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Acronyms Used by Asian / Pacific Studies' Scholars:
a Dictionary

Part 8

Edited by Dr T. Matthew Ciolek and John Noyce
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    IA back
    IAA Index of Armenian Art resource California State U., Fresno US
    IAA International Association for Assyriology group Leiden U. The Netherlands
    IAAH International Association for Asian Heritage group U. of Kelaniya Sri Lanka
    IAAPS Indian Association for Asian & Pacific Studies group --- India
    IAAPS International Association for Asia Pacific Studies group Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific U. Japan
    IAAS Institute for Asian and African Studies body U. Helsinki Finland
    IAAS Inner Asian and Altaic Studies body Harvard U. US
    IAAW Institut fuer Asien- und Afrikawissenschaften resource Humboldt U. of Berlin Germany
    IABC Indonesia Australia Business Council body --- Australia
    IABS International Association of Buddhist Studies group --- Switzerland
    IAC Information-Analytic Center Eurasia body --- Russia
    IACD Institute of Asian Culture and Development body --- South Korea
    IACL International Association of Chinese Linguistics group --- US
    IACS Institute of Asian Cultural Studies body International Christian U. Japan
    IACS Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Society group Seoul/Taipei/Singapore South Korea
    IACS Indonesian Art and Culture Scholarship program Indonesia and East Timor Studies Committee Indonesia
    IAFOR The International Academic Forum body --- Hong Kong / Japan
    IAHA International Association of Historians of Asia group --- Philippines
    IAICS International Association for Intercultural Communication Studies group U. of Rhode Island USA
    IAIS Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies body U. of Exeter UK
    IALS International Association for Ladakh Studies group --- UK
    IAN Islamic Arts Network group --- Egypt
    IAO Institut d'Asie Orientale body --- France
    IAPS Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies body CASS China
    IAPS Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies body U. Nottingham UK
    IAR Institute of Asian Research body U. of British Columbia Canada
    IAS Institute of Asian Studies / Institut fuer Asien-Studien body GIGA Germany
    IAS Institute of Asian Studies body --- India
    IAS Institute of Asian Studies body --- Thailand
    IAS International and Area Studies body U. of California, Berkeley US
    IAS International Association of Sufism group --- US
    IAS Islamic Academy of Sciences body --- Jordan
    IASBS International Association of Shin Buddhist Studies gathering --- Japan
    IASP Indian Association for the Study of Population group --- India
    IASS International Association of Sanskrit Studies group --- India
    IASSI Indian Association of Social Science Institutions group --- India
    IASTAM International Association for the Study of Traditional Asian Medicine group --- ---
    IATS International Association of Tibetan Studies group --- ---
    IAUNRC Inner Asian and Uralic National Resource Center body Indiana U. US
    IB back
    IBC Indian Books Centre body --- India
    IBECAP Instituto Brasilero de Estudios de China, Asia y Pacifico body --- Brasil
    IBRU International Boundaries Research Unit body U. Durham UK
    IBS Institute of Buddhist Studies body --- US
    IC back
    ICA International Comparative and Area Studies body Stanford U. US
    ICAANE International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East meeting --- ---
    ICAF International Conference on Asian Folklore meeting --- ---
    ICAMES InterUniversity Consortium for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies group McGill U. Canada
    ICANAS International Congress for Asian and Northern African Studies meeting --- ---
    ICAPA International Conference of the Asian Philosophical Association meeting ASIANPA ---
    ICAROAP International Co-operative Alliance Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific group --- India
    ICAS International Convention of Asia Scholars meeting --- ---
    ICAS Institute for Corean-American Studies body --- US
    ICAS Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies body Temple U., Japan Campus, Tokyo Japan
    ICASC International Consortium of Australian Studies Centres group U. of Queensland Australia
    ICC Institute of Comparative Culture body Sophia U. Japan
    ICC Indo-Caribbean Cultural Council group --- Trinidad and Tobago
    ICCARE International Center for Central Asian Research and Education body U. of Tsukuba Japan
    ICEAACH International Center for East Asian Archaeology and Cultural History body Boston U. US
    ICEAPS International Centre of Excellence in Asia Pacific Studies body ANU Australia
    ICECA Thailand Initiative for Cultural Exchange and Computer Arts, Thailand body --- Thailand
    ICES International Centre for Ethnic Studies body --- Sri Lanka
    ICHO Iran Cultural Heritage Organisation body --- Iran
    ICHR Indian Council of Historical Research group --- India
    ICHSEA International Conference on the History of Science in East Asia meeting --- ISHEASTM
    ICI India China Institute body --- US
    ICIS Institute for Comparative and International Studies body Emory U. US
    ICJS Institute of Contemporary Japanese Studies body TUJ Japan
    ICKS International Council on Korean Studies program --- US
    ICM Institute for Conflict Management body --- India
    ICMS Institute of Chinese Medical Science body UM, Macao China
    ICNK Center for International Cooperation for North Korean Development body IFES South Korea
    ICOA International Conference on Oriental Astronomy meeting --- Japan
    ICOC Indonesia Council Open Conference group ASAA Australia
    ICONSEA International Conference on Southeast Asia meeting U. of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
    ICOPHIL International Conference on Philippine Studies meeting --- ---
    ICPR Indian Council of Philosophical Research group --- India
    ICPS Institute of Confucian Philosophy and Culture body AEAS South Korea
    ICPVTR International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research body RSIS Singapore
    ICRIER Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations group --- India
    ICS Institute of Chinese Studies body The Chinese U. of Hong Kong Hong Kong
    ICS Institute of Chinese Studies body Jawaharlal Nehru U. India
    ICS India China School body --- US
    ICSA Indo-Caribbean Studies Association group --- UK
    ICSAC Indian Council for South Asian Cooperation body --- India
    ICSCI International Centre for the Study of Christianity in India body --- India
    ICSEAD International Centre for the Study of East Asian Development body --- Japan
    ICSN Indonesian Conflict Studies Network group --- Indonesia
    ICSPI International Council for the Study of the Pacific Islands group --- Samoa
    ICSSIC International Society for the Study of Iran and the Caucasus group ARMACAD Armenia
    ICSSIS International Conference and Summer School on Indonesian Studies program --- Indonesia
    ICSSR Indian Council of Social Science Research group --- India
    ICT International Campaign for Tibet body --- US
    ICTS International Conference on Thai Studies meeting --- US
    ID back
    ID Institut Dayakologi body --- Indonesia
    IDAS International Doctoral Program in Asia-Pacific Studies program National Chengchi U.,Taipei Taiwan
    IDDS Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies body --- Singapore
    IDE Institute of Developing Economies body --- Japan
    IDEAS International Digest Electronic for Asian Studies periodical Union College US
    IDEAS Image Database to Enhance Asian Studies resource Colorado College US
    IDEO Institut Dominicain d'Etudes Orientales du Caire / Dominican Institute for Oriental Studies body --- Egypt
    IDMA Interdisciplinary Master of Arts East Asian Studies program EALL US
    IDP International Dunhuang Project project British Library UK
    IDP - CREA International Dunhuang Project - Cultural Routes of Eurasia project IDP UK
    IDSA Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses body --- India
    IDSAS International Directory of South Asia Scholars resource Columbia U. US
    IDSLI International Digital Sanskrit Library Integration project Brown U. US
    IDSS Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies body RSIS Singapore
    IE back
    IEAS Institute for East Asian Studies body --- South Korea
    IEAS Institute of East Asian Studies body Universiti Malaysia Sarawak Malaysia
    IEAS Institute of East Asian Studies body Thammasat U. Thailand
    IEAS Institute for East Asian Studies body U. of California, Berkeley US
    IEB resource --- NZ
    IED Institute for Enterprise Development (formerly: Business Research Centre, BRC) body Hong Kong Baptist U. China
    IEE Institute of Energy Economics body --- Japan
    IEG Institute of Economic Growth body U. Delhi India
    IEI International Eurasian Institute for Economic and Political Research body --- US
    IEJ Israel Exploration Journal periodical IES Israel
    IERESGWU Institute for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies body Gerge Washington U. US
    IES Israel Exploration Society group --- Israel
    IEKAS Information Exchange for Korean-American Scholars periodical SKAS US
    IER Indian Economic & Social History Review periodical U. of Delhi India
    IESHR Indian Economic and Social History Review periodical U. Virginia US
    IEWS Institute of East and West Studies body --- South Korea
    IF back
    IFA Institut für Asienkunde body --- Germany
    IFANS Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security body Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs South Korea
    IFCCS International Forum for Contemporary Chinese Studies meeting --- UK
    IFCPAR Indo-French Centre for the Promotion of Advanced Research body --- France
    IFDS Islamic Financial Data Services Limited body --- ---
    IFEA Institut Francais d'Etudes Anatoliennes / French Institute of Anatolian Studies body --- Turkey
    IFEAC Institut Francais d'Etude sur l'Asie Centrale / French Institute of Central Asian Studies body --- Uzbekistan/France
    IFEAD Institut Francais d'Etudes Arabes de Damas body --- Syria
    IFES Institute of Far Eastern Studies body Russian Academy of Sciences Russia
    IFES Institute of Far Eastern Studies body Kyungnam U. South Korea
    IFI Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs body AUB Lebanon
    IFIH International Forum for India's Heritage group --- India
    IFP Institut Francais de Pondichery / French Institute of Pondichery body --- India
    IFPO Institut Francais du Proche Orient body --- Jordan
    IFRI Institut Francais des Relations Internationales body --- France
    IG back
    IGAAC Internet Guide for Asian American Cybernauts resource --- US
    IGADI Instituto Galego de Analise e Documentacion Internacional / Galician Institute of Analysis and International Documentation body --- Spain
    IGCS Internet Guide for China Studies resource U. Heildelberg and Leiden U. Germany and The Netherlands
    IGEER Institute for the History of European Expansion and the Reactions to it body Leiden U The Netherlands
    IGIDR Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research body --- India
    IGNCA Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts body --- India
    IGSONS Inter-Asia Graduate School of NGO Studies body SungKongHoe U. South Korea
    IH back
    IHF Iran Heritage Foundation body --- UK
    IHJ International House of Japan body --- Japan
    IHNS Institute of Han-Nom Studies body --- Vietnam
    IHP Institute of History and Philology body Academia Sinica Taiwan
    IHR Indian Historical Review periodical ICHR India
    II back
    IIAOS International Institute of Ayurveda and Oriental Subjects body --- India
    IIAS Indian Institute of Advanced Study body --- India
    IIAS International Institute for Asian Studies body --- The Netherlands
    IIAW Institut fuer Asien- und Afrikawissenschaften body Humboldt-U., Berlin Germany
    IICAS International Institute for Central Asian Studies body Samarkand Uzbekistan
    IICAS International Institute for Central Asian Studies body Samarkand Uzbekistan
    IICC Israel Intelligence Heritage & Commemoration Center body Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center Israel
    IICS Irish Institute for Chinese Studies body U. College Dublin Ireland
    IIGRS International Indology Graduate Research Symposium meeting --- UK
    IIM / MII Instituto Internacionale Macau / The Macau International Institute body --- Macau/China
    IIOS International Institute for Okinawan Studies body University of the Ryukyus, Okinawa Japan
    IIPER Islam, Islamism and Politics in Eurasia Report periodical Monterey Terrorism Research and Education Program US
    IIPS Institute for International Policy Studies body --- Japan
    IIR Institute of International Relations body --- Taiwan
    IIS Institute of Ismaili Studies body --- UK
    IISAR International Institute of Islamic Studies and Research body --- Pakistan
    IISMM l'Institut d'etudes de l'Islam et des Societes du Monde Musulman body Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) France
    IISNC International Institute for the Study of Nomadic Cultures body UNESCO Mongolia
    IITS Institute of Indology and Tamil Studies body U. Cologne Germany
    IITS International Institute of Tamil Studies body --- India
    IIU International Islamic University, Islamabad body --- Pakistan
    IIUM Instituto Inter-Universitario de Macau / Macau Inter-University Institute body --- Macau
    IJ back
    IJAA Indian Journal of Asian Affairs periodical --- India
    IJAES International Journal of Arabic-English Studies periodical --- Lebanon
    IJAPA International Journal of the Asian Philosophical Association periodical ASIANPA ---
    IJAPS International Journal of Asia-Pacific Studies periodical APRU, U. Sains Malaysia, Penang Malaysia
    IJAS International Journal of Asian Studies periodical U. of Tokyo Japan
    IJCAS International Journal of Central Asian Studies periodical IACD South Korea
    IJHS Indian Journal of History of Science periodical --- India
    IJHS International Journal of Hindu Studies periodical --- ---
    IJJS International Journal of Jaina Studies periodical SOAS UK
    IJKS International Journal of Korean Studies periodical ICKS US
    IJMES International Journal of Middle East Studies periodical Georgetown U. US
    IJOPS International Journal of Pakistan Studies periodical Harvard College US
    IJOS International Journal of Okinawan Studies periodical Japan
    IJPS Indian Journal of Political Science periodical Chaudhary Charan Singh U. India
    IJS Institute of Japanese Studies body CASS China
    IJSM Irian Jaya Source Materials resource Leiden U. The Netherlands
    IJTK Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge periodical --- India
    IJTS International Journal of Tantric Studies periodical --- Italy
    IK back
    IKMAS Institute Kajian Malaysia & Antarabangsa body --- Malaysia
    IKOS Institutt for kulturstudier og orientalske sprak / Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages body U. of Oslo Norway
    IL back
    ILA Indian Library Association group --- India
    ILCAA Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa body Tokyo U. of Foreign Studies (TUFS) Japan
    ILICOO Instituto Latinoamericano de Investigaciones Comparadas Oriente Occidente body U. del Salvador Argentina
    IL/IN EA Illinois/Indiana East Asia Initiative --- U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign US
    ILSP Islamic Legal Studies Program program Harvard U. US
    IM back
    IMA Institut du Monde Arabe body --- France
    IMA Institute of Media Arts body Yonsei U. South Korea
    IMAG Institute of Modern Asian History body U. of Amsterdam The Netherlands
    IMAS International Master's Program in Asia-Pacific Studies program National Chengchi U.,Taipei Taiwan
    IMASIE Institut des Mondes Asiatiques body --- France
    IMC Internal Migration in China --- State U. of New York US
    IMEIS Institute for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies body U. of Durham UK
    IMEMO Institute of World Economy and International Relations body Russian Academy of Sciences Russia
    IMES Institute of Middle East Studies / Institut fuer Nahost-Studien body GIGA Germany
    IMH Institute of Modern History body Academia Sinica Taiwan
    IMJS Institute for Medieval Japanese Studies body Columbia U. US
    IMW Indonesia and the Malay World periodical SOAS UK
    IN back
    I-NIMS The Illinois Network on Islam and Muslim Societies group U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign US
    INALCO L'Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales body --- France
    INBUDS Indian and Buddhist Studies Treatise Database resource JAIBS Japan
    INCPEC Indonesian National Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation body --- Indonesia
    INDBIO Indian Biography Database resource ASIA ROM Australia
    INDOC Indonesisch Documentatie en Informatie Centrum body --- The Netherlands
    IN-EAST Institute of East Asian Studies body U. of Duisburg-Essen Germany
    InEU Innovative University of Eurasia body --- Kazakhstan
    INESASS Institute of National Economy Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences body --- China
    INPAC Indo-Pacific Council group U. of Pittsburgh US
    INPAREL Institute for the Study of Indo-Pakistan Relations body U. Leicester UK
    INSA Institute of Narcotics Studies and Analyses body New Delhi India
    IO back
    IO Instituto do Oriente body Universidade Tecnica de Lisboa Portugal
    IOA Institut fuer Orient- und Asienwissenschaften / Institute for Oriental and Asian Studies body Universitaet Bonn Germany
    IOQS International Organization of Qumran Studies body --- ---
    IORG Indian Ocean Research Group group Centre for the Study of Geopolitics, Panjab U. India
    IOS Indian Ocean Survey (IOS): A Journal of Indian Ocean Research Group periodical IORG India
    IOS Institute of Objective Studies body --- India
    IOS Israel Oriental group group --- Israel
    IOS Institute of Oriental Culture body U. of Tokyo Japan
    IOSCS International Organization for Septuagint and Cognate Studies group --- US
    IOWC Indian Ocean World Centre body McGill U. Canada
    IP back
    IP India Platform group Ghent U. Belgium
    IPAS Institute of Pacific Asia Studies body U. of Hull UK
    IPCS Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies body --- India
    IPIS Institute for Political and International Studies body --- Iran
    IPOR Instituto Portugues do Oriente body --- Macau, China
    IPP Institute for Public Policy body --- Kyrgyzstan
    IPPA Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association group ANU Australia
    IPPS Institute for International Policy Studies body --- Japan
    IPR Institute of Pacific Relations body --- US
    IPRC International Pacific Research Center body U. of Hawaii US
    IPRI Islamabad Policy Research Institute body --- Pakistan
    IPS Institute of Pacific Studies body U. South Pacific Fiji
    IPS Institute for Policy Science body --- Japan
    IPS Institute of Policy Studies body --- Singapore
    IPS Instituto Portugues de Sinologia body --- Portugal
    IPSJ Institute for Political Studies in Japan body --- Japan
    IPSEA Intensive Programme Southeast Asia program Leiden U The Netherlands
    IPSR Institute for Population and Social Research body Mahidol U. Thailand
    IPT Investigative Project on Terrorism project -- US
    IQ back
    IQSA International Qajar Studies Association group --- US
    IR back
    IR/PS Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies body U. of California, San Diego US
    IRAN Iranian Resources for Academic Needs resource --- UK
    IRANDOC Iranian Information & Documentation Center body --- Iran
    IRANET Iranian Research and Academic Network group --- Iran
    IRAS Center for Research on Russia, Central Asia and Caucasus body --- Iran
    IRASEC Institut de Recherche sur l'Asie du Sud-Est Contemporaine / Research Institute on Contemporary Southeast Asia body --- Thailand
    IRCC Institute for Research on Contemporary China body Leeds U. UK
    IRCICA Research Centre for Islamic History, Art and Culture body --- Turkey
    IRCJS International Research Center for Japanese Studies body --- Japan
    IRCL International Review of Chinese Linguistics periodical --- Hong Kong, China
    IREECAS Institute of Russian, Eastern European and Central Asian Studies formerly: Institute of East European, Russian and Central Asian Studies, IEERCAS) body CASS China
    IREMAM Institut de Recherches et d'Etudes sur le Monde Arabe et Musulman body U. Aix-la-Provence France
    IRFCA Indian Railways Fan Club resource --- India
    IRI Islamic Research Institute body IIU Pakistan
    IRIAB International Research Institute for Advanced Buddhology body Soka U. Japan
    IRINA International Ramayana Institute of North America body --- US
    IRIP Indonesian Resources and Information Program program --- Australia
    IRIS Institut de Relations Internationales et Strategiques body --- France
    IRIZ International Research Institute for Zen Buddhism body --- Japan
    IRRI International Rice Research Institute body --- Philippines
    IRS Institute of East Asian Regional Studies body AEAS South Korea
    IRS Institute of Regional Studies body --- Pakistan
    IRSEA Institut de Recherche sur le Sud-Est Asiatique body U. de Provence France
    IS back
    ISAA Institute of Asian and African Studies body Moscow State U. Russia
    ISAAC Institute for the Study of Asian American Christianity body --- US
    ISAF International Security Assistance Force --- --- Afganistan
    ISAFIS Indonesian Student Association for International Studies group --- Indonesia
    ISAS Institute of South Asian Studies body National U. of Singapore Singapore
    ISCC Informational Scientific Consultative Center body --- Uzbekistan
    ISEAS Italian School of East Asian Studies body Tokyo U. Japan
    ISEAS Institute of Southeast Asian Studies body --- Singapore
    ISEC Institute for Social and Economic Change body --- India
    ISEEES Institute of Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies body U. of California, Berkeley US
    ISESAO Istituto di Studi Economico-Sociali per l'Asia Orientale body U. Bocconi Italy
    ISG Indonesia Study Group group RSPAS Australia
    ISGSS Indonesian Studies Graduate Summer School program ANU Australia
    ISHEASTM International Society for the History of East Asian Science Technology and Medicine group --- China / Germany
    Is.I.A.O. / ISIAO Istituto Italiano per l'Africa e l'Oriente body --- Italy
    ISIM International Institute for the Study of Islam in the Modern World body Leiden U. The Netherlands
    ISI-NYU Iranian Studies Initiative at NYU program New York U. USA
    ISIR Irian Jaya Studies body Leiden U. The Netherlands
    ISIS Malaysia Institute of Strategic and International Studies Malaysia body --- Malaysia
    ISIS Institute of Security and International Studies body --- Chulalongkorn U.Thailand
    ISIS International Society for Iranian Studies group --- US
    ISISA International Small Islands Studies Association group --- Australia
    ISJP Interreligious Studies in Japan Program program --- Japan
    ISKS International Society for Korean Studies body --- Japan
    ISLAW Islamic Law Catalogue resource U. Leipzig Germany
    ISMC Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations body Aga Khan U. UK
    IsMEO Istituto Italiano per il Medio ed Estremo Orient / The Italian Institute for the Middle and Far East body --- Italy
    ISN Indonesian Studies Newsletter periodical ASAA Australia
    ISN International Relations and Security Network group ETH Zurich Switzerland
    ISOSA Independent Scholars of South Asia group --- US
    ISRA Islamic Research Academy body --- UK
    ISRO-USAK International Strategic Research Organization body ISRO-USAK Turkey
    ISS Institute for Strategic Studies body --- Mongolia
    ISSCO International Society for the Study of Chinese Overseas group --- Denmark
    ISSJS International Summer School for Jain Studies program --- India
    ISSP Sun Yat-Sen Institute for Social Sciences and Philosophy body Academia Sinica Taiwan
    ISTB Institut fuer Suedasien-, Tibet- und Buddhismuskunde body Vienna U. Austria
    IT back
    ITASEAS Italian Association for Southeast Asian Studies group EUROSEAS Italy
    ITASIA Information, Technology, and Society in Asia Program program U. of Tokyo Japan
    ITH Institute of Taiwan History body Academia Sinica Taiwan
    ITS Institute of Turkish Studies body Georgetown U. US
    ITTM International Trust for Traditional Medicine --- --- India
    IU back
    IUCA International U. of Central Asia body --- Kyrgyzstan
    IUO Universita degli studi di Napoli "L'Orientale" body --- Italy
    IUP Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies program Tsinghua U., Beijing / U. of California, Berkeley US
    IW back
    IWEP Institute of World Economics and Politics body Chinese Academy of Social Sciences China
    IWMP Islamist Websites Monitor Project project MEMRI US
    IWP India Water Portal resource --- India
    IWPR Institute for War & Peace Reporting project --- UK
    IWSAW Institute for Women's Studies in the Arab World body Lebanese American U. Lebanon
    IY back
    IYS Igud Yotzei Sin - Association of Former Residents of China in Israel group --- Israel
    IZ back
    IZO Interdisziplinaere Zentrum fuer Ostasienstudien body Goethe U. Frankfurt Germany


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