studies periodical --- UK
    JSSEAS Japan Society for Southeast Asian Studies / Tonan Ajia Gakkai group --- Japan
    JSYS Journal of Song-Yuan Studies periodical U. of California, Irvine US
    JT back
    JTI Japanese Text Initiative project U. of Virginia US
    JTTM Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor resource --- US
    JTWS Journal of Third World Studies periodical ATWS US
    JU back
    JUMP Japanisches Universitat Mannheim Portal resource U. Mannheim Germany
    JV back
    JVS Journal of Vietnamese Studies periodical U. of California Press US


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