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Harada-Yasutani School of Zen Buddhism
References & Footnotes number 401-500

This document is an integral part of the Harada-Yasutani School of Zen Buddhism page.
Both documents form a subsection of the Zen Buddhism section of the Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library.

Edited by Dr T. Matthew Ciolek

The purpose of this document is to provide comprehensive, factual and up-to-date information about the Sanbo Kyodan (Harada-Yasutani) school of Zen Buddhism. Any updated information, corrections or comments will be appreciated.

A Work in Progress - tmc


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References & Footnotes number 401-500

[401] "Dear Dr. Ciolek,  I just came across the following obituary in the New York Times for Bernie Glassman Roshi: [d. Nov 4 2018] [ - tmc], Regards,  Matt Fisher", email, 27 Nov 2018.
[402] [access 01 Dec 2018].
[403] "Dear Dr. Ciolek, On October 13, 2018, I completed Dharma Transmission with Mary Gates, Sensei, though the ceremony of Denbo.  Would you Kindly add that to her listing under my name? Thank you very much! Douglas Phillips Keido San'un, Roshi", email, 17 Oct 2018.
[404] "Dear Dr. T Matthew Ciolek, Thank you for maintaining the "Sanbo Kyodan: Harada-Yasutani School of Zen Buddhism and its Teachers." We have an update on the James Ford line. 
1. Bob Waldinger, Sensei received full transmission (Denbo) from Melissa Blacker, Roshi in November of 2018 and is the resident teacher for the Henry David Thoreau Sangha, a Boundless Way Zen practice group in Newton, MA
2. Mike Fieleke, Sensei received full transmission (Denbo) from David Rynick, Roshi in January of 2019 and is the resident teacher for Morning Star Sangha, a Boundless Way Zen practice group in Newton, MA. 
Gratefully, Michael Fieleke", email, 8 Feb 2019.
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[408] "Dear Matthew.
Your website seems to grow through the years. It is a goldmine for information, and a joy to dig into it.
I hope it is fine for you, that I sent you a list with names. They are all successors in the Line of Maezumi Roshi.
It starts with the successor of Genpo Roshi: Niko Tydeman Roshi.
I am one of his 17 successors Gretha Jikai Aerts Roshi
And I have two successors, [...]. 
I hope there is space to fit us all in into the overview.

[a Feb 2019 list of] List of Dharma Successors from:
1. Niko Sojun Tenko Tydeman Roshi (Inka in 2018 from Genpo Merzel Roshi)
	1.	Gretha Myoshin Jikai Aerts (Shiho 2011, Inka 2019) 
	2.	Meindert Musho  Seiju van den Heuvel (Shiho 2011, Inka 2019)
	3.	Joke Heldere Dharma Traan Dajun Huiberts (Shiho 2011, Inka 2019)
	4.	Cornelia Gyokushin Wierenga (Shiho 2017)
	5.	Daan Zazenshin de Bruin (Shiho 2017) 
	6.	Willem  Kando Kaishin Scheepers (Shiho 2017)
	7.	Jan Mukan Klungers  (Shiho 2017) 
	8.	Dick Butsugen Verstegen (Shiho 2017)
	9.	Lolit Abhaya ten Hengel (Shiho 2017)
	10.	Maria Ryuzenmuki  Lemaire (Shiho 2017)
	11.	Jacky Shobogenzo Demmers (Shiho 2017)
	12.	Marieke Virya Heijman (Shiho 2017)
	13.	Ben Verlichtende Natuur Scheres (Shiho 2018)
	14.	Martin Myoki Pol (Shiho 2018)
	15.	Julia Jinne Veldkamp; (Shiho 2018)
	16.	Rob  Daigan Riki Eckhart (Shiho 2018)
	17.	Ronald  Keiyaku Uijtdehaage. (Shiho 2018)
 2.  Gretha Myoshin Jikai Aerts Roshi [Inka in 2019 from Niko Sojun Tenko Tydeman Roshi - tmc]
	1.	Leo Ahimsa Sumitra Huijg (Shiho 2019)
	2.	Marli Jifu Daigen Lindeboom (Shiho 2019)
With warm greetings, Gretha  Aerts, [...],", email, 19 Feb 2019.
[410] "Dear Dr Ciolek, I’m emailing you as a senior student of Barry Farrin Roshi and Dharma practice leader at Forest Way Zen, Doonan, QLD to confirm that I was present at his transmission ceremony held in Doonan, QLD on 9th August 2015.
Barry was made a Roshi in the Diamond Sangha which comes out of the Sanbo- Kyodan Harada-Yasutani School of Zen and the Transmission was given to him by his teacher Subhana Barzaghi with 53 students and friends in attendance. Yours sincerely, Dr Lynda Swaddling", email, 7 Mar 2015.
[411] [access 15 Feb 2019].
[412] [access 15 Feb 2019].
[413] "Dear Dr. Ciolek,
Please find updated and revised list of dharma heirs for Melissa Keido Myozen Blacker, Roshi and David Dae An Rynick, Roshi here: [access 2 Aug 2019]
We hope that you find this link sufficient to update your wonderful website.
Warm regards, Alison, Boundless Way Temple Admin" email, 3 Jul 2019.
[414] "Dear Matthew, I have appointed Cyril and Olaf as independent masters in my school of Bodhi Sangha. I will be grateful if you can incorporate them into our website. [...] "On August 30, 2019, in St. Ottilien, Germany, I appointed Fr. Cyril Mathew and Olaf Strelcyk as Independent Zen Masters in my school lineage of Bodhi Sangha", Ama Samy S.J., email 10 Sep 2019.
[415] [access 30 Dec 2019]
[416] [access 30 Dec 2019]
[417] [access 30 Dec 2019]
[418] [access 30 Dec 2019]
[419] "Dear Dr Ciolek,
Regarding your web page  
I thought you might appreciate accurate dates for Sister Rose Mary Dougherty sensei (1939-2019).  
I'm pretty sure I've said this before, but I'll say it again: teachers in the lineage of Taezan Maezumi (White Plum Asanga), although drawing on both Soto and Rinzai traditions in the manner partly pioneered by Yasutani Roshi, do not generally regard themselves as "Sanbo Kyodan" teachers, and neither does the international "Sanbo-zen" organization regard them as members of that tradition, so presenting "Sanbo Kyodan school" as a term synonymous with the entire "Harada-Yasutani line" seems potentially misleading (though the adoption of the name "Sanbo-zen" by the formal organization does help to distance the two categories). In my own experience, teachers in the Maezumi-Glassman line tend to trace their dharma succession through Maezumi's first teacher, his father Baian Hakujun Kuroda (Japanese Soto lineage) and not through Yasutani, and they tend to distinguish their approach to Zen from that of the Sanbo-zen school. I have attempted on occcasion to make this distinction in the relevant Wikipedia articles, but it is an uphill battle when web pages such as yours are cited as primary sources. Incidentally, there is perhaps something up with the current formatting of your table, since my own first teacher, Elaine Macinnes, does explicitly stand within the Sando Kyodan tradition, but her name does not appear in the corresponding coloured box in your layout. She has former students now involved as teachers in the Oxford Zen Centre, which is still linked to the Sanbo-zen organization, but I do not have first-hand knowledge of their lineage. See Regards, Jeremy Marshall (member of the Woodchester Valley Zendo, UK; former member of the One Heart Sangha, Silver Spring MD, and of the Oxford Zen Centre, UK), email 11 Nov 2019.
[420] [access 30 Dec 2019]
[421] "Dear Dr. Ciolek
We have to make some changes in Genki Roshi’s lineage listing on your website: Would you be so kind to review and replace?
	*	KAHN, PAUL KUZAN GENKI (b.1947) Roshi [362]. 
	*	Dharma and Lineage Holder in both Dennis Genpo Merzel, and Bernie Glassman lineages [146][166][185][225]. Received Shiho (Dharma transmission) on 18 Feb 2007 and Inka on 2 Apr 2009 [362]. Was a teacher at the High Mountain Crystal Lake Zen Community, first in Wyckoff NJ, US later in Airmont, NY; was a Circle Steward: Zen Peacemaker Circle International; was the Executive Director of the Maezumi Institute and Zen Peacemakers Sangha in Montague Massachussets [167][187][212][284]. Founder (in 2010) [363], Teacher  and Spiritual Director of the Zen Garland Order  (, with affiliates in the US and Germany [284][362]. Roshi Genki resides and teaches at the Desert Bone Zen Hermitage in the Sedona area of Arizona.
	*	Kahn Line (4th generation of teachers since YASUTANI Roshi)
	o	Ackerman, Joan Noge (b. 1929) Dharma Holder [285] - Elder, Flowing Heart Zen Temple, Palisades NY
	o	Rev. Brown Tucker Sansui (b. 19?) Dharma Holder - Desert Bone Zen Hermitage, Cornville, AZ
	o	Bruce Susan Kijin (b.1949) Dharma Holder - Flowing Heart Zen Temple, Palisades, NY
	o	Rev. Bruner, David Moksui (b. 1947, deceased February16, 2020) Dharma Holder [285].
	o	Rev. Dowd Cathleen Kanno (b. 1944)- Flowing Heart Zen Temple, Palisades NY
	o	Rev. DuFrene Troy Kyokai (b. 19?) - Dharma Holder - Desert Bone Zen Hermitage, Cornville, AZ
	o	Rev. Duncan, Shoko Sings-Alone (b.1932) Roshi [285][362]. Enrolled Cherokee, Founder and Director of 
		 Red Path/Native American Zen Hermitage, Upton, MA [362]
	o	Rev. Greenberg, Bill Jikai (b.1945) Roshi [285][362]. 
	o	Kahn, Jacks Jocelyn Myoen (b. 1953) Dharma Holder [285]. 

	o	Rev. Kahn, Monika Genmitsu (b.1964) Roshi [362] - Desert Bone Zen Hermitage, Cornville, AZ
		              Rev. Johnson Trish Kojindo (b.1972) Dharma Holder- Dharma River Zen Temple, Winona, MN
		              Mancuso, John Mitsudo (b. 19?) Dharma Holder

	o	Rev. Noble, Greg Tensho (b. 19??) Roshi [285] - Zenshinkai, Washington, DC
	o	Peterman, John Reizan (b. 1948) Dharma Holder - Flowing Heart Zen Temple, Palisades, NY
	o	Rev. Sato, KC Zero (b.19?) Sensei - Hermitage Without Walls, St. George, UT

	o	Rev. Stern Paul Kisho (b. 1974) Roshi - Dharma River Zen Temple, Winona, MN
	o	               Rev. Hansen Eileen Toshin (b.19?) Dharma Holder - Dharma River Zen Temple, Winona, MN

	o	Rev. Schmachtenberg, Wolfgang Okami (1949) Sensei - Eido-Ji, Goch, Germany
	o	Tirch, Dennis Doshin (b. 19?) Dharma Holder - Flowing Heart Zen Temple, Palisades, NY
	o	Rev. Vardi, Eran Kyoka Junryu (b. 1964) Roshi [285][362] - Eiryu-Ji, Wyckoff, NJ
	o	Rev. Wagner, Ann Ankai (b. 1940) Roshi [285][362] - Christian Zen
	o	               Rev. Senegeto Thomas Kian (b.19?), Sensei - Christian Zen

Thank you! Genmitsu", Monika Kahn, email, 19 Feb 2020.
[422] [access 6 Apr 2020]
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[425] & [both accessed 6 Apr 2020]
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[429] TARRANT, JOHN MAXWELL, City: Santa Rosa State: California County: Sonoma ZIP: 95405, Board of Psychology Licence 11288 (1 Aug 1989-31 Aug 2001) cancelled [access 25 Apr 2020]
[430] [access 25 Apr 2020]
[431] [access 25 Apr 2020]
[432] [access 1 May 2020]
[433] [access 1 May 2020]
[434] "Dear Dr. Ciolek,
I have been negligent in updating my status with you for your website. I received Inka Shomei from Nicolee Jikyo McMahon Roshi in 2018, and am now Ann Purna Pirruccello Roshi. We are in the Maezumi line. Thank you kindly for your valuable work.
Ann Purna Pirruccello Vista Zen Center", email, 3 Aug 2020.
[435] Lay Zen Teachers Association (LZTA.ORG) [access 4 Aug 2020]
[436] "Dennis Genpo Merzel disrobes as a Zen priest. BY LION'S ROAR STAFF FEBRUARY 7, 2011 [...]
Dennis Genpo Merzel, a Dharma successor of the late Taizan Maezumi-roshi and founder of the sometimes controversial Big Mind™, has announced that he will disrobe as a Zen priest and resign his elder status with the White Plum Asanga. He has, however, announced his intent to continue working under the auspices of Big Mind™. This comes on the heel of comments circulating around the web that Merzel announced in late January that he’d had an affair of several years with one of his Dharma successors, KC “Kyozen Sato” Gerpheide." - [access 4 Aug 2020].
[437] [access 4 Aug 2020].
[438] Syverson, Peg - [access 6 Aug 2020].
[439] Birnbaum, Dan Myoen Toshin - [access 6 Aug 2020].
[440] Taberner, Cynthia Kin Ryu - [access 6 Aug 2020].
[441] Daniels, Michele Keido - [access 7 Aug 2020].
[442] Sprague John Genyo - [access 7 Aug 2020].
[443] Bastien, James Daikan - [access 7 Aug 2020].
[444] Palmiter, Martine Taikai - [access 7 Aug 2020].
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[447] "I just visited your helpful page charting the Harada-Yasutani Zen line.  I’m a Dharma heir of Kevin Hunt, one of Robert Kennedy’s successors.  I thought I’d make you aware that Roshi Hunt has four Dharma heirs in total, the others being:
Madeline Tacy
Tim St. Onge
Jeff Seul (me)
All of us received Dharma transmission on various dates in 2018. Thanks for maintaining this helpful site. Best, Jeff + email addendum of 24 Oct 2020 "My birth year is 1962.", email, 20 Oct 2020.
[448] [access 20 Oct 2020].
[449] [access 20 Oct 2020].
[450] [access 20 Oct 2020].
[451] "Matthew, Jeff said you were looking for this information. Thank you for doing this service for the sangha and keeping track of all of us.Please note there are 3 letter e in my name. One of them is usually omitted. Sr. Madeleine Tacy, OP Dharma name: Seikai (Tranquil Sea) Transmission date: September 26, 2018. Be well, Sr. Madeleine", email, 24 Oct 2020.
[452] "Matthew, Thank you for your generous work. I received a note from Jeff Seul regarding any additional information for bios: Zen name: Man Ghetsu (Full Moon) [i.e. Mangetsu - tmc] DOB: 1952 Founded Transfiguration Zendo (Southbury, CT) in 1999 Zendo now in New Mexico: Sky Zen Best wishes, Tim St. Onge" email, 24 Oct 2020.
[453] [access 24 Oct 2020].
[454] [access 24 Oct 2020].
[455] [access 24 Oct 2020].
[456] "Hello Mr Ciolek My name is Cecil Fürch. I am from Dusseldorf, Germany. Thanks for your great zen lineage site I just want to clarify that Christian Jikishin [... von] Wolkahof received shiho from Genpo Merzel Roshi in 2018 [was, erroneously, 2017 - tmc]. Since then he has the title of a sensei. He currently teaches in Dusseldorf and his website is [was, erroneously, - tmc]. It would be very kind if you could change this [....]", Cecil Fürch, email, 19 Nov 2020 & email corrections of 8 Dec 2020.
[457] "Dr. Ciolek, I wanted to send an update on Jay Rinsen Weik, Roshi [...]
He received Inka Shomei from James Myoun Ford Roshi on August 18, 2019, and thus should also have the title Roshi.  See the Toledo Blade article: 
Toledo Buddhists finding a place of their own
[458] [access 16 May 2021].
[459] [access 16 May 2021].
[460] [access 16 May 2021].
[461] "Dear Dr Ciolek, My name is David Dunley. I studied with Danan Henry Roshi from September, 1991 to January, 2006. I was ordained by him as a Zen Buddhist priest on February 19th, 2000 (as far as I know the only person he gave priestly ordination too), and was given Inka on January 23rd, 2006. I also stayed with Robert Aitken Roshi in Kaimu from December 1999-January 2000 prior to being ordained, and spent a year at Bukkokuji with Harada Tangen Roshi (May 2002-June 2003). Since that time, however, I have gone on to other spiritual paths, first Roman Catholicism, and currently Ramakrishna Vedanta. I never functioned independently as Zen teacher and do not practice Zen at this time.
I have sat on these documents (Ordination certificate and Inka certificate) for some years now, but in the interest of the history of the transmission of the Harada-Yasutani School of Zen Buddhism to the West, I am sharing them with you. I also think it will help me gain closure on such a significant portion of my life. Danan Roshi gave me the Inka certificate prior to my move to Arizona, and so there never was any formal ceremony or public announcement of it. The idea at the time was that I would get some sort of sitting group together and proceed from there, but it never happened. Such are the twisted paths of karma.
At any rate, here are photos of my Inka and Ordination certificates to verify the above statements. I was born in December, 1969. Thank you for your work as a historian for all these years!
Cheers, David Dunley", email, 25 Jul 2021, also - occupation details (email, 28 Jul 2021), further life details (31 Jul 2021) and a link to a Dharma Talk (email, 29 Jul 2021).
[462] - [access 30 Jul 2021].
[463] - [access 30 Jul 2021].
[464] "Hi Dr. Ciolek- I would like to offer some changes in James Ford and his successors’ listings.
At his listing the Blue Cliff Zen Sangha changed its name to Empty Moon Zen
Josh Bartok has resigned as head of the Greater Boston Zen Center and is no longer teaching Zen.
James gave Dharma transmission to Edward Oberholtzer
Sensei Edward Keido Sanshin Oberholtzer Born January 23, 1952 Unsui tokudo 2007, Shuso 2013, Denkai/Denbo 17 June 2021 He currently serves as Buddhist Chaplain, Bucknell University, Community Minister, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Susquehanna Valley, and as Guiding Teacher, Joseph Priestly Zen Community
Roshi Dosho Port resigned as abbot of the Nebraska Zen Center in 2021 to teach full time at the Vine of Obstacles, currently in Duluth, Minnesota.
Sensei Sevan Ross gave transmission to Tesshin Sweger.
Sensei Matt Teshin Sweger. Born August 11, 1972. Ordained September 18, 2004. Transmission October 15, 2016. Currently serves as abbot of the North Carolina Zen Center Member of the AZTA.
James Ford gave Lisa Tetsugan Zummach Denkai transmission on the 27th of September, 2017. Sensei Lisa Tetsugan Zummach Born February 12, 1970. She is a teacher at Vine of Obstacles, currently in Duluth, Minnesota.
Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
-- Chris Hoff, PhD, LMFT", email, 14 Oct 2021.
[465] - [access 2 Nov 2021].
[466] - My name is Barry Farrin and you will find me in notation 410 and 412. In the Sanbo-Bo section of your  work.
I would like to make some updates. My date of Birth 8.4.1945. I have ordained on Sunday 8th March 2020 at Cooroy. I was given Transmission In Soto Zen 3 days later in a small ceremony. Reverend . James Ford Roshi travelled  to the Sunshine Coast.  Forty people attended the ordination ceremony.  
My Name is Reverend Doshin Kusan Roshi  (Doshin, Way  of the Forest, Kusan, Empty Mountain ) I have a small group of about 18 people. Thank you for you great work and help in keeping all these dates and Names in order. Please let me know if you need any other information.
Warm Regards Reverend Doshin Kusan  Roshi [...]", email, 5 Nov 2021.
[467] - Dear Mr. Ciolek, We have an update to David Dae An Rynick, Roshi's dharma heirs:
* Alan Sanhyō Richardson, Sensei (2 October 1955-) * Received Dharma Entrustment transmission from David Dae An Rynick, Roshi on 22 October 2021. Teacher at Sky Flower Zen of Boundless Way Zen.
Warm regards, Alison Boundless Way Temple", Alison Barrows Ronn, email, 21 Dec 2021.
[468] [access 29 Dec 2021]
[469] - "NZC [Nebraska Zen Center] was started by my teacher, Katagiri Roshi, in 1975. Nonin Chowaney has been the teacher since 1991, but he is no longer able to continue teaching due to health issues. Nonin and I have known each other for about 35 years and were ordained as Soto Zen priests by Katagiri Roshi on the same day back in 1984." Dosho Port, Moving to Omaha, 20 Jun 2016,
[470] [access 29 Dec 2021]
[471] "Dear Mister Ciolek! [...] Please could you add für Pia Gyger the link to Wikipedia and also to the website I am a member, also as Pia Gyger was, of this community. Thank you very much!,
Barbara Alzinger, Rheinfelden, Schweiz", email, 24 Jan 2022.
[472] [access 25 Jan 2022]
[473] [access 25 Jan 2022]
[474] [access 25 Jan 2022]
[475] [access 25 Jan 2022]
[476] [access 25 Jan 2022]
[477] [access 25 Jan 2022]
[478] "Hi Matthew i am just writing to inform you that i am an apprentice teacher in the Diamond Sangha. I received permission to teach by Subhana Barzaghi in 2017. I started my formal Zen training in 1980 with Robert Aitken Roshi in Sydney. I live in Mildura Victoria Australia. Thought you may wish to update the 'Subhana Line'.
Wayne [Rankin]", email, 31 Jan 2022.
[479] [access 31 Jan 2022]
[480] "Greetings Dr. Ciolek, [...] I have a few updates for a lineage on the Harada Yasutani page. Here is the specific area: [...]

First, the new URL for Treetop Zen Center's website is (replacing any references in this section to which is a dead link).

Second, both Stef Barragoto and Margaret Barragato have passed away. Here are their dates:
BARRAGATO, STEFANO MUI (21 Apr 1930 - Sep 2010) (ref.

BARRAGATO, MARGARET NE-EKA (19?? - Dec 2013) (ref.
Third, Peter Seishin Wohl has given dharma transmission to several new
teachers. I don't know if you are keeping the record this "deep", but if
you want to go to 6th and 7th generation, here they are:
    Harris, Peter Joryu (b. 19??)  
    Received dharma transmission from Peter Wohl in 2014. Priest & teacher
    at the Treetop Zen Center. Member of the White Plum Asanga.
        Nowik, Shindo Jim (b. 19??)
        Received denkai and dharma transmission in 2018 from Peter Joryu
        Harris. Senior priest and teacher in residence at Treetop Zen Center.
    McLeod, Jaime McLeod (b. 19??)
    Received dharma transmission from Peter Wohl in 2016. Priest &
    teacher at the Treetop Zen Center. Member of the White Plum Asanga,
    the Soto Zen Buddhist Association, the Zen Peacemaker Order, and the
    Lewiston-Auburn Interfaith Clergy Association. Ordained friend of
    the Lay Zen Teachers Association.
    Watson, Todd Hotai (b. 19??)
    Received dharma transmission from Peter Wohl in 2016. Priest & teacher
    at the Treetop Zen Center. Member of the White Plum Asanga. guiding
    teacher of Walking Tree Zen (
Reference for all the above:

Thanks for your time, and thanks again for this wonderful resource!

Andrew Codispoti" email, 5 Feb 2022.
[481] & [access 14 May 2022]
[482] [access 14 May 2022]
[483] [access 14 May 2022]
[484] [access 14 May 2022]
[485] "Dear Matthew. 
I am not sure if you have the following information re: Ezra Bayda and Elizabeth Hamilton and their sexual and ethical misconduct and resignation as teachers but for the purpose of transparency it may be useful to include the relevant information in the lineage. 

So I am sending you the online link to the email sent by the San Diego Zen Center regarding the ZCSD and the Faith Mind’s findings of sexual/ethical misconduct by the teachers.

Best, Phil [date of the email follows below]

                     ZCSD Announcement: Findings and Meeting Update

Zen Center of San Diego Tue, Oct 22, 2019 Reply-To:

The ZCSD Board received FaithTrust Institute’s report a few days ago. The Board met with legal counsel on Saturday, October 19, and on Sunday, October 20, Board members met with FaithTrust Institute, once again with counsel present. In prior communications, we stated that a community meeting would be held before a decision was made about the future of Ezra Bayda and Elizabeth Hamilton as teachers. However, responsibility for making this decision rests solely with the Board, and after receiving FaithTrust Institute’s report and subsequently meeting with legal counsel and FaithTrust Institute, we made our decision. In order to preserve the confidentiality of all parties, the meeting on November 2 will not include an open discussion of the report. Rather, we will gather as a community to discuss and process the announcement below, which includes the Board’s decision.

Dear Sangha, On July 23, 2019, the Zen Center of San Diego’s Board of Trustees received verbal accounts of allegations of sexual misconduct by Ezra Bayda. No complaints of sexual misconduct were made against Elizabeth Hamilton. Immediately afterward, the Board placed Ezra and Elizabeth on leave, pending an investigation into the allegations of misconduct. The Board hired FaithTrust Institute to conduct an independent investigation on our behalf. All affiliates of the community were invited to submit confidential statements to FTI and were given the option of participating in a follow-up interview. As part of the process, Ezra and Elizabeth were both interviewed by FTI. Ezra also submitted written responses to the allegations. Having reviewed the comprehensive confidential report prepared by FaithTrust Institute, dated October 16, 2019, the Board voted unanimously to remove Ezra Bayda as a teacher at ZCSD. We concur with FTI’s findings that there was credible evidence that Ezra committed multiple instances of sexual misconduct with more than one student in violation of ZCSD’s Policy on Sexual Misconduct and the White Plum Asanga’s Code of Ethical Conduct. In addition, the Board voted unanimously to ask Elizabeth for her immediate resignation on the basis of her breaching the WPA’s Code of Ethical Conduct as it relates to confidentiality, right speech, and dual relationships. Elizabeth submitted her resignation. We commend the courage of the women who came forward and thank them for bringing these issues to our attention. We are obligated to respect their confidentiality, and we urge you to likewise respect their privacy and refrain from speculation. The process with FaithTrust Institute was predicated on utmost confidentiality, and the final report cannot be disclosed. FaithTrust Institute received more than 30 letters of support on behalf of Ezra and Elizabeth. It is clear that many people have benefited substantially from them as teachers and from the knowledge and skills they have brought to ZCSD. We are grateful to them and thank them for their many years of dedicated service to the sangha. We appreciate how difficult it is for the sangha to receive this information. It is possible for an individual to be a skilled teacher with exceptional gifts, on the one hand, and to engage in behavior that violates a policy or betrays trust, on the other hand. It is also possible for a majority of people in a community to experience no misconduct or harm by a teacher while other people in the same community do, in fact, experience misconduct or harm by that same teacher.

We are profoundly sorry for the pain and suffering experienced by the women who came forward and by all who have been directly or indirectly involved. Many other communities have walked this difficult path, been sustained by their practice together, and emerged wiser and stronger. We hope we can continue our practice here at ZCSD and work together to help heal the community. On Wednesday, October 23, the two usual sittings will be followed by an open period, when ZCSD participants can begin to process this news within the supportive environment of the sangha. On November 2, we will hold a community-wide meeting, beginning with two periods of sitting. This will be an opportunity for members of the community to be heard. A Council will be held on November 13, led by Anne Seisen Saunders. Sincerely, The 2019 ZCSD Board of Trustees

 Copyright © 2019 Zen Center San Diego, All rights reserved. You are receiving this email because you opted in via our website. Our mailing address is: Zen Center San Diego 2047 Felspar St San Diego, CA 92109-3551 Add us to your address book Want to change how you receive these emails?

" - Philippe Lyons, email, 4 Mar 2022.
[486] - Hello, I received the name Dōshin (道心 Ķņ–ń) 2022-04-03 from Bushin Kōan Peg Syverson.  Warmly,  John Miller, email, 17 April 2022.
[487] "[...] Neither Peg [Syverson] nor Flint [Sparks] (nor any Lay teacher among Joel [Barna], Todd [Bankler], or Laurie[Winnette]) use their Dharma nor teaching names at Appamada []. In fact, I know of Peg's only from formal lineage documents she signed. [... Our] Lay teachers don't seem to be granted teaching names and we didn't publish their Dharma names, [...]
Flint's root teacher, who first authorized him to teach, is Zenkei Blanche Hartman, and his formal transmission was finally conpleted in march of this year [2022] by Peg after Blanche passed, supported by Shosan Victoria Austin." John Miller, email, 10 May 2022.
[488] - Hello, I received the name Dōshin (道心 Ķņ–ń) 2022-04-03 from Bushin Kōan Peg Syverson.  Warmly,  John Miller, email, 17 April 2022.
[489] Appamada Leadership (Appamada Senior Teachers, Appamada Dharma Teachers, Appamada Zen Mentors) [access 15 May 2022]
[490] [access 15 May 2022]
[491] Transmission of Light - Dharma entrustment ceremony of the lay teachers of the Appamada,11 Jan 2020 [access 15 May 2022]
[492] "Dear Dr. Ciolek, On 22 June 2022, I gave Inka Shomei to Mary Gates; Keido Sho Un, Roshi. When you are able, would you please add this to your lineage record?  Thank you and hope that you are well. Best regards,  Doug Phillips (Keido San Un, Roshi)", email, 28 June 2022.
[493] [access 29 Jun 2022]
[494] (1) "Dear Dr. Ciolek, Mary's DOB is 12/5/54.  Could you also amend;  our website address to,; Mary's Denkai [from September] to October; and list her a co-guiding teacher. Again, thank you so much!, Best, Doug" email, 29 June 2022 &
(2) "[...] I am sorry to bother you again, but when I sent Doug my birthdate he mistakenly thought it was May 12, 1954, but it is December 5, 1954. Also, would you please remove the co from Guiding teacher with my information, and change our website to rather than .org [...] blessings, Mary Gates", email, 30 June 2022.
[495] "Dear Matthew, Mari Rhydwen here! I wonder if you remember me? I was just looking at your pages (to check up some details about Maurine Myo-on Stuart), and I noticed that I was not named as one of Ross Bolleter appointments. I was given sensei status in 2005 and received transmission in 2014 and I have co-taught in the ZGWA, along with Ross Bolleter, since 2012. Ian Sweetman no longer teaches. [...] Mari", email, 25 Oct 2022. &

"Hi Matthew, [...] I am prouder of my work for Aboriginal language workers and community organisations than my university stints, but there you go. I’ve added dates as requested [...] I am afraid I didn’t name the boat after Yatsutani Hakuun Roshi (Zen at War was published around that time) but [...] the Buddhist associations with white clouds were in my mind, [...] In case you are wondering, I have been co-teaching [Zen] in WA since 2012 and even travelled there from Indonesia while I was working there. I bought time out from my work in Muurrbay to devote time to teaching a 7 day sesshin and to a new form of 10-day non-residential practice/retreat while working, called Every Day Zen, each year. My name given at transmission is 'White Cloud’ Haku un. My dharma name given at jukai by Aitken Roshi in 1982 (?) is 'Dream Word' Mu gon." email, 26 Oct 2022.
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[499] [a book by M. Rhydwen] [access 25 Oct 2022]
[500] [access 25 Oct 2022]

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