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Acronyms Used by Asian / Pacific Studies' Scholars:
a Dictionary

Part 11

Edited by Dr T. Matthew Ciolek and John Noyce
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    MA back
    MAAP Multimedia Art Asia Pacific body --- Australia
    MABC Malaysia Australia Business Council body --- Australia
    MACASBE Macau Association of Business Ethics group MRI Macao/China
    MAI Monash Asia Institute body Monash U. Australia
    MAINS Master of Arts in Inter-Asia NGO Studies program SungKongHoe U. South Korea
    MAKAIAS Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies, Kolkata body --- India
    MAP Maison Asie Pacifique body U. de Provence France
    MAP Medieval Association of the Pacific group --- US
    MAPEAL Macao Association for the Promotion of Exchange between Asia-Pacific and Latin America group --- Macao/China
    MAPS Collaborative Master's Program in Asia-Pacific Studies program U. of Toronto Canada
    MAPS Master of Arts in Asia Pacific Studies program U. of San Francisco US
    MAR / AAS Mid-Atlantic Region Association for Asian Studies meeting AAS US
    MARAAS Mid-Atlantic Region Association for Asian Studies meeting AAS US
    MARC Modern Asia Research Centre body U. Geneva Switzerland
    MARC Richard F. Taitano Micronesia Area Research Center body U. of Guam US
    MARG Media-Asia Research Group group Curtin U. of Technology Australia
    MARLC Melbourne Asian Research Libraries Consortium group --- Australia
    MAS Modern Asian Studies periodical Cambridge Journals UK
    MASS Modeling Ancient Settlement Systems project OI US
    MASSA Malaysia and Singapore Society of Australia group ASAA Australia
    MB back
    MBRAS Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society group --- Malaysia
    MC back
    MCA Muslim Civilisations Abstracts --- ISMC UK
    MCAA Midwest Conference [of The Association for Asian Studies](aka Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs) meeting AAS US
    MCIS Munk Centre for International Studies body U. of Toronto Canada
    MCJLE Melbourne Centre for Japanese Language Education body Monash U. Australia
    MCLC Modern Chinese Literature and Culture Resource Center resource Ohio State U. US
    MCPA Mansfield Center for Pacific Affairs body --- US

    MD back

    MDRC Mongolian Development Research Center body --- Mongolia

    ME back

    MEA Study Group for Musics of East Asia group --- Taiwan
    MEAA Museum of East Asia Art body --- UK
    MEARC Modern East Asia Research Centre body Leiden U. The Netherlands
    MEAS Middle Eastern and African Studies body U. Alberta Canada
    MEAS Modern East Asian Studies body Goethe U. Frankfurt Germany
    MEC Middle East Center body U. Pennsylvania US
    MEC Middle East Center body U. of Washington US
    MEC Middle East Center for Peace, Culture, and Development body Georgia State U. US
    MEC Middle East Center body U. of Utah US
    MECA Middle East & Central Asia Politics, Economics, and Society Conference meeting U. of Utah US
    MECACS Institute of Middle East, Central Asia and Caucasus Studies body U. St. Andrews UK
    MECAS Middle East & Central Asian Studies resource National Information Services Corporation US
    MEF Malaysian Employers Federation group --- Malaysia
    MEF Middle East Forum body --- US
    MEF Mount Everest Foundation body --- UK
    MEHAT Middle East History and Theory meeting --- US
    MEI Middle East Institute body --- US
    MEI Middle East Institute body Columbia U. US
    MEICON-BC Middle East and Islamic Consortium of British Columbia group Simon Fraser U. Canada
    MEIS Research and Educational Project for Middle East and Islamic Studies project Tokyo U. of Foreign Studies (TUFS) Japan
    MEISP Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies Program program Indiana U. US
    MELAM Eclectic Links Around Malayalam resource Princeton U. US
    MELCOM Middle East Libraries Committee group NACIRA UK
    MELPF Middle East Legal Practitioners' Forum group SOAS UK
    MEM Middle East Medievalists group Southern Connecticut State U. US
    MEMP Middle East Microform Project project Center for Research Libraries (CRL) US
    MEMRI Middle East Media Research Institute body --- US
    MEMRI TV Middle East Media Research Institute TV Monitor Project project MEMRI US
    MENALIB Middle East Virtual Library --- U. Halle Germany
    MENAFN Middle East and North Africa Financial Network group --- ---
    MENARG Middle East and North Africa Research Group group U. Gent Belgium
    MENIC Middle East Network Information Centre resource U. of Texas US
    MERC Middle East Research Competition body --- Lebanon
    MERIA Middle East Review of International Affairs periodical IDC Herzliya Israel
    MERIP Middle East Research and Information Project project --- US
    MERJ Middle East Research Journals Project project --- US
    MERO Middle East Report Online --- MERIP US
    MES Department of Middle Eastern Studies body U. of Texas at Austin US
    MESA Middle East Studies Association group --- US
    MESARC Middle East & South Asia Research Cluster body U. of California, Davis US
    MESAS Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies body Emory U. US
    MESC Middle East Studies Center body U. Ghent Belgium
    MESC Middle East Studies Center body --- Jordan
    MESC Middle Eastern Studies Center body Ohio State U. US
    MESH Middle East Strategy at Harvard project Harvard U. US
    MESP Middle East Studies Program program Council for Christian Colleges & Universities US
    MEST / MESP Middle East Studies Program of the King Fahd Center program U. of Arkansas US

    MF back

    MFEA Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities --- --- Sweden

    MH back

    MHM Moluccan Historical Museum / Museum Maluku (MUMA) body --- The Netherlands

    MI back

    MIALS Melbourne Institute of Asian Languages and Societies body U. of Melbourne Australia
    MIASU Mongolia & Inner Asia Studies Unit body U. of Cambridge UK
    MICSEM Micronesian Seminar body --- Federated States of Micronesia
    MIDEO Melanges de l'Institut Dominicaine des Etudes Orientales du Caire periodical IDEO Egypt
    MIDS Madras Institute of Development Studies body --- India
    MIER Malaysian Institute of Economic Research body --- Malaysia
    MII / IIM Macau International Institute / Instituto Internacionale Macau --- --- Macao/China
    MINPAKU National Museum of Ethnology --- --- Japan
    MIPP Microfilming of Indian Publications Project project DSAL US

    MJ back

    MJF Maison Franco-Japonaise / French-Japanese House --- --- Japan
    MJHW Modern Japanese History Workshop --- Waseda U. Japan

    MK back

    MKS Mon-Khmer Studies Journal periodical SEALANG US

    MO back

    MOA Korean/English Parrallel Concordance --- Monash U. Australia
    MOI Vereniging voor de studie van het Midden-oosten en de islam group Leiden U. The Netherlands
    MOL Monsoon On Line resource Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology India
    MONIC Macao Network Information Centre body UM China

    MP back

    MPAC Muslim Public Affairs Council group --- US
    MPAJ Muslim Public Affairs Journal periodical MPAC US

    MR back

    MRI Macau Ricci Institute --- --- Macao/China

    MS back

    MSB Malaysia / Singapore / Brunei Studies Group group AAS US
    MSG Maharashtra Studies Group group AAS US
    MSSP Micronesia and South Pacific Program program U. of Oregon, Eugene Macao/China

    MT back

    MTC Mandarin Training Center body National Taiwan Normal U. Taiwan

    MU back

    MUCMENAS Macquarie University: Centre for Middle East and North African Studies body Macquarie U. Australia
    MUMA Museum Maluku / Moluccan Historical Museum (MHM) body --- The Netherlands

    MV back

    MVCLC Morphological Variation and Change in Languages of the Caucasus --- --- ---


    NA | NB | NC | ND | NE | NG | NI | NJ | NK | NL | NM | NN | NO | NP | NR | NS | NT | NV | NW | NY | NZ | top |

    NA back
    NAAAP National Association of Asian American Professionals group --- US
    NAAN Northeast Asian Academic Network formerly: Colloquium on Northeast Asian Studies group U. of Toyama Japan
    NAATA National Asian American Telecommunications Association group --- US
    NACIRA National Committee for Information Resources on Asia (formerly: National Council on Orientalist Library Resources, NCOLR) group --- UK
    NACS Nordic Association for China Studies group --- Finland
    NAEC Northeast Asia Economic Conference meeting ERINA Japan
    NAECJK North America and Europe East Asian Collection Database resource CEAL US
    NAFA Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts body --- Singapore
    NAI National Archives of India body --- India
    NAJAKS Nordic Association for Japanese and Korean Studies group --- Denmark
    NAJS Nordic Association for the Study of Contemporary Japanese Society group CEAS ---
    NALSP National Asian Languages and Studies in Schools Program program Dept. of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations Australia
    NAPABA National Asian Pacific American Bar Association group --- US
    NAPES National Asia Pacific Economic and Scientific Database resource ANU Australia
    NAPH National Association of Professors of Hebrew group --- US
    NARP National Asia Research Program program NBR US
    NAS National Archives of Singapore body --- Singapore
    NASA Northeast Asian Studies Academy of Jilin University body Jilin U. China
    NASA Nordic Association for South Asian Studies group --- Norway
    NASEAS Nordic Association of Southeast Asian Studies group --- Denmark
    NATMO National Atlas & Thematic Mapping Organisation body --- India
    NATSA North American Taiwan Studies Association group --- US
    NB back
    NBN Niue Business News periodical --- Niue
    NBR National Bureau of Asian Research body --- US
    NBS National Bureau of Statistics of China body Beijing China
    NC back
    NCC North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources group --- US
    NCC-J National Christian Council in Japan group --- Japan
    NCI Nordic Centre in India body U. of Eastern Finland Finland
    NCL National Central Library - National Digital Library body --- Taiwan
    NCEEER National Council for Eurasian and East European Research group --- US
    NCEIS National Centre of Excellence for Islamic Studies body U. of Melbourne Australia
    NCKTPA National Centre for Korean Traditional Performing Arts body --- South Korea
    NCJLT National Council of Japanese Language Teachers sciety --- US
    NCNK National Committee on North Korea group --- US
    NCOLR National Council on Orientalist Library Resources group --- UK
    NCSAS National Centre for South Asia Studies body Monash U. Australia
    NCTA National Consortium for Teaching about Asia group --- US
    ND back
    NDAP National Digital Archives Program program Academia Sinica Taiwan
    NDL National Diet Library resource --- Japan
    NE back
    NEA Northeast Asia Program program RSPAS Australia
    NEAAS New England Conference [of The Association for Asian Studies] meeting AAS US
    NEAC Northeast Asia Council of the Association for Asian Studies group AAS US
    NEAEF Northeast Asia Economic Forum body --- US
    NEALRC National East Asian Languages Resource Center resource Ohio State U US
    NEAS Near East Archaeological Society group Andrews U. US
    NEAS Northeast Asian Studies - Curriculum Clearinghouse Initiative program Monterey Institute of International Studies US
    NEASIA Nukleo de Estudos Asiaticos body Universidade de Brasilia Brasil
    NEAT Network of East Asian Think-tanks group --- Japan
    NECEF Near East Cultural and Educational Foundation of Canada body --- Canada
    NELC Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations --- Harvard U. US
    NELC Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations --- Yale U. US
    NELC Near Eastern Languages and Cultures --- Indiana U. US
    NELC Near Eastern Languages and Cultures --- OI US
    NELC Near Eastern Languages and Cultures --- US
    NELC Near Eastern Languages and Civilization --- U. of Washington US
    NES Near Eastern Studies --- U. of Arizona US
    NES Near Eastern Studies --- U. of Michigan US
    NETPAC Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema body --- Sri Lanka
    NG back
    NGJS Nederlands Genootschaap voor Japanse Studien --- --- The Netherlands
    NGMCP Nepal-German Manuscript Preservation Project (formerly: Nepal-German Manuscript Preservation Project, NGMPP) project NRC Germany Nepal
    NI back
    NIAP National Institute for Asia and the Pacific body ANU Australia
    NIAS Nordic Institute of Asian Studies body U. of Copenhagen Denmark
    NIAS National Institute of Advanced Studies --- --- India
    NIAS-KNAW Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences body --- The Netherlands
    NICS National Institute of Chinese Studies body WREAC UK
    NIJL National Institute of Japanese Literature body --- Japan
    NIJS National Institute of Japanese Studies body WREAC UK
    NINO Netherlands Institute for the Near East body Leiden U. The Netherlands
    NIPS National Institute of Pakistan Studies body Quaid-i-Azam U., Islamabad Pakistan
    NIRA National Institute for Research Advancement body --- Japan
    NIRIM National Integration and Regionalism in Indonesia and Malaysia --- Australian Defence Force Academy Australia
    NISN Nordic Indonesia Studies Network group --- Denmark
    NIT Namgyal Institute of Tibetology body --- India
    NJ back
    NJAHS National Japanese American Historical Society group --- US
    NJECD NTC / Kenkyusha New Japanese-English Character Dictionary resource --- Japan
    NK back
    NKIDP North Korea International Documentation Project project Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars US
    NKR North Korean Review periodical U. of Detroit US
    NL back
    NLC National Library of China body --- China
    NLDC National Library and Documentation Centre body --- Sri Lanka
    NM back
    NMCA Network on Migration in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia project U. of Toyama Japan
    NMELRC National Middle East Language Resource Center body Brigham Young U. US
    NMES Near and Middle Eastern Studies body U. of Oxford UK
    NMM National Mission for Manuscripts --- --- India
    NMML Nehru Memorial Museum & Library --- --- India
    NN back
    NNCS Nordic Network for Chinese Studies group --- ---
    NO back
    NOFSA Norsk Forum for Sor-Asia / The Norwegian Forum for South Asia group Oslo U. Norway
    NONESA Nordic Newsletter for Southeast Asian Studies periodical NASEAS Denmark
    NOUS-IS National Online Undergraduate Seminar - Indonesian Studies resource U. of Sunshine Coast / Flinders U. Australia
    NP back
    NPISP Norway-Pacific Islands Scholarship Program program --- Norway
    NPT New Perspectives on Turkey --- Bogazici U. Turkey
    NR back
    NRB Netaji Research Bureau body --- India
    NRC Nepal Research Centre body Universitaet Hamburg Germany / Nepal
    NRCAC New Research on Central Asia and the Caucasus resource --- USA
    NRI Nomura Research Institute body --- Japan
    NRI Needham Research Institute body Cambridge U. UK
    NRPP Nako Research and Preservation Project project U. of Vienna Austria
    NS back
    NSA Nepal Studies Association group --- US
    NSC Nepal Study Center body U. New Mexico US
    NSC Nalanda-Sriwijaya Centre body ISEAS Singapore
    NSE National Stock Exchange of India body --- India
    NSK Nihon Shinbun Kyokai / Japan Newspaper Publishers & Editors Association body --- Japan
    NSM Nordisk selskap for Midtaustenstudiar / Nordic Society for Middle Eastern Studies group U. of Bergen Norway
    NSYSU National Sun Yat-sen University body --- Taiwan
    NT back
    NTA Nusa Tenggara Association group --- Australia
    NTS-Asia Consortium of Non-Traditional Security Studies in Asia group RSIS Singapore
    NTSC National Thai Studies Centre body ANU Australia
    NTUR National Taiwan University Repository resource National Taiwan U. Taiwan
    NV back
    NVOS Nederlandse Vereniging voor Oceanie Studies group --- The Netherlands
    NW back
    NWO Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek body --- The Netherlands
    NWRCSEAS Northwest Regional Consortium for Southeast Asian Studies group IAR Canada
    NY back
    NYCAS New York Conference [of The Association for Asian Studies] meeting AAS US
    NZ back
    NZASIA New Zealand Asian Studies Society group --- New Zealand
    NZASR New Zealand Association for the Study of Religions group --- New Zealand
    NZDL New Zealand Digital Library Project project --- New Zealand
    NZETC New Zealand Electronic Text Centre body --- New Zealand
    NZJAS New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies periodical NZASIA New Zealand
    NZSA New Zealand Studies Association (formerly: New Zealand Study Group, NZSG) group --- UK


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