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Harada-Yasutani School of Zen Buddhism
References & Footnotes number 301-400

This document is an integral part of the Harada-Yasutani School of Zen Buddhism page.
Both documents form a subsection of the Zen Buddhism section of the Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library.

Edited by Dr T. Matthew Ciolek

The purpose of this document is to provide comprehensive, factual and up-to-date information about the Sanbo Kyodan (Harada-Yasutani) school of Zen Buddhism. Any updated information, corrections or comments will be appreciated.

A Work in Progress - tmc


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References & Footnotes number 301-400

[301] "Dear Dr. Ciolek, Please update the Harada-Yasutani School of Zen Buddhism and its Teachers as follows:
Thompson, Scott Zengen (no longer Thompson, Scott H.) Now Scott is Sensei (no longer Dharma Holder, Assistan.t Teacher). Scott is teacher at Southern West Virginia Zen Group
To find Scott's listing look under: Maezumi > Glassman > Kennedy > Birx
Thank you so much. charles birx.", email, 29 Sep 2013.
[302] "Dear Dr. Ciolek, Please add James Myosan Cordova as Dharma Heir of Melissa Keido Myozen Blacker. The date of his transmission was December 7th, 2013 and his title is Dharma Holder. Melissa an heir of James Ford in the Harada-Yasutani school. Many thanks, Edward Keido Sanshin Oberholtzer Archivist Boundless Way Zen.", email, 15 Feb 2014.
[303] "Hi Dr. Ciolek, I hope that you're well. Your web page doesn't note that Bernie Glassman's/Zen Peacemakers' Mother House (which was also known as the House of One People) in Montague Massachusetts was foreclosed on in 2011 and sold in 2012. The facility is now privately owned and called the Montague Retreat Center. It is no longer affiliated with Bernie Glassman's group, though I see that Eve Myonen Marko's Green River Zen Center ( holds retreats there. Warm regards, Len Moskowitz." email, 17 Mar 2014.
[304] "Dear Dr. Ciolek, On March 15, 2014 Roshi Robert Jinsen Kennedy conferred Inka on Charles and Ellen Birx and they received the title Roshi. Therefore, please change the word Sensei to Roshi in the listing of teachers in the Sanbo Kyodan Harada-Yasutani School of Zen Buddhism. [...]
If you have any questions please contact me. Thanks so much for the work you do! take care, charles.", email, 18 Mar 2014
[305] "Burke, Sexton died in 2011
Please add to Barzaghi Line: Marett, Allan, Apprentice Teacher since 2011 at Sydney Zen Centre
Also, shouldn’t the Barzaghi Line appear under her other entry in the Aiken Line (rather than only in the Tarrant Line)?"
Alexander Cox, email, 25 March 2014
[306] Sexton Bourke (1949 - 2011)
[307] "Dear Dr. Ciolek, Please note that Peter Muryo Matthiessen, dharma heir to Bernard Tetsugen Glassman Roshi, died on April 5 of this year from leukemia (diagnosed more than a year earlier). He was 86. In case you need more information, below is the URL for the obituary in the New York Times. Peace, Matt Fisher", email, 13 Jul 2014.
[308] "Dear Matthew I was searching information on the web and came on the website of Sanbo Kyodan: Harada-Yasutani of Zen Buddhism. An impressive list of names and dates. [...] In the lineage of Maezumi Roshi and Genpo Merzel Roshi I found my name as assistant teacher of Genpo Roshi. After some years some changes took place and I write you to give some of this new information. In Februari 2011 I received dharma transmission from Niko Sojun Tydeman Sensei (dharma successor of Genpo Roshi). I guess this makes me the 4th generation. Nico gave also transmission to Meindert Musho van der Heuvel in May 2011 and in August 2011 to Joke "heldere traan" Huiberts. I am from 1947, and I am teacher at the Zen Center Rotterdam. And Niko at the moment is only teaching at Zen Centre Amsterdam. I hope this information is welcome for you. Probably you can't read Dutch, but you can have a look at our website, With gasho Gretha Myoshin, Gretha Aerts", email, 29 Apr 2014.
[309] "Dear Matthew. Thanks for the update. [...] One little new information: Malgosia Braunek Roshi passed away last month. She is also in this line and successor of Genpo Merzel Roshi. [Małgorzata Braunek (30 January 1947 – 23 June 2014) -łgorzata_Braunek - tmc] With warm regards, Gretha Myoshin [Aerts]", email, 17 July 2014
[310] " [...] Irene (Kyojo) Bakker was someone very special to me when I practiced zen in The Netherlands in the early nineties. She is listed as an assistant teacher under Genpo Roshi - I just did a search to find out how she was going and found out she received dharma transmission in 2012 from Joan Jiko Halifax Roshi and given the additional dharma name "Kaigetsu”. See: Her website is ", Peter Bruza, email, 22 Aug 2014.
[311] Sensei IrŹne Kaigetsu Kyojo Bakker - [note that the URL ends, unusually, with a hyphen "-" tmc]
[312] "The Green Mountain Zen link as part of this entry 'Squire, Philip Shinko Sensei (19??-) Dharma Successor [184] Received Dharma Transmission in Oct 2006. Teacher at the Green Mountain Zen in Wellington, New Zealand' ... has changed to Thank you also for your work on the Zen pages of the WWWVL. I have been consulting them since the mid-90s - they are excellent. Best wishes Cam Scott', email, 10 Nov 2014.
[313] " Steven Grant has been promoted from Dharma Teacher to Sensei. Steven is the Director of the Rockridge Meditation Community in Oakland California. Jon Joseph has been promoted from Dharma Teacher to Sensei. Jon is the Director of the Portola Camp Zendo. Please add Rachel Boughton as a Sensei under my lineage. Rachel is the Director of the Santa Rosa Creek Zen Center. Cheers John Tarrant", email, 20 Oct 2014
[314] " Dear Dr Ciolek, I am writing you at the request of James Ford, Roshi, who asks that you record the Denbo transmission of Douglas Phillips, Sensei, on Dec. 20, 2014. You already have his information on your site and James asks that you add this most recent information. [...] Thank you very much." Mary Gates, email, 23 Dec 2014
[315] "Hello, I believe that you recently received a request from James Ford via Mary Gates to add my recent denbo to the information you already have for me on your site. If not too much trouble, might you also add that I am a member of the American Zen Teachers Association? Thanks for you help. I have found your site and most wonderful resource in so many ways. Best regards, Doug Phillips", email, 25 Dec 2014
[316] "Dear Mr. Ciolek, I've been occasionally returning to your site in my research of Harada -lineage of Zen Buddhism, and I've noticed also that you welcome update suggestions. I am not sure if this is already been processed on your part, but on the Harada-Hogen -lineage, it seems that according to, Peter Genjo Bruza has became a Dharma Heir of Hogen in January 2008. Hopefully this helps with the maintenance of your website! That's great work you are doing! Thanks!", Juhani Korhonen, email, 31 Dec 2014 &
[317] "Dear Matthew, [...] This year, Anton Tenkei Coppens Roshi gave dharma transmission to 7 of his students. 5 are monks and 2 are lay practitioners.
Please could you add their names to the Harada- Yasatani lineage? Their names are, in order;
Peter Gakudo den Hollander
Anjo Koren Kasman
Simon Senko de Boer
Robert Doin van de Roer
Helma Jifu Vulink
Lay transmissions were also given to
Jorge Ryusho Lopez Doriga
Hans Daishin Fischer
[...] If you need any other information, please let me know. Many thanks, Tamara [Gabrysch]", email, 3 Oct 2014.
[319] "Dr. Ciolek, We have a new addition to the lineage, transmission from Roshi James Ford:
Jay Ryudo Rinsen Weik Sensei, 1/1/69 Denkai Transmission on January 4th, 2014, Denbo Transmission on March 14th, 2015, Abbot of the Great Heartland Sangha and the Buddhist Temple of Toledo, member of American Zen Teachers Association and the Soto Zen Buddhist Association. His personal website is: [...] Deep gratitude, Michael Chuso Zickar, Chair Buddhist Temple of Toledo Leadership Council", email, 21 May 2015.
[320] "Hello Matthew
Allison Atwill has been promoted from Sensei to Roshi. Allison leads Coral Moon Zen in Santa Barbara.
Steven Grant has been promoted from Sensei to Roshi. Steven is the Director of the Rockridge Meditation Community in Oakland California.
Jon Joseph has been promoted from Sensei to Roshi. Jon is the Director of the Portola Camp Zendo.
Rachel Boughton has been promoted from Sensei to Roshi. Rachel is the Director of the Santa Rosa Creek Zen Center.
Guy Gaudry has been promoted to Roshi. Guy is the Director of the London Zen Centre in London ON.
Cheers John Tarrant", email, 29 Jul 2015.
[321] Sydney Zen Center / 251 Young Street Annandale NSW 2038 - (accessed 5 Sep 2015)
[322] "Dear Mathew,
   Thank you for your message. [...] You have requested [on 10 November 2015 - ed.] I set out what I find inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date about the entry you offer beside my name, which is given at present [5 Sep 2015 - ed.] as follows:

    "The partner of Ross Bolleter. On 11 Jun 2001 she received Transmission from R. Bolleter. Acc. to S. Murphy this was "in complete accord with the ethical framework and long-established practice of the Diamond Sangha in the years in which [... the] relationship took place" [138]
[Note: this declaration is in conflict with the point (g) of the Diamond Sangha's formal ethics agreement as codified and ratified a year earlier, in 2000, by the senior teachers of Diamond Sangha - ed.] [...]."

Your editorial ’Note' is untrue in its incompleteness, because it omits mention of the detailed formal process set up by the Diamond Sangha Teachers Circle, in which a committee consisting of (teachers) Michael Keiran, Marian Morgan and Don Stoddard met for two days in March 2001 with Ross Bolleter and myself [i.e. Susan Murphy - ed.] at Koko An, Honolulu.

Those deliberations took place three months prior to the proposed transmission ceremony to enable the Teachers Circle to assess its propriety in light of a stipulation in the 2000 Ethics Agreement of the Diamond Sangha Teachers Circle - of which I was a member (having been appointed to teach by John Tarrant in 1998) - namely: 'not to confer teaching authority, and especially Dharma transmission, on our lovers, spouses, siblings, children, employers, or known benefactors, nor to offer such authority as a means to attract, retain, or induce the cooperation of a student’.

While upholding that stipulation henceforth, the committee published its conclusion that it would not be appropriate to retrospectively condemn as improper a transmission that stemmed from a long and openly conducted teacher-student relationship, that had begun during a committed relationship falling within the several decades (prior to formalisation of this Ethics Agreement) during which a situation of this nature was customarily accepted and considered unexceptionable in a number of Diamond Sanghas led by senior teachers. (Robert and his (late) wife Anne Aitken [Anne Arundel Hopkins Aitken (1911-2004), who completed Zen studies under Yamada Kyozo Koun Roshi - ed.], Nelson Foster and his wife, Masa [Uehara - ed.], were notable examples.)

It recommended that the proposed transmission in these particular circumstances could not fairly be viewed as unethical or improper.

This is the basis for my statement that this (transmission) was "in complete accord with the ethical framework and long-established practice of the Diamond Sangha in the years in which [... the] relationship took place"

Robert Aitken was unequivocally supportive of proceeding with transmission, stating in a letter to Ross Bolleter that he himself would have unhesitatingly given inka to his wife Anne if she had agreed to teach at the end of their long teacher-student relationship. He sent words of support to the ceremony that followed in June, three months later.

Finally: The word ‘Formerly’ should be inserted before your (somewhat pointed, in context) lead statement: ‘The partner of Ross Bolleter’.

Also, as an update: In 2015 I accepted the invitation of the Hobart Mountains and Rivers Zen Sangha to become their primary teacher.
Thanks, Susan",
Susan Murphy, email, 20 Nov 2015.

[323] (1) "Dear Dr Matthew Ciolek, Thank you for your many years of work maintaining the Buddhist Studies library. As a Zen student in the Diamond Sangha, and as a student of Buddhist Studies, this has been valuable to me for the last 15 years when I first found it.
I would like to give you some updates for the Bolleter Line, part of the Diamond Sangha.
Jaksch, Mary Roshi was appointed Sensei (or apprentice teacher) in 1999 by Ross Bolleter Roshi, and [as you say on your site] received Dharma Transmission from him in March 2004.
Wallis, Glen Roshi received Dharma Transmission on 5 December 2010 from Ross Bolleter Roshi. I do not have the earlier date when he was appointed Sensei (or apprentice teacher) by Ross.
Wells, Arthur [...], appointed Sensei (or apprentice teacher) in February 2007 by Ross Bolleter Roshi, and received Dharma Transmission from him on 2 September 2012. " [...].
(2) "A small correction to your entry: Wallis, Glen is a teacher in the Dunedin Zen Group. [not at the Maitai Zendo in Nelson.]
And another addition, which I didn't remember for my previous email. I have attached as verification Arthur's open letter announcing his appointment of Sean: Weaver, Sean was appointed Sensei (or apprentice teacher) on 2 August 2015 by Arthur Wells Roshi.
I don't have birth years for any of the teachers in New Zealand. I will find out [...]." Derek LeDayn, emails, 13 & 15 Dec 2015.

[327] " Dear Dr. Ciolek, My name is Kate Sheridan, and I am writing to you on behalf of the Boundless Way Zen community. I am a member of the Boundless Way Temple sangha in Worcester, MA and the editor of the Temple's quarterly newsletter. In looking over the information on your website, I realized that some information regarding our transmitted teachers is incomplete. Would you please review the attached information and let me know if you can make these edits? Thanks for your time, Kate
Ford, James Ishmael Zeno Myo'un Roshi (17 July 1948 -- ) Also a Soto teacher appointed by Jiyu Kennett Roshi. Taught at the Desert Lotus Sangha ( Was an adjunct teacher at the Pacific Zen Institute in Santa Rosa, CA. Was the first abbot and is a senior guiding teacher of Boundless Way Zen ( He is the guiding teacher of Blue Cliff Zen Sangha in Long Beach, CA. (
Blacker, Melissa Keido Myozen Roshi (19 March, 1954 -- ) Received Inka Shomei from James Myo'un Ford, Roshi on 25 July, 2010. She is resident at Boundless Way Temple (Mugendo-ji), Worcester, MA (, and a senior guiding teacher and the third abbot of Boundless Way Zen ( She is a member of the American Zen Teachers Association and the Soto Zen Buddhist Association.
Rynick, David Dae An, Roshi (26 November, 1952 -- ) Received Dharma transmission from James Myo'un Ford, Roshi on 27 May, 2011. He previously received full transmission in the Korean Linji lineage of Seung Sahn from Zen Master George Bomun Bowman. He is a senior guiding teacher of Boundless Way Zen and serves as abbot of Boundless Way Temple (Mugendo-ji), Worcester, MA ( He is a member of the American Zen Teachers Association.
Port, Dosho Roshi (30 April, 1956 - ) Received Inka Shomei 23 January, 2015 from James Myo'un Ford, Roshi. Teacher at Great Tides Zen and Vine of Obstacles: Online Support for Zen Training. He previously received dharma transmission from Dainin Katagiri Roshi.
Dharma Holder Kate Kagen Hartland (9 December, 1952 -- ) received Denkai transmission from Josh Mu'nen Bartok, Sensei on 10 May, 2014. Assistant teacher at Greater Boston Zen Center, Cambridge, MA ( Guiding teacher of Bright Sea Zen, North Weymouth, MA ( ", Kate Sheridan, email, 7 January 2016.
[328] "Dr. Ciolek First thank you for the work you are doing on your Buddhist website. A few updates: My dharma name is: Ruzan (flowing mountain) not, Ryuzan. My title is sensei and I am the 5th dharma successor to Roshi Robert Kennedy and I am the resident teacher at the Empty Bowl Zendo. We are in the White Plum lineage. Thank you", Ray Cicetti, email, 3 April 2016
[329] "Dear Dr. Coilek [= Ciolek, tmc] May, 2015 Ben Pumphrey became an assistant teacher at New River Zen Community. Would you please list his name on your site: Harada-Yasutani School of Zen Buddhism and its Teachers.
Note: Harada -> Yasutani -> Maezumi -> Glassman -> Kennedy -> Birx -. Pumphrey, Ben (14 July, 1978) Assistant teacher", Charles Birx, email ["->" above replaces originaly supplied tabs - tmc], 29 April 2016.
[330] "Dr. Ciolek, I was looking over your Sanbo Kyodan lineage page tonight and I have a few updates for you: First, some passings: I’m sorry to say that Zenson (Dane) Gifford passed away suddenly in April of this year, and Albert Low passed away this past January 29. Toni Packer died in 2013. In happier news: Sensei Rafe Martin will be receiving Dharma transmission from Roshi Danan Henry at a ceremony scheduled for June 30, 2016. Taigen Henderson in Toronto has finally given in to his students’ wishes and is now addressed as Roshi rather than Sensei. With metta," Rich Lafferty, email, 30 May 2016.
[331] Dane Gifford - and
[332] Tony Packer -
[333] Albert Low -
[334] Rafe Martin -
[335] Taigen Henderson -
[336] Stephan Bauberger -
[337] "Dear Dr Ciolek, Please be advise that Sue Wolter has been appointed dharma successor of Dr Cecilie Lander (Go’en An) and Zen teacher of Sun Mountain Zen. Also, Dr Glen Wolter has been appointed a dharma successor of Dr Mervyn Lander (Go’un Ken) and Zen teacher of Sun Mountain Zen.
Further information is available on the Sun Mountain Zen Website:
Kind regards, Arno Hess, email, 19 Jun 2016.
[338] Glen Wolter received Dharma transmission from Mervyn Lander (Go'un ken) on the 12th of June 2013 -
[339] Sue Wolter appointed an Assistant Teacher by Cecilie Lander (Go'en An ) on 8 Jun 2013 -
[340] "Greetings, We have some updates to transmissions in the Sanbo Kyodan: Harada-Yasutani School of Zen Buddhism and its Teachers
On September 5, 2015, Rose Mary Myoan Dougherty gave dharma transmission to Willam Ji An Dietrich and Robert Jin Gen Ertman.
The entries under Dougherty would be something like
Dougherty Line (6th generation of teachers since YASUTANI Roshi)
Dietrich, Wlliam Ji An Sensei (1949- ). Teacher. Received Dharma transmission 5 Sept 2015
Ertman, Robert Jin Gen Sensei (1946- ) Teacher. Received Dharma transmission 5 Sept 2015
Both Bill & I are members of the White Plum Asanga. You may verify all of this on the website of Silver Spring Zendo/One Heart Sangha
Thank you for your work on the lineages. Gassho Bob E", Robert Ertman, email, 20 Jun 2016.
[341] "James Myoun Ford Roshi asked that I write to inform you of Josh Mu'nen Bartok's Inka Shomei ceremony, which took place at the Greater Boston Zen Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts on Saturday, July 16, 2016. At the ceremony, James gave Josh the cloud name Jiun, 'compassionate cloud,' with the full teaching name Keido Jiyun, and Josh's title changed from Sensei to Roshi.
Also, can you please make the following correction? Josh's heir Kate Hartland is listed at the Harada Yasutani site, but is posted incorrectly under James Ford's name.
Thank you and kind regards. Gassho, [...]" Laura S. Wallace, email, 20 Jul 2016.
[342] "Greetings, Dr. Ciolek, I would appreciate it if you could add a few of my students' names to your Zen Names webpages [...] PS: If it's relevant, I'm in the Taizan Maezumi Roshi line, an heir of Susan Myoyu Andersen, Roshi.", John Gendo Wolff, email, 15 Aug 2016.
[343] (access 16 Aug 2016)
[344] "Dr. Ciolek, [...] In response to your query, I was born on December 2, 1958. John Wolff, email, 18 Aug 2016.
[345] Susan Myoyu Andersen - (site accessed 18 Aug 2016).
[346] "Please note that I gave Dharma Transmission to Karen Terzano (1950-) in 2014. thank you for all your efforts in continuing to maintain these records. Barry Magid (Joko Beck lineage)", email, 3 Sep 2016
[347] & (sites accessed 6 Sep 2016).
[348] "Hello, I would like to update some information on the above [i.e. HaradaYasutani] page.
Successors of. Catherine Genno PagŹs Roshi (1942) are:
Hollowell, Amy. Roshi. Dharma successor. Teacher at Wild Flower Zen in Paris, France (
De Waele, Frank. Roshi. Dharma successor. Teacher at Zen Sangha in Ghent, Belgium (
Frottier, Corinne. Sensei. Dharma successor. Teacher at GenjoAn zencenter in Hamburg, Germany (
Oltheten, Michel. Sensei. Dharma successor. Teacher at Zen Heart Sangha in Den Haag, the Netherlands (
Marzena Rey sensei received dharma transmission from Nicolee Jikyo McMahon Roshi
Thank you for all your work on this very comprehensive web site.
Warm regards, Michel Oltheten", email, 4 Sep 2016.
[349] (site accessed 7 Sep 2016).
[350] "Dear Dr. Ciolek, Here is an update for the Harada-Yasutani School of Zen Buddhism & its teachers. Changes for Ben Pumphrey --
    Pumphrey, Ben Mui (14 Jul 1978) Sensei, Teacher at Shenandoah Zen. Note: Ben Pumphrey received Dharma transmission from Roshi Charles Shinkai Birx on Sept. 10, 2016. [...] Thank you so much.
take care, charles birx", email, 13 Sep 2016.
[351] SZBA Women Ancestor Project – Presentation October 8, 2010, revised October 22, 2010 -
[352] (site accessed 22 Sep 2016).
[353] "Hello, I don't suppose your list could ever be comprehensive, but you might like to note that the name Myoan is borne by the American Zen teacher Rose Mary Dougherty (White Plum lineage). According to the website of the Silver Spring Zendo ( she has two dharma heirs, Bob Ertman (Jin-gen) and Bill Dietrich (Ji-an).
Jeremy Marshall", email, 22 Sep 2016
[354] "Dear Dr. Ciolek, This is to request an update of information in our listing under the Harada-Yasutani lineage, "Richardson line (5th generation of teachers since YASUTANI Roshi):
Please enter the following information after the entry for: Craig, Barbara Shoshin, RSM Sensei...:
"Blackman/Craig Line (6th generation of teachers since YASUTANI Roshi)
    Sullivan, Edward Sangetsu (14 Jan 1951), installed as Sensei 2014, Teacher at Clare Sangha and Red Rose Sangha"
For your information, Ed Sullivan's transmission occurred in June 2014. [...] Also so you know, Sensei Craig and I are "team teaching" an upcoming group of teachers in our lineage and thus established the "Blackman/Craig line." Thank you for helping us catch up.
Sincerely, Bruce Seiryu Blackman", email, 7 Oct 2016.
[355] "Dear Dr. Ciolek, Thank you for maintaining your website on the Harada-Yasutani School. I would like to send you some updated information with regard to my Zen school Bodhi Sangha. I founded the Bodhi Sangha in 1986 when I first started accepting disciples. With my formal separation from Sanbokyodan in 2002, Bodhi Sangha became an independent Zen school. Bodhi Zendo, the Zen Center near Kodaikanal in South India where I live and teach, was opened on January 6th, 1996.
Bodhi Sangha uses the following teacher titles: Sensei, Zen master, Independent Zen Master
I have authorized the following teachers:
-Angela Pliske (b. 1937) was authorized as Sensei in 2009. She resides in the Czech Republic.
-Johannes Fischer (b. 1957) was authorized as Sensei with dharma transmission on 1-Sep-2012 in Germany. I authorized him as independent Zen master on 31-Aug-2013.
-Carl Hooper (b. 1943) was authorized as Sensei with dharma transmission on 5-Dec-2013 in Australia. I authorized him as independent Zen master on 5-Oct-2016.
-Gert Lüderitz (b. 1950) was authorized as Zen master with dharma transmission on 2-Sep-2016 in Germany.
-Stefan Bauberger (b. 1960) was authorized as Sensei in 2000 and as independent Zen master in 2004. He separated from Bodhi Sangha in July 2009 and subsequently founded his own Zen school "Schule des Herzgrundes" in Germany.
Thank you in advance for updating the information on your website", Ama Arokiasamy [Ama Samy - tmc], email, 10 Oct 2016.
[356] (site accessed 11 Oct 2016).
[357] (site accessed 11 Oct 2016).
[358] (site accessed 11 Oct 2016).
[359] AND (sites accessed 11 Oct 2016).
[360] (site accessed 11 Oct 2016).
[361] (site accessed 12 Oct 2016).
[362] "Please correct the listing for Zen Garland, Thank you, Genmitsu
* Kahn, Paul Kuzan Genki Roshi (1947). Dharma and Lineage Holder in both Dennis Genpo Merzel, and Bernie Glassman lineages [146][166][185][225]
Received Shiho (Dharma transmission) on 18 Feb 2007 and Inka on April 2, 2009. Founder and Teacher of the Zen Garland Order (, a Residential Zen Center located in Airmont, NY, US with affiliates in the US and Germany [284].
Genki Line (4th generation of teachers since YASUTANI Roshi)
* Sings-Alone, Duncan Roshi (1932-) [285] Enrolled Cherokee, Founder and Director of Red Path/Native American Zen
* Greenberg, Bill Jikai Roshi (1945-) [285]. Teacher at Zen Garland [285].
* Kahn, Monika Seiryo Genmitsu, Roshi (1964-)
* Noble, Greg Tensho Tetsuzan, Roshi (19??-) [285].
* Vardi, Eran Kyoka Junryu, Roshi (1964-) [285].
* Wagner, Ann Ankai Roshi (1940-) [285]
Founder and Director of Christian Zen [285]." , Monika Kahn, email, 15 Oct 2016.
[363] (site accessed 15 Oct 2016).
[364] (site accessed 15 Oct 2016).
[365] (site accessed 15 Oct 2016).
[366] "Dear Matthew, Just to recapitulate:
Yamahata Hōgen ordained me (tokudo) on 19 January 2008 (Master Dōgen’s 808th birthday) and at that time I was also appointed one of his dharma heirs with authority to teach and to lead retreats.
In 2009 I formally relinquished this role.
After a subsequent period of reflection, I sought to amend that relinquishment and on 5 December 2012, Hōgen-san formally confirmed his original appointment of me as one of his dharma heirs and made it clear that, whatever I chose to do, the bond between us was for life and irrevocable.
On 19 January 2013, the fifth anniversary of my ordination, he formally stated that I “hold our proper transmission that I also was transmitted from my master Daisetsu Tangen Harada Roshi, the master in Bukkoku-ji, Japan."
Both the confirmation of appointment as dharma heir of 5 December 2012 and the confirmation of Dharma transmission of 19 January 2013 are in writing.
My journey continues!
Very kindest regards,
Nick Aalders
Nicholas Daigen Kakuji Aalders
Date of birth 10 Dec 1950", email, 29 Oct 2016.
[367] "Dear Dr. Ciolek,
I am a dharma heir of James Ford and listed on your site as such. I am writing to ask if you would include the following under my name as my first dharma heir:  Mary Gates (Keido Koshin) (12/5/54) received lay denkai transmission on Sept., 28, 2016.  She is also an episcopal priest, clinical social worker and co-guiding teacher at Empty Sky Sangha in West Cornwall, CT
If you have any questions do please let me know.  And, thank you very much for taking time to do this and your efforts in keeping the site up to date.
Best regards,  Doug Phillips (Keido Kaishin)", email, 2 Nov 2016.
[368] Morning Star Zendo - Kennedy's dharma successors - (site accessed 7 Nov 2016).
[369] Prof. Carl A. Viggiani obituary -
[370] Yokoji Zen Mountain Center - Buddhist Directory: United States of America & Canada (site accessed 8 Nov 2016) AND Anne Seisen Saunders (previously Anne Seisen Fletcher) - (site accessed 8 Nov 2016).
[371] "An update for your page - :
On December 15th 2015, Bretz, Li-Yea Yang Seiun-an was granted the title of Roshi by Stone Roshi. Li-Yea is now the senior teacher at Mountain Moon Zen Society in Brisbane.
Kind regards,  Matthew Barram", email, 7 Dec 2016.
[372] "Dear Dr Ciolek, Below are two additions to the Blackman/Craig line (of the Richardson line) of the Harada-Yasutani lineage:
Falcone, Anthony Hoetsu Sensei (29 Nov 1949 - ), Dharma transmission on 3 Dec 2016 by Blackman/Craig-Senseis, assistant teacher from 2014, Baltimore, MD (
Hebb, John Joho Sensei (1 Feb 1952 - ), Dharma transmission on 3 Dec 2016 by Blackman/Craig-Senseis, assistant teacher from 2014, Baltimore, MD (
Please enter the new teachers after the Ed Sullivan entry in the Blackman/Craig line. Attached is some information ["The Zen Community of Baltimore/Clare Sangha, Dec 2016 - Announcement of Installation.docx" - tmc] about them.
Thank you. Warm wishes to you this holiday season, Seiryu/Bruce Blackman ", email, 17 Dec 2016.
[373] "Hi Matthew, I was looking at the list, and I thought I’d mention that I have been invited to become an apprentice teacher under Susan Murphy Roshi. If you think it appropriate, I’m happy to flesh out the list a little bit more. Susan announced my appointment in April of 2016 to the Diamond Sangha teacher’s circle, and I was born in 1962. Let me know if you need any further details. Gassho, Kirk", email, 12 Jan 2017.
[374] "Dear Dr Ciolek, [...]  I’m contacting you in my capacity as a Zen teacher in the White Plum Asanga, to say that I was given Dharma Transmission on 24th July 2016 by my teacher, Patrick Kundo Eastman Roshi, who gave me the Dharma name, Ryushin. [...] Thank you very much indeed. Best wishes,  The Revd Canon Dr Christopher Collingwood", email, 29 March 2017
[375] (site accessed 5 Apr 2017).
[376] "Dr. Ciolek, Dosho Port is now at the Nebraska Zen Center in Omaha, NE. He took over as abbot and head priest in Nov, 2016, from Nonin Chowaney.", Steve Sidner, email, 28 April 2017.
[377] (site accessed 6 May 2017).
[378] (site accessed 6 May 2017).
[379] (site accessed 6 May 2017).
[380] (site accessed 6 May 2017).
[381] "Dear Dr. Ciolek, I am writing to let you know that on May 13th, 2017, James Myo'un Ford gave Inka Shomei to Douglas Keido San'un Phillips, Roshi. Would you please add this completed transmission and new cloud name to your chart under James' dharma heirs. Doug is already listed as having received both Denkai and Denbo.
Thank you very much for your attention to this matter.
Sincerely, Sarah Malzone, Empty Sky Sangha West Cornwall, CT", email, 17 May 2017.
[382] (site accessed 25 Nov 2017).
[383] (site accessed 25 Nov 2017).
[384] (site accessed 25 Nov 2017).
[385] "Jeff Ward Kagetsu Kikai-ken (1954-) I received transmission in September 2017 from Subhana Barzhagi and Paul Maloney - both signed the transmission documents. I am not sure how you would enter this. Began Buddhist practice in 1975 and has practiced in the Zen tradition since mid-1980s in Japan and Australia. Teacher of the Canberra Zen Group.
[text of the attachment of 24 Aug 2017 - 'The Canberra Zen Group invites you to attend a Dharma transmission ceremony for Jeff Ward which will be held at the Gathering Place, 4 Bancroft St, Dickson at 4 pm on Wednesday 13th September 2017. The Canberra Zen Group is a Diamond Sangha practice group and, after many years of leading the practice of the CZG, Jeff will receive transmission as an independent zen teacher within the Diamond Sangha from Paul Maloney and Subhana Barzaghi, both whom teach at the Sydney Zen Centre.']
[...] Best wishes, " Jeff Ward, email of 12 Dec 2017 + an attachment of 24 Aug 2017.
[386] "Dear Dr. Ciolek, Please include the following under the Ford line in your Harada-Yasutani listing of Zen teachers.
Gilna, Desmond Keido Gando (26 Nov 1964 - )
Received Denkai Transmission from James Myo’un Ford, Roshi on 11th March, 2017. He is the guiding teacher at the Sacramento Zendo. (
I have included a link to the posting by James Ford on his Monkey Mind Blog announcing the transmission.
Thank-you for taking the time to maintain such a helpful list. Sincerely," William O’Neil, email, 3 Feb 2018.
[387] "Hi Matthew.  I hope this email finds you well.  Do you still reside in Canberra?   We both attended a few sesshin at Gorrick’s Run in the mid 1990s before I moved to Brisbane in 1996.    In case you hadn’t heard, I understand that Roshi-sama [Daisetu Tangen Harada], who is mentioned on your zenpages site, died on 12 March 2018.   Speaking of the site, I just saw that I somehow made my way onto it.  If you want to add a birth year for me, it’s 1953.   Peter (īů–– –Ģ—ů 大行 玄洋) Gallagher Open Way Zen Brisbane", email, 14 Mar 2018.
[388] "Dear Dr. Ciolek,  I hope all is well. Please see some updates/corrections below for your Harada-Yasutani line. [...] I included the email [of Thu, Apr 26, 2018, tmc] below that Danan Henry Roshi sent to the Old Bones Sangha about my appointment as Apprentice Teacher. Happy to provide more details if you wish.  Gassho, --", Holmgren Hoag, email, 5 Jul 2018.
[389] (access 2008.07.10).
[390] (access 2008.07.10).
[390] " Hi Matthew, Sorry to bother you again. Please delete what is currently there for me and replace it with:
"Hatchett, Jikai Doko (1970 - ) Ordained with Hogen Yamahata Roshi in 1994 Doko Hatchett became Hōgen Yamahata's Roshi's Dharma heir in November 2007 and a fully transmitted successor and new ancestor in the lineage in January 2009. He is the senior monastic of Open Way Zen Sangha, Abbot of Dochu-an and Shumpu-an Zen hermitages in Northern NSW, and guiding teacher of Little Zen Sangha in Mullumbimby and Hobart, Australia.", email, 15 Aug 2018.
[391] Dennis Genpo Merzel disrobes as a Zen priest - (access 2008.08.18).
[392] Dennis Genpo Merzel Resigns - "The White Plum Asanga Board of Directors has accepted the resignation of Genpo Merzel from White Plum Asanga membership as well as an Elder of the White Plum." (7 Feb 2011) (access 2008.08.18).
[393] "Hello Dr. Ciolek . . . (1) I was checking your lineage charts this evening for Dharma  Heirs of Charlotte Joko Beck (Harada Yasutani School) (2) She has a Dharma Heir Elihu Genmyo Smith. (3) But you show no Dharma Heirs for him. (4) I understand that he has at least one, Ed Mushin Russell: PZC Teachers", Malcolm Watt, email, 25 Sep 2018. (access 2018.10.12).
[394] ""A momentous sesshin was held in September this year in which Jack gave Jana Zeedyk full transmission as an independent teacher in the Diamond Sangha lineage of Robert Aitken Roshi. Jana began her practice in 1982 with Katagiri Roshi and studied with him up until the time of his death.  She then began practicing in the Diamond Sangha lineage with Pat Hawk, Roshi and became Jack's student in 1996, when Pat became ill.  Near the end of last week's sesshin, in a moving ceremony, she received the teaching name of Kyoku-Un, Meandering Cloud, reflecting her study with several teachers, as well as her transmission in Japan in the Soto lineage. Jana currently teaches Zen and practices as a psychologist in Anchorage, AK. "
BTW, Jana's full dharma name is Genmyo Kyoku'un Ken; the ceremony was held on 9/14, Mountain Lamp is Jack's practice community (, Jeff Jongeward, email, 25 Sep 2018.
[395] (access 2018.10.12).
[396] "Dear Dr. Ciolek, I would like to send you some updates with regard to my Zen school Bodhi Sangha.
I have authorized two more teachers:
-Mathew Cyril Antony, SJ (b. 1970) was authorized as Associate Zen Master on 4-Feb-2018 in India.
-Olaf Strelcyk, PhD (b. 1978) was authorized as Associate Zen Master on 21-Sep-2018 in the USA.
Bodhi Sangha uses the following teacher titles: Sensei, (Associate) Zen master, Independent Zen Master", Ama Arokiasamy, email, 25 Sep 2018.
[397] "I would like to add this to my website you are maintaining:
In February, 2018, I have appointed Fr. Cyril Mathew as Associate Zen Master in my school lineage of Bodhi Sangha. Cyril is a Jesuit, he is living in Bodhi Zendo.
In September 2018 I have appointed Olaf Strelcyk as Associate Zen Master; he is living in Cincinnati, OH.
Johannes Fischer has broken away from me and has left Bodhi Sangha lineage.
Dear Matthew, I will be grateful if you could kindly include these data in your website.", Ama Arokiasamy, email, 2 Oct 2018.
[398] (access 2018.10.13).
[399] (access 2018.10.13).
[400] "Dear Matt, To fill in the rest of the entry for Zeedyk, Jana Genmyo Kyoku'un Ken, [...] can you please change: Niyama [unidentified, 12 Oct 2018 - tmc] Roshi to: Niyama Shoshun Roshi (Kounji Temple, Oirase-cho, Aomori Prefecture, Japan) Thank you and a gassho, Jeffrey Jongeward", email, 15 Oct 2018.

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