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Acronyms Used by Asian / Pacific Studies' Scholars:
a Dictionary

Part 6

Edited by Dr T. Matthew Ciolek and John Noyce
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    DA back
    DACHS Digital Archive for Chinese Studies resource U. of Heidelberg Germany
    DAJF Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation body --- UK
    DAVO Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft Vorderer Orient / German Middle East Studies Association for Contemporary Research and Documentation group Universitaet Mainz Germany
    DB back
    DBLM Digital Buddhist Library and Museum --- --- Taiwan
    DC back
    DCCLT Digital Corpus of Cuneiform Lexical Texts resource U. of California Berkeley US
    DCD Digital Colonial Documents (India) Project project La Trobe U. Australia
    DCIC Digital China Information Center body U. of Pittsburgh US
    DCJ Documentation Center on Contemporary Japan body Harvard U. US
    DD back
    DDB Digital Dictionary of Buddhism resource --- Japan
    DDSA Digital Dictionaries of South Asia resource DSAL US
    DE back
    DEALL Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures body Ohio State U. US
    DEAS Department of East Asian Studies body Durham U. UK
    DEP Departamento de Estudios del Pacifico body Universidad de Guadalajara Mexico
    DEVHAS Development of Human Resources and Strategies for Education on the Stereotypical Images and Cultural Differences between Europe and South Asia project Ghent U. Belgium
    DG back
    DGA Deutschen Gesellschaft fuer Asienkunde group --- Germany
    DGSD Digital Gazetteer of the Song Dynasty resource U. of California, Merced US
    DH back
    DHIPR Documentation of the History of Indian Philosophies and Religions --- Vienna U. Austria
    DHRM Dalit Human Rights Monitoring body PWTN India
    DI back
    DIAL Development of the Internet for Asian Law --- --- Australia
    DICCS Documentation and Information Center for Chinese Studies body Kyoto U. Japan
    DIE German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik body --- Germany
    DIJ Deutsches Institut fuer Japanstudien / German Institute for Japanese Studies body --- Japan
    DIKS Daedong Institute for Korean Studies body AEAS South Korea
    DILP Ahlul Bayt Digital Islamic Library Project resource --- US
    DISGO Diskussionen zur Geschichte Ostasiens periodical U. of Erfurt Germany
    DIZ The Digital Indexed Zuozhuan resource El Colegio de Mexico Mexico
    DK back
    DKG Deutsch-Kasachischen Gesellschaft group --- Germany
    DKU / KGU Deutsch-Kasachische Universitaet / Kazakh-German University body --- Kazakhstan
    DL back
    DLI Digital Library of India body --- India
    DL-RICH Kalasampada Digital Library - Resources of Indian Cultural Heritage resource IGNCA India
    DLLM Digital Library of Lao Manuscripts resource The National Library of Laos Laos
    DM back
    DMG Deutsche Morgenlaendische Gesellschaft group --- Germany
    DO back
    DOC Dissertations of China resource Wanfangdata Co.,Ltd China
    DOI Deutsches Orient-Institut body --- Germany
    DOT Deutsche Orientalistentage periodical DMG Germany
    DR back
    DRC Development Research Center of the State Council of PRC body --- China
    DS back
    DSAL Digital South Asia Library resource U. of Chicago US
    DSALCUL Department of Languages and Cultures of South-East Asia and Oceania body Leiden U. The Netherlands
    DSIC Duke Study in China Program program Duke U. US
    DSR Digital Silk Road Project body National Institute of Informatics Japan
    DSRAPA Dipartimento di Studi e Ricerche su Africa e Paesi Arabi body IUO Italy
    DT back
    DTA Digitales Turfan-Archiv resource Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften Germany
    DU back
    DUEI Deutsches Übersee-Institut body --- Germany
    DUJAT Dutch Japanese Trade Federation group --- The Netherlands
    DV back
    DVB Democratic Voice of Burma --- --- Norway
    DVB Democratic Voice of Burma body --- Norway
    DVSKTT Dai Viet Su Ky Toan Thu (Complete Annals of Great Viet) resource --- Vietnam


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    EA back
    E-ASPAC Electronic Journal of ASPAC (Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast) periodical ASPAC US
    E-FLT Electronic Journal of Foreign Language Teaching periodical National U. of Singapore Singapore
    EAA Education About Asia program U. of Tennessee at Chattanooga US
    EAAS European Alliance for Asian Studies group --- Europe
    EABER East Asian Bureau of Economic Research body --- Australia
    EAC East Asia Center body U. of California, Santa Barbara US
    EAC Euro-Asia Centre body INSEAD France
    EAC East Asia Council (aka Canadian Asian Studies Association's East Asia Council, CASA-EAC) group CASA Canada
    EACL European Association of Chinese Linguistics group --- France
    EACS European Association of Chinese Studies group --- UK
    EAEA East Asian Economic Association group --- Japan
    EAF East Asia Forum body Australian National U. Australia
    EAFQ East Asia Forum Quartely periodical EAF Australia
    EAFS Eastern Asia Folklore Section group American Folklore Society US
    EafTerm East Asia Forum on Terminology --- --- China
    EAH International Journal of East Asian History periodical RSPAS Australia
    EAI East Asia Institute body --- South Korea
    EAI East Asia Institute body Cambridge U. UK
    EAI East Asian Institute body Columbia U. US
    EAI East Asian Institute body National U. of Singapore Singapore
    EAJ Asian Economic Journal periodical EAEA Japan
    EAJRS European Association of Japanese Resource Specialists group --- Belgium
    EAJS European Association for Japanese Studies group --- ---
    EAJS European Association for Jewish Studies group --- UK
    EAL East Asian Library --- U. of Pittsburgh US
    EALA East Asian Libraries and Archives resource --- US
    EALAC Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures body Columbia U. US
    EALC East Asian Languages and Civilizations body Harvard U. US
    EALC East Asian Languages and Civilizations --- U. of Chicago US
    EALC East Asian Languages and Civilizations --- U. of Colorado at Boulder US
    EALCS East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies program U. of of California, Santa Barbara US
    EALL East Asian Languages and Literatures body U. of Pittsburgh US
    EALR East Asia Law Review periodical U. of Pennsylvania US
    EALRGA East Asian Library Resources Group of Australia group --- Australia
    EAMSA Euro-Asia Management Studies Association group DIJ Japan
    EAP Eurasia Academic Publishers body --- Bulgaria
    EAPS Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies body U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign US
    EAPSI East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes program --- US
    EAR East Asian Review periodical IEAS South Korea
    EARC East Asia Resource Center resource U. of Washington US
    EARS East Asian Research Society group --- US
    EAS East Asian Studies body Harvard U. US
    EAS East Asian Studies body Washington U. in St. Louis US
    EASAA European Association for South Asian Archaeology and Art group --- Sweden/Netherlands
    EASAS European Association for South Asian Studies group --- ---
    EASC East Asian Studies Center body CFAU China
    EASC East Asian Studies Center body Indiana U. US
    EASC East Asian Studies Center body Ohio State U. US
    EASC East Asian Studies Center body U. of South California US
    EASCI History of East Asian Science Discussion Group group --- US
    EASGSC East Asian Studies Graduate Student Conference meeting U. of Toronto Canada
    EASIANTH East Asia Anthropologists' discussion list EASIANTH--at--LISTSERV.TEMPLE.EDU resource Temple U. US
    EASL European Association of Sinological Librarians group --- ---
    EASP East Asian Social Policy Research Network group U. of Bristol UK
    EASTM East Asian Science, Technology and Medicine periodical ISHEASTM Germany
    EAU Economic Analytical Unit body Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Australia
    EB back
    EBHR European Bulletin of Himalayan Research periodical SAI Germany
    EBMP Early Buddhist Manuscripts Project project British Library/U. Washington UK/US
    EBTI Electronic Buddhist Texts Initiative project --- Japan
    EC back
    ECAI Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative group --- US
    ECAF European Consortium for Asian Field Study group --- France
    ECAN EU-China Academic Network group SOAS UK
    ECARDC European Conference on Agriculture and Rural Development in China meeting U. of Groningen The Netherlands
    ECSIEP European Centre on Pacific Issues body --- The Netherlands
    ECMSAS European Conference on Modern South Asian Studies meeting European Association of South Asian Studies ---
    ECNU East China Normal University body --- China
    ECREA Ecumenical Centre for Research, Education & Advocacy body --- Fiji
    ECRFF EU-China Research Fellowship Fund --- SOAS UK
    ECRSN Ethnic Conflict Resolution Studies Network of North Sumatra group --- ---
    ECSIEP European Centre on Pacific Issues --- --- The Netherlands
    ECSSR Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research body --- UAE
    EE back
    EEAU East Asia Analytical Unit body Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Australia
    EEO USAL Escuela de Estudios Orientales --- Universidad del Salvador Argentina
    EEPSEA Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia program --- Singapore
    EF back
    EFCA Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia body --- Kazakhstan
    EFEO Ecole Francaise d'Extreme-Orient / French School of Asian Studies --- --- France
    EH back
    EHGAZ East Himalayan Gazetteer resource Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh UK
    EHKCSS E-Journal on Hong Kong Cultural and Social Studies periodical HK University China
    EHSEA Economic History of Southeast Asia E-Group group --- UK
    EI back
    EIAS European Institute for Asian Studies --- --- Belgium
    EIASIME Edinburgh Institute for the Advanced Study of Islam and the Middle East body U. of Edinburgh UK
    EIC Economic Institute of Cambodia body --- Cambodia
    EIC EastAsia International College body Yonsei U. South Korea
    EIJS European Institute of Japanese Studies --- --- Sweden
    EISAWI Edinburgh Institute for the Study of the Arab World and Islam body U. of Edinburgh UK
    EJ back
    EJBE Eurasian Journal of Business and Economics periodical --- Kyrgyzstan
    EJCJS Electronic Journal of Contemporary Japanese Studies periodical --- UK
    EJEAS European Journal of East Asian Studies periodical Institut d'Asie Orientale, Lyon France
    EJMS European Journal of Macao Studies periodical --- ---
    EJOS Electronic Journal of Oriental Studies periodical U. Utrecht The Netherlands
    EJTS European Journal of Turkish Studies periodical --- Turkey/France
    EJVS Electronic Journal of Vedic Studies periodical --- US
    EK back
    EKP Early Korea Project project Harvard U. US
    EKSD European Korean Studies Database project Leiden U. Netherlands
    EL back
    ELAR Endangered Languages Archive project SOAS UK
    ELLTA Exploring Leadership and Learning Theories in Asia meeting --- Pakistan
    ELNWS European League for Non-Western Studies body --- The Netherlands
    EM back
    EMC Early Medieval China periodical EMCH US
    EMCG Early Medieval China Group group --- US
    EMJNet Early Modern Japan Network group Ohio State U. US
    EN back
    ENCARI European Network on Contemporary Academic Research on India group --- Belgium
    EP back
    EPCReN Eurasia Political Culture Research Network group NIAS Denmark
    EPIC English Programme in Korea program --- South Korea
    ePSD Electronic Pennsylvania Sumerian Dictionary Project project U. of Pennsylvania US
    EPW Economic and Political Weekly --- --- India
    ER back
    ERC Eurasia Research Center body --- Switzerland
    ERCCT European Research Center on Contemporary Taiwan body U. of Tuebingen Germany
    ERGO Erfurter Rundbrief zur Geschichte Ostasiens / Erfurt Newsletters on East Asian History periodical U. of Erfurt Germany
    ERGOL Erfurter Reihe zur Geschichte Ostasiens: Lehr- und Forschungsberichte / Erfurt Newsletters on East Asian History: Reports About Teaching and Research periodical U. of Erfurt Germany
    ERGOS Erfurter Reihe zur Geschichte Ostasiens: Studienhefte / Erfurt Series on East Asian History: Working Papers resource U. of Erfurt Germany
    ERI Energy Research Institute body --- China
    ERINA Economic Research Institute for Northeast Asia body --- Japan
    ES back
    ESCA Harvard Roundtable on the Ethnogenesis of South and Central Asia meeting --- US
    ESCAP Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific group United Nations Thailand
    ESCAS European Society for Central Asia Studies group --- The Netherlands
    ESfO European Society for Oceanists group --- Finland
    ESiA European Studies in Asia body ASEF Singapore
    ESIND European Studies on India Database resource Research Centre Vergelijkende Cultuurwetenschap, Ghent U. Belgium
    ESSEAN European Students' Southeast Asia Network group Humbolt U. of Berlin / Passau U. / SOAS London Germany/UK
    ET back
    ETANA Electronic Tools and Ancient Near Eastern Archive resource Oriental Institute US
    ETCSL Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature resource U. of Oxford UK
    ETDS Electronic Theses and Dissertations System resource National Central Library (NCL), Taipei Taiwan
    ETLI Eastern Tibetan Training and Language Institute --- --- Yunnan, China
    EU back
    EUCAM EU Central Asia Monitoring body --- Spain/Belgium
    EUPS Edinburgh University Persian Society group U. of Edinburgh UK
    EURAMES European Association for Middle Eastern Studies group --- Germany
    EurASEAA European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists group --- ---
    EURO-JERC Europe-Japan Economic Research Center body --- Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
    EUROSEAS European Association for South East Asian Studies group --- Italy
    EV back
    EVOCS European Virtual OPAC for Chinese Studies --- U. of Heidelberg Germany
    EW back
    EWC East-West Center body --- US
    EWI East West Institute of International Studies --- Gordon College US
    EWIC Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures --- U. of California, Davis US
    EX back
    ExEAS Expanding East Asian Studies --- Columbia U. US


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