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Schools of Zen Buddhism

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This document provides an overview of schools and lineages belonging to the Zen Buddhism tradition.
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Schools of Zen Buddhism and their temporal and doctrinal relationships

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  • Chinese Fuke Line
    [Originating with Chen-chou P'u-k'o (J. Chinshu Fuke)]
  • Chinese Rinzai Line
    [Notes to be supplied]
  • Chinese Soto Line
    [Originating with Tung-shan Liang-chieh (J. Tozan Ryokai) and Ts'ao-shan Pen-chi (J. Sozan Honjaku)]
  • Early Rinzai Line
    [Originating with Lin-chi I-hsüan (J. Rinzai Gigen)]
  • Hinayana Zen Line
    [Originating in India around 3 c. AD, represented in China by Buddhabhadra and Hui-kuan]
  • Hogen Line
    [Originating with Fa-yen Wen-i (J. Hogen Bun'eki)]
  • Igyo Line
    [Originating with Wei-shan Ling-yü (J. Isan Reiyu) and Hsiang-yen Chih-hsien (J. Kyogen Chikan)]
  • Indian Line
    [28 Indian Patriarchs from Shakyamuni Buddha to Bodhidharma]
  • Japanese Fuke Line
    [Originating with Kakushin, ending (by the Emperor's decree) in 1871]
  • Japanese Rinzai Line
    [Originating with Eisai and Daio, and leading to Hakuin Ekaku and his successors]
  • Japanese Soto Line
    [Originating with Dogen Kigen]
  • Korean Line
    [Originating with Chinul.
    NOTE: The current graphical representation of the history of the Korean Line of Zen is oversimplified. More detailed and more accurate drawing will be provided at a later date.]
  • Nangaku Ejo Line
    [Originating with Nan-yüeh Huai-jang (J. Nangaku Ejo)]
  • Northern Line
    [Originating with Shen-hsiu (J. Jinshu)]
  • Obaku Line
    [Originating with Yin-yüan Lung-chi (J. Ingen Ryuki)]
  • Ox-head Line
    [Originating with Niu-tou Fa-yung (J. Hoyu)]
  • Patriarchal Line
    [6 Chinese Patriarchs from Bodhidharma to Hui-neng (J. Eno)]
  • Rinzai-Oryo Line
    [Originating with Huang-lung Hui-nan (J. Oryo E'nan)]
  • Rinzai-Yogi Line
    [Originating with Yang-ch'i Fang-hui (J. Yogi Hoe)]
  • Sanbo Kyodan Line
    [Originating with D. S. Harada and H. Yasutani]
  • Seigen Gyoshi Line
    [Originating with Ch'ing-yüan Hsing-ssu (J.Seigen Gyoshi)]
  • Szechwan Line
    [Originating with Chih-hsien (J. Chisen)]
  • Unmon Line
    [Originating with Yün-men Wen-yen (J. Unmon Bun'en)]
  • Vietnamese Thao-Duong Line
    [Originating with Thao-Du'o'ng (C. Ts'ao-tang)]
  • Vietnamese Lam-Te Line
    [Originating with Nguyen-Thieu]
  • Vietnamese Lieu-Quan Line
    [Originating with Lieu-Quan]
  • Vietnamese Truc-Lam Line
    [Originating with Tran-Nhan-Ton]
  • Vietnamese Ty-Ni-Da-Lu'u-Chi Line
    [Originating with Ty-Ni-Da-Lu'u-Chi (S. Vinitaruchi)]
  • Vietnamese Vo-Ngon-Thong Line
    [Originating with Vo-Ngon-Thong (C. Wu-yen Tung)]

    See also
  • Ferguson, Andrew. 2000. Zen's Chinese Heritage: The Masters & Their Teachings
    (544 pp., the book includes a poster-size lineage chart of the 25 generations of ancestors.)

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