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Diamond Sangha Home Page

Created: 25 Aug 1997. Last updated: 1 Dec 2018.

Edited by Dr T. Matthew Ciolek

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Diamond Sangha Home Page

The Diamond Sangha is a constallation of Zen Buddhist centers and associations in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and USA. The first and founding Diamond Sangha group was established in Hawaii, USA in October 1959 by Robert and Anne Aitken in a living room of their Hawaii house as a part of the Harada-Yasutani School of Zen (also known as Sanbo Kyodan, or Order of the Three Treasures).

The Sanbo Kyodan line of Zen is based on the teachings of Harada Sogaku Dai'un Roshi, and was founded by Harada Roshi's successor, Yasutani Haku'un Roshi, in Kamakura, Japan, in 1954. Yasutani's independent school of Zen broke with the Soto school in which it was steeped, asserted a position of direct connection with the 13th c. teachings of Dogen Kigen and stopped recognizing the authority of the Soto lineage's ecclesiastical leaders.

The Diamond Sangha, as established by Robert Aitken, who became a Roshi in 1974, represents a lay stream of Soto Zen which also includes aspects of Rinzai Zen, especially the intensive study of koans. It puts emphasis on the use of English in ritual, full equality of women, and constant re-evaluation of authority patterns.

The member centers of the Diamond Sangha agree to observe the December 1999 Diamond Sangha Teachers Circle Ethics Agreement . (Another copy of the agreement is also available).

Communication between Diamond Sangha centers is facilitated by the Diamond-Sangha mailing list, established in 1997 at the University of Queensland. Members of any Diamond Sangha affiliate are eligible to join.

Since Nov 1999 an official Diamond Sangha page is kept (and from time-to-time maintained) in Hawaii.

To join the electronic forum send e-mail
to: majordomo@mailbox.uq.edu.au
message: subscribe Diamond-Sangha your-e-mail-address

The details below are updated on ther basis of input by the members of the Zen groups/centers in question

Adelaide Zen Group
Robert G. Joyner Roshi
c/o 70 Thomas Street, Unley 5061
email: AZG--at--bigpond.com
Canberra Zen Group
[no resident teacher]
Contact:. Tony Shields, phone (02) 6262-5150
Wednesday evenings fortnightly at 7.45 at the Orana School in Weston
email: tshields--at--netspeed.com.au
Zen Center of Denver
Danan Henry Roshi
3101 W. 31st Ave.
Denver, CO 80211 USA
email: office--at--zencenterofdenver.org
Empty Sky Sangha
[no resident teacher]
2100 N. Spring Street
Amarillo, TX 79107 USA
email: Judith Evans, jbevans--at--tcac.net
Garden Island Sangha
[no resident teacher]
c/o Lloyd Miyashiro
6585 Waipouli Rd
Kapaa, HI 96746
Hawaii, USA
Ph. (1) 808-822-4794.
Go'un Zendo
[no resident teacher]
Bad Schoenbrunn,
CH-6313 Edilbach/Zug, SWITZERLAND
Ph. (41) 41-757-1414 fax (41) 41-757-1413.
Deep Streams Zen Institute
[formerly The Harbor Sangha]
Dr Joe Bobrow Roshi
121 Clement St.
San Francisco, CA 94118, USA
Ph. 415-387-0800
Honolulu Diamond Sangha
Nelson Foster Roshi,
Michael Kieran Sensei,
Robert Aitken Roshi [retired]
Palolo Zen Center
2747 Waiomao Road
Honolulu, HI 96816 USA
ph: (808) 735-1347
email: hsangha--at--aloha.net
Kuan-yin Zen Centre
[visiting teacher: Subhana Barzarghi Roshi]
183 Ballina Road
Lismore Hts, NSW 2480
Maitai Zendo
Mary Jise Jaksch Sensei
4 Mayroyd Terrace,
email: maitaizen--at--xtra.co.nz
Maui Zendo
[no resident teacher]
2860 Liholani Street
Pukalini, HI 96768 USA
Melbourne Zen Group
[no resident teacher]
[visiting teachers: Subhana Barzaghi Roshi and Susan Murphy Roshi]
C/- Education Centre, CERES Environmental Park,
Cnr Roberts and Stewart Streets,
East Brunswick,
Mountain Cloud Zen Center
Guiding Teacher: Pat Hawk Roshi
7241 Old Santa Fe Trail
Santa Fe, N.M. 87505 USA
(505) 988-4396
email: mczenctr--at--aol.com
One Ground Sangha
Sister Pia Gyger Roshi
Winkelriedstrasse 23
CH-6003 Luzern,
Ring of Bone Zendo
Nelson Foster Roshi
PO Box 510
North San Juan, CA 95960 USA
Seven Thunders Sangha
[no resident teacher]
[visiting teacher: Pat Hawk Roshi]
Oregon USA
email: Glenna Pittock (gpittock--at--yahoo.com)
email: Dan Hammerstrom (strom--at--ece.ogi.edu)
Springs Mountain Zen Sangha
[no resident teacher]
[visiting teachers: Joan Sutherland]
Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Sydney Zen Centre
Subhana Barzaghi Roshi
Gillian Coote Sensei
Paul Maloney Sensei
Sexton Burke Sensei
251 Young Street,
Annandale NSW 2038
email: Gillian Coote (tcoote--at--acay.com.au)
Three Treasures Sangha
Jack Duffy Roshi
Three Treasures Sangha
PO Box 12542
Seattle, WA 98111, USA
Phone: (206) 324-5373
Zen Desert Sangha
Father Pat Hawk Roshi
PO Box 44122
Tucson AZ 85733-4122
Linda Failmezger: (520)319-6260
email: zds--at--dakotacom.net
Wolken und Mond Sangha
Rolf Drosten Roshi
Friedhofstrasse 1a
51789 Lindlar
Zen Group of Western Australia
Ross Bolleter Roshi
Ian Sweetman Roshi
Perth, WA
Ph: 0416 055 885
email: mary-zen--at--viacorp.com

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