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Acronyms Used by Asian / Pacific Studies' Scholars:
a Dictionary

Part 14

Edited by Dr T. Matthew Ciolek and John Noyce.
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    TA | TB | TC | TD | TE | TF | TG | TH | TI | TJ | TK | TL | TN | TO | TP | TR | TS | TT | TU | TV | TW | top |

    TA back
    TAARII The American Academic Research Institute in Iraq (formerly: American Association for Research in Baghdad, AARB) body --- Iraq
    TAASA The Asian Arts Society of Australia group --- Australia
    TADC Tibetan Architecture Documentation Centre body --- India
    TADIA The African Diaspora in Asia periodical --- UK
    TAHK Terminology Association of Hong Kong group City U. of Hong Kong, HK
    TALID Türkiye Arastirmalari Literatür Dergisi / Turkish Studies Review periodical --- Turkey
    TANAP Towards a New Age of Partnership in Dutch East India Company Archives and Research project --- The Netherlands
    TANC Tibetan Association of Northern California group --- US
    TAPJA The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology periodical RSPAS Australia
    TARS Taiwan Association for Religious Studies group --- Taiwan
    TASAM Turk Asyja Stratejik Arastirmalar Merkesi / Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies body --- Turkey
    TASC Taoist Alchemical Studies Center body --- Belgium
    TASC Thai APEC Study Center body Thammasat U. Thailand
    TASJ Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan periodical ASJ Japan
    TB back
    TBC The Beijing Center for Language and Culture body Loyola Marymount U., Los Angeles US
    TBF The Bridge Fund --- --- US/The Netherlands
    TBRC Tibetan Buddhist Resources Center body --- US
    TBSA Theravada Buddhist Society of America group --- US
    TBTK Turkish Society for History of Science group --- Turkey
    TC back
    TCA The Times of Central Asia periodical --- Kyrgyzstan
    TCC Twentieth-Century China History Journal periodical Ohio State U. Japan
    TCHRD Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy body --- India
    TCMO Talen en culturen van het Midden-Oosten body Leiden U. The Netherlands
    TCMO Talen en Culturen van het Nabije en Midden-Oosten --- Katholieke U. Nijmegen The Netherlands
    TD back
    TDRI Thailand Development Research Institute --- --- Thailand
    TDW Terrorist Death Watch --- --- US
    TE back
    TEA Program for Teaching East Asia program U. of Colorado at Boulder US
    TECO Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, Canada body --- Canada
    TEAP Teaching East Asia Program program U. of South California US
    TEAS The European Azerbaijan Society group --- UK
    TELDAP Taiwan e-Learning and Digital Archives Program program Academia Sinica Taiwan
    TERI The Energy and Resources Institute body --- India
    TEW Tibet Environmental Watch body --- Canada
    TF back
    TFBA Foundation for Biblical Archaeology body --- ---
    TG back
    TGN Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names resource --- US
    TH back
    THA Tongan History Association group --- Australia
    Thai WAC Thai World Affairs Center body Chulalongkorn U. Thailand
    THDL Tibetan and Himalayan Digital Library  (now Tibetan and Himalayan Library, THL) resource U. Virginia US
    THF Tibetan Heritage Fund body --- Germany
    THL Tibetan and Himalayan Library (formerly: Tibetan and Himalayan Digital Library, TDL) resource U. Virginia US
    TI back
    TIAP Transparency International Asia Pacific --- Transparency International Germany
    TICFA Teacher In-Country Fellowships to Asia --- U. of Melbourne Australia
    TIER Taiwan Institute for Economic Research body --- Taiwan
    TIF Technology + Imagination + Future project Yonsei U. South Korea
    TIN Tibet Information Network body --- UK
    TIN TibetInfoNet.Net body --- Germany
    TIPA Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts body --- India
    TISS Tata Institute of Social Sciences --- --- India
    TITUS Thesaurus Indogermanischer Text- und Sprachmaterialien resource U. Frankfurt Germany
    TJ back
    TJA Taiwan Journal of Anthropology periodical Academia Sinica Taiwan
    TJSEAS Taiwan Journal of Southeast Asian Studies periodical CSEAS Australia
    TK back
    TKR Tamkang Review periodical National Taiwan Normal U. Taiwan
    TL back
    TLB Thesaurus Literaturae Buddhicae resource Universitetet i Oslo Norway
    TLC Thailand, Laos, Cambodia Studies Group group AAS US
    TLI Tibetan Language Institute body --- US
    TLS Thesaurus Linguae Sericae resource --- Germany
    TLSA Timor-Leste Studies Association group --- Australia
    TN back
    TNM Tokyo National Museum body --- Japan
    TO back
    TOHAP Tibet Oral History and Archive resource Case Western Reserve U. US
    ToRS Institut for Tvaerkulturelle og Regionale Studier / Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies body U. of Copenhagen Denmark
    TOSCCA The Oxford Society for the Caspian and Central Asia group --- UK
    TP back
    TPC The Pacific Centre body RSPAS Australia
    TPIC Taiwan Philanthropy Information Center body --- Taiwan
    TPR Tibetan Political Review periodical --- US
    TPPRC Tibetan Parliamentary & Policy Research Centre body --- Germany
    TPQ Turkish Policy Quarterly periodical --- Turkey
    TPW Tibet Press Watch periodical --- US
    TR back
    TRACECA Transport Corridor Europe-Caucasus-Asia body --- ---
    TRAS Trans-Himalayan Aid Society group --- Canada
    TRI Taipei Ricci Institute / L'Institut Ricci de Taipei body --- Taiwan
    TRI Taiwan Research Institute body --- Taiwan
    TRRG Taiwan Research Reading Group association U. of Melbourne Australia
    TRS Taoist Restoration Society group --- US
    TS back
    TSAC Triangle South Asia Consortium group North Carolina State U. US
    TSDA Timor Sea Designated Authority --- --- Australia
    TSE Tokyo Stock Exchange body --- Japan
    TSEC Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation body --- Taiwan
    TSIN Tibetan Studies Internet Newsletter periodical Case Western Reserve U. US
    TSR Taiwan Security Research resource National Taiwan U. Taiwan
    TSS T'ang Studies Society group --- US
    TT back
    TTAV Turkish Teacher Association of Victoria group --- Australia
    TTK Turk Tarih Kurumu / Turkish Historical Society group --- Turkey
    TU back
    TUFS Tokyo University of Foreign Studies body --- Japan
    TUJ Temple University Japan Campus body --- Japan
    TULP Turkology Update Leiden Project project Leiden U. The Netherlands
    TURKSAM Turkish Centre for International Relations & Strategic Analysis body --- Turkey
    TV back
    TVU Tamil Virtual University --- --- India
    TW back
    TWR The Washington Review of Turkish and Eurasian Affairs periodical --- US
    TWSC Third World Studies Center body U. of the Philippines Philippines


    UC | UD | UH | UJ | UK | UM | UN | UR | US | UU | UZ | top |

    UC back
    UCA University of Central Asia body --- Kyrgyzstan
    UCLL Universities' China Committee in London body --- UK
    UCRN Urban China Research Network group State U. of New York US
    UD back
    UDLV Ustav Dalneho Vychodu / Institute of East Asian Studies body Charles U. Czech Republic
    UDRI Urban Design Research Institute, Mumbai body --- India
    UH back
    UHRP Uyghur Human Rights Project body Uyghur American Association (UAA) US
    UJ back
    UJCA Ustav Jizni a Centralni Asie / Institute of South and Central Asia body Charles U. Czech Republic
    UK back
    UKABS UK Association for Buddhist Studies group --- UK
    UkrAMES Ukrainian Middle East Studies Association group --- Ukraine
    UM back
    UM University of Macao body --- China
    UN back
    UNEAC University of New England Asia Centre body U. New England Australia
    UNIMAS Universiti Malaysia Sarawak body --- Malaysia
    UNPO Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization body --- The Netherlands
    UNTL National University of Timor-Lorosae body --- East Timor
    UR back
    URBAMA Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches sur l'Urbanisation dans le Monde Arabe body U. Tours France
    URC Urdu Research Center body --- India
    US back
    USCAP University of Sydney Central Asian Programme program U. of Sydney Australia
    USCI U.S. - China Institute body U. of Southern California US
    USCS United Societies of China Studies group --- US
    USINDO United States Indonesia Society group --- US
    USJWJ U.S.-Japan WomenÕs Journal periodical Josai U., Saitama Japan
    USP University of the South Pacific body --- Fiji
    UU back
    UUSP United States-South Pacific Scholarship Program program --- US
    UZ back
    UZICUL Uzbek Initiative Center for Uzbek Language body --- US


    VA | VC | VE | VH | VI | VN | VP | VR | VS | VT | VV | top |

    VA back
    VAALA Vietnamese American Arts & Letters Association group --- US
    VAIS Venetian Academy of Indian Studies body Ca'Foscari U. of Venice Italy
    VALEASE Valorisation de l'ecrit en Asie du Sud-Est / Books Enhancement in Southeast Asia --- --- Vietnam
    VASS / ASSV Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences / Academie des Sciences Sociales du Vietnam body --- Vietnam
    VAWW-NET Japan Violence Against Women in War-Network Japan group --- Japan
    VC back
    VCAS Virginia Consortium of Asian Studies group Washington and Lee U., VA US
    VCDS Vietnam Culture Development Society group --- US
    VCEA Visual Cultures in East Asia project --- France
    VE back
    VEAP Visiting East Asian Professionals Program program Washington U. in St. Louis US
    VH back
    VHKP Viking Hong Kong Publications resource --- Hong Kong, China
    VI back
    VIA Volunteers in Asia program --- US
    ViFF Vietnamese International Film Festival meeting --- US
    VILTA Victorian Indonesian Language Teachers' Association group --- Australia
    VN back
    VNLC Vietnamese Language and Culture body --- US
    VP back
    VPS Vietnamese Professionals Society group --- US
    VR back
    VRAS Virginia Review of Asian Studies periodical Mary Baldwin College, VA US
    VS back
    VSAA Vietnam Studies Association of Australia group ASAA Australia
    VSG Vietnam Studies Group group AAS US
    VSJF Vereinigung fuer sozial- wissenschaftliche Japanforschung / German Association for Social Science Research on Japan group --- Germany
    VSSS Vietnam Studies Summer School program ANU Australia
    VT back
    VTAV Vietnamese Teachers' Association of Victoria group --- Australia
    VV back
    VVIK Vereniging Vrienden van het Instituut Kern / Association of Friends of the Kern Institute group --- The Netherlands


    WA | WC | WE | WF | WH | WI | WL | WN | WO | WR | WS | WT | WU | WY | top |

    WA back
    WAGNet Women and Gender in Chinese Studies Network group --- UK
    WAMP Williams Afghan Media Project project Williams College, MA US
    WASBC Western Australian Singapore Business Council body --- Australia
    WAVBC Western Australia Vietnam Business Council body --- Australia
    WC back
    WCAAS Western Conference [of The Association for Asian Studies] meeting AAS US
    WCILCOS World Confederation of Institutes and Libraries for Overseas Chinese Studies group c/o Ohio State U. US
    WCJA World Council of Jain Academies group SOAS UK
    WE back
    WEAI Weatherhead East Asian Institute body Columbia U. US
    WF back
    WFDA World Forum for Democratization in Asia body --- Taiwan
    WH back
    WHAV Western Himalaya Archive Vienna resource University of Vienna Austria
    WHKMLA World History at Korean Minjok Leadership Academy resource --- Germany
    WHPQ World Hongming Philosophical Quarterly periodical --- US
    WI back
    WIA Women in Asia Conferences meeting --- Australia
    WIAPS Waseda University Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies body --- Japan
    WIAS Women in Asia group ASAA Australia
    WIDER World Institute for Development Research body United Nations U. Finland
    WINE Waseda University Scholary Information Network System group --- Japan
    WISDOM Water-related Information System for the Sustainable Development of the Mekong Delta project U. of Bonn Germany
    WISE Wilberforce Institute for the study of Slavery and Emancipation body U. of Hull UK
    WWWJDIC WWW Japanese Dictionary Server resource Monash U. Australia
    WL back
    WLUML Women Living Under Muslim Laws --- --- Nigeria/Pakistan/UK
    WN back
    WNC World News Connection resource --- US
    WO back
    WOCMES World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies meeting Jordan
    WOTRO Stichting voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek van de Tropen en Ontwikkelingslanden body NWO The Netherlands
    WR back
    WREAC White Rose East Asia Centre body U. of Leeds UK
    WA back
    WSAP Women's Studies Association of the Philippines group Philippine Women's U. Philippines
    WSC World Sanskrit Conference meeting --- ---
    WSP Warring States Project project U. of Massachusetts, Amherst US
    WT back
    WTN / WTNN World Tibet News / World Tibet Network News periodical --- Canada
    WU back
    WUC World Uyghur Congress / World Uighur Congress group --- Germany
    WY back
    WYSGS Workshop of Young Scholars from the Global South program Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva Switzerland



    YC | YI | YJ | YM | top |

    YC back
    YCAM Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media body --- Japan
    YCAR York Centre for Asian Research body York U. Canada
    YCAS Yemen Language Center and Center for Arab Studies body --- Yemen
    YCIAS Yale Center for International and Area Studies body Yale U. US
    YI back
    YIF Yale Indonesia Forum meeting Yale U. US
    YJ back
    YJCS Yenching Journal of Chinese Studies periodical --- US
    YM back
    YMYSC Yuan Ming Yuan Society of China group --- China


    ZD | ZE | ZI | ZK | ZM | ZS | top |

    ZD back
    ZDMG Zeitschrift der Deutsche Morgenlaendische Gesellschaft periodical DMG Germany
    ZE back
    ZEFAW / CERAW Zentrum fuer Forschung zur Arabischen Welt / Centre for Research on the Arab World body Universitaet Mainz Germany
    ZI back
    ZIORI Zanzibar Indian Ocean Research Institute --- --- Tanzania
    ZK back
    ZKP / CSNEC Zaklad Krajow Pozaeuropejskich / Center for Studies on Non-European Countries body Polish Academy of Sciences Poland
    ZM back
    ZMO Zentrum Moderner Orient body --- Germany
    ZS back
    ZSHIFC Ziyodullo Shahidi International Foundation for Culture body --- Tajikistan



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