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Harada-Yasutani School of Zen Buddhism
References & Footnotes number 201-300

Est.: 13 Apr 1995. Last updated: 29 Sep 2013.
This document is an integral part of the Harada-Yasutani School of Zen Buddhism page.
Both documents form a subsection of the Zen Buddhism section of the Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library.

Edited by Dr T. Matthew Ciolek

The purpose of this document is to provide comprehensive, factual and up-to-date information about the Sanbo Kyodan (Harada-Yasutani) school of Zen Buddhism. Any updated information, corrections or comments will be appreciated.

A Work in Progress - tmc


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References & Footnotes number 201-300

[205] "Hi there from Australia. I have a could [sic] of updates for the following web page. Li-Yea Bretz was born in 1960 - as my wife I have to know this one. Cec Lander was born in 1948 and Merv Lander in 1944. Which is public knowledge through the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane Year Book. Hope this helps fill in more of the picture. Cheers, John Bretz Ps my place in the scheme of things is that I am with the Mountain Moon Sangah here in Brisbane. R Jn", email, 29 Sep 2007.
[206] "Dear Matthew, Yours has long been a source site for very useful information for me. Now I would like to offer you another name to your list! (And of course the lineage information as well!) My teacher, Daido Hogen Yamahata has given me dharma transmission and the dharma name of Daigen Kakuji. I have attached the kanji as an RTF document. Daigen is 'Huge mystery'; Kakuji is 'Awake compassion'. The formal induction as Zen master will be on 19 January 2008 in the morning (time to be ascertained as we go along!)", Nicholas Aalders, email, 2 Jan 2008. See also entry [226 below]
[207] "Bonnie Myotai Treace is no longer affiliated with Zen Mountain Monastery. She has started her own sangha, Hermitage Heart Her more recent teachings are on the new website, though her oler [sic] ones can still be found on the Mountains and Rivers website. I hope that this is helpful. By the way, thank you for the excellent job you've done all these years. Best, Adam Green.", email, 29 Dec 2007.
[208] "Dr Ciolek, Further to my message of 18 June 1006 [sic] and relative to my line (Stone Line), some updates: 1. Li-yea Bretz, Garry Cam, Matt Love and Jean wilson received Dharma transmission from me in September, 2006 and are now Teachers in the Mountain Moon Sangha. 2. Three of my Successors have received appointments of Teacher in the Sanbo Kyodan Zen Society, granted by Ryo'un Yamada, Abbot: Mervyn Lander (Go'un Ken) 2003; Cecillie Lander (Go'en An) 2003; and Li-yea Bretz (Sei'un An) 2007. Ryo'un Roshi has made other appointments which can be viewed at the Sano Kyodan web-site: 3. Judy Kennedy is no longer recognized by me as a Successor and has no authority to teach. Sei'un An Roselyn.", email, 4 Dec 2007.
[209] "In the Nakao line, Sensei Merle Kodo Plum Dragon Boyd's web site is", Peter A. Ott, email, 13 Jan 2008.
[210] "Open Mind Zen School, Al Rapaport Director Melbourne, FL Rick Owen, Zen Teacher Betsy Smith, Assistant Zen Teacher Kevin Smith, Assistant Zen Teacher",, email, 12 Feb 2008.
[211] "The following change should be noted: In the Aitken line under pat [sic] Hawk, Robert (Bob) Walker is now a Roshi. He received the inka and full Dharma transmission from Pat Hawk on April 27, 2008 in Tucson Arizona. I attended the ceremony.", Marianne Roche, email, 29 Apr 2008.
[212] "Hi Matthew, Two corrections to the Harada-Yasutani Web page: [...] 1. Both Pat Enkyo O'Hara and Barbara Joshin O'Hara are female. They are life partners rather than husband and wife. 2. In addition to being the spiritual director of the High Mountain Crystal Lake Zen Community (Wyckoff, New Jersey), Sensei Paul Genki Khan also now holds the position of Executive Director of the Maezumi Institute and Zen Peacemakers Sangha in Montague Massachussets. Thanks! Len Moskowitz", email, 30 Apr 2008.
[213] "[...] Regarding the list of Dharma names from Tenkei Roshi (my husband), he had great help from a friend of ours, a monk in Japan named Koichi Isoda, from Keishoin temple in Fuji City. [...]" Tamara Gabrysch, email, 22 Apr 2008
[214] "Dear Matthew, [...] I just received shiho from Genpo Merzel Roshi last week (!) This being, the listing for Tamara Myoho Gabrysch in Genpo Roshi's line could be changed from Assistant Teacher to Dharma Successor. Thanks!" Tamara Gabrysch, email, 16 May 2008.
[215] Zen Center of Denver: Lineage/Affiliation ( (v. 18 May 2008).
[216] "HI Dr. Ciolek, I was just reading on the internet your extremely informative and helpful site: Sanbo Kyodan: Harada-Yasutani School of Zen Buddhism. As an update to your site I have founded the Vista Zen Center and I'm no longer associated with the Three Treasures Zen Community. Thanks for the great work you are doing! John Jiyu Gage, Sensei, Vista Zen Center, 246 Santa Clara Dr., Vista, CA 92083,", email, 23 Jul 2008.
[217] Vista Zen Center: The Purpose of Lineage (, (v. 1 Aug 2008).
[218] Vista Zen Center: Jake Jiyu Gage, Sensei (, (v. 1 Aug 2008).
[219] Three Treasures Zen Community: Barry Kaigen McMahon, Sensei (, (v. 1 Aug 2008).
[220] Three Treasures Zen Community: Annie Pirruccello, Dharma Holder, Teaching Assistant (, (v. 1 Aug 2008).
[221] Three Treasures Zen Community: Steve Sarian, Priest, Teaching Assistant (, (v. 1 Aug 2008).
[222] "Dear Dr. Ciolek: I would like to be added to your listing of the Harada-Yasutani Lineage, under Joan Sutherland, Roshi, who installed me as a Sensei with the Open Source in September, 2006. I am a resident teacher for the Springs Mountain Sangha in Colorado Springs, Colorado: , and also am Cadet Chapel Buddhist Program Leader at the United States Air Force Academy. Bender, Sarah Masland, born 25 08 1948. If you would like confirmation, please contact Joan Sutherland, . Thank you! Sarah Bender." email, 20 Sep 2008.
[223] "Dear Dr. Ciolek, I have a few additions for Your useful www-site on Zen. The additions concern this page:
1) Gyger, Pia was born 1940
2) Johannes Kopp is an Associate Zen Master (Junshike) of the Sanbokyodan (since 2006, by Yamada Ryoun)
3) Samy, Ama: new link:
actually Ama Samy founded a new line, the Bodhi Sangha, but the authorising of new teachers is a problematic issue. Lately he authorised Stephan Bauberger SJ, who mainly teaches at Dietfurt (
Many other pupils of Ama Samy have left him because of his unwillingness to authorise. Bogdan Snela for example was actually a pupil of Samy but then went to Willigis Jäger, who gave him a teaching authorisation which was also bestowed by Sanbokyodan headquarters. Klaus Wansleben (Bonn, Germany, also left from Ama Samy and has become an Assistant Zen Teacher in the Jäger-Line.
4) Since 11. January 2009 Willigis Jäger has left the Sanbokyodan and founded a new Zen-Lineage.
5) Meyer, Gundula was born 1937. Zen Master (Shoshike) of the Sanbokyodan since 2001 (by Kubota Roshi)
6) Zölls, Doris MYOEN-AN (1954-) Zen-Training under the guidance of Willigis Jäger, Zen-Teacher of Sanbokyodan; since 2003 she is the spiritual director (together with W. Jäger) of the Benediktushof Holzkirchen. Link:
Dear Dr. Ciolek, I am momentarily working on my M.A. thesis in Germany (University Bonn) and I am a pupil in the JJäger-Zen-Line. In case You are interested in more information I could sort out the Jäger-Line which has been very "productive" concerning the authorisation of Zen-Teachers.
Sincerely, Timon Reichl.", email, 17 Mar 2009.
[224] "1) Dragan Petrovic received Dharma transmission from me 8 February 2009 and is now a Teacher in the Mountain Moon Sangha. 2) Please removed Judy Kennedy's name from that list altogether. Sei'un An Roselyn Stone.", email, 25 Mar 2009.

Date: Sun, 5 Apr 2009 13:19:49 +1000 To: Roselyn Stone (redacted email)
From: "T. Matthew Ciolek"
Subject: CIOLEK - Amendations to HaradaYasutani.html webpage

Dear Dr Stone,
Thank you for your email of 25 March 2009. I am very grateful for your latest addendum.
Page has been amended in the light of the supplied detail.
As far as consigning Judy Kennedy's name to a memory hole goes, I am unable to do it. I am not orwellian enough (yet) to enact your suggestion.
It is barely three years since you wrote to me on 18 Jun 2006: "[...] In my line, the Landers, as noted, have received transmission from me and are entitled to the designation, Teacher. And a correction: Judy Kennedy as also received Dharma transmission from me (January 2006) and is Teacher in the Mountain Moon Sangha. The others are properly designated Assistant Teacher."
Now you ask me to obliterate traces of Judy Kennedy's Zen path.
I am sure that between the two of you someone or something has gone mightily wrong, but this should not mean at all that any of the online and off-line records of your joint history should be expurgated. You see, I try to be as detailed and as much as possible objective researcher of the Zen dust. In my online work I am trying to document faithfully all the various comings and goings of the Zen in the West. Moreover, for a reader in 150 years from now it will be good and illuminating to realise that not all long-term relationships between the ego-less students of the Path have been always based on mutual trust and respect. For instance, if we look at the the history of convolutions and tensions between
Richard Baker and members of the SF Zen centre,
Robert Aitken and John Tarrant,
John Tarrant and Geoff Dawson,
Robert Aitken and Manfred Steger,
Robert Aitken and Augusto Alcalde,
Daniel Terragno and Craig Twentyman,
Dennis Merzel and Laurent Caille,
Kyozo YAMADA and Philip Kapleau,
Kyozo YAMADA and Robert Aitken,
Philip Kapleau and Toni Packer,
Philip Kapleau and Richard Clarke,
Willigis Jaeger and senior teachers of the Sanbokyodan line,
as well as between yourself and Judy Kennedy
clearly teaches us that bodhisattvas are bodhisattvas, and people are people, and the twain not always meet. That's the cross that in our lives, sooner or later, we all have to face and one that we better learn to carry with oodles of gratitude and grace. Otherwise, our suffering and disconcert will be nothing but a pointless pain.
With many thanks for the latest suplied information, a gassho, and wishes of Happy and optimistic Easter,
Matthew Ciolek."
[225] "The correct Web link for Roshi Paul Genki Kahn is:
Dr. Ciolek, I hope all is well with you. Here's the latest news from Roshi Glassman about empowerment of Paul Genki Kahn as Roshi. Len Moskowitz", email, 17 April, 2009.
[226] "Dear Mathew, On 2 January 2008 I wrote to you:
'Yours has long been a source site for very useful information for me. Now I would like to offer you another name to your list! (And of course the lineage information as well!) My teacher, Daido Hogen Yamahata has given me dharma transmission and the dharma name of Daigen Kakuji. I have attached the kanji as an RTF document. Daigen is 'Huge mystery'; Kakuji is 'Awake compassion'. The formal induction as Zen master will be on 19 January 2008 in the morning (time to be ascertained as we go along!).'
I sent you this because my teacher had told me that he felt I had some value, and that he wished to 'ordain you as Zen master'. Now I realise that this was not correct and despite all the rigmarole, and the fancy names, gifts and other shadows it was not the case. Yes, he did give me this name, but step by step I am learning to put it down. No, I am not yet his dharma heir, despite what I may have said.
Now, with deep humility, I must admit my error. I bow deeply and confess my crime. In order that your excellent record keeping correctly reflects the contents of my teacher's mind I must ask you to remove all trace of me from your page. This is not the situation where he has changed his mind. It is entirely by my own understanding only that I have caused this error. Along with all my apologies to my teacher and his Sangha, I tender my deepest apologies also to you.
Sampai, Nick Aalders", email, 2 May 2009. [see also entry 206 above]
[228] "Thought I'd let you know that John Daido Loori now has another dharma heir, Konrad Ryushin Marchaj. The website of the Mountains and Rivers Order hasn't yet been updated to show it, but he now (as of just last week) has the title 'sensei':", Susan Forste, email, 23 Jun 2009.
[230] "Corinne Frottier received Dharma transmission from Genno Roshi last week during the summer retreat; her third successor. You can see mention of it here:', Peter Bruza, email, 22 Jul 2009.
[232] "Genno Roshi (Genpo Roshi, Maezumi Roshi, Yasutani Roshi line) also has two assistant teachers (Hoshi) They are Marzena Rey and Michel Oltheten.", Anonymous, email, 5 Aug 2009.
[233] -
[234] -
[235] "hi Mathew, Just in case you hadn't heard - Daido Loori passed. hoping you are well Peter Bruza", email, 15 Oct 2009 & & "Hello, You may wish to add the following to the biographical information of John Daido Loori, Roshi to your list of revisions: Last month the Mountain and Rivers Order of Zen Buddhism announced that John Daido Loori, Roshi passed away on October 9, 2009. See" Frank Lo Cicero, email, 12 Nov 2009.
[236] "[David Weinstein] Received Inka Shomei from John Tarrant on 3/17/08, given the teacing name Onryu Ko'un.", David Weinstein, email, 13 Sep 2009.
[237] "Bonnie Myotai Treacem [sic] Sensei, received dharma transmission from Daido Roshi in 1996 - before Shugen Sensei - she is Daido Roshi's first dharma heir. It is untrue to list her as an 'assistant teacher' below Shugen Sensei, below Ryushin Sensei (who received dharma trnsmission [sic] very recently), and below others who have not yet received actual dharma transmission. I am grateful for the aboce [sic] correction. Please do not be a party to attempts to rewrite and falsify history. Respectfully, Daniel Kousen Bruner Student of Bonnie Myotai Treace, Sensei, Hermitage Heart Fromer [sic] Mountains and Rivers Order Student", email, Mon, 21 Dec 2009. [The outdated term 'assistant teacher' has been removed on 22 Dec 2009, as suggested by D.K. Bruner. However, an old-fashioned alphabetical listing (as opposed to a chronological, or a rank-based listing) of students & dharma heirs continues to be used as before, Mr Bruner's preference for an explicit Zen pecking-order notwithstanding - tmciolek.]
[238] "Hello, Genno Roshi (Yasutani Roshi/Maezumi Roshi/Genpo Roshi Line) did not receive Dharma Transmission in 2005 as your website suggests [the mistake has been corrected to 'inka' on 22 Feb 2010 - tmciolek]. She received Dharma Transmission in 1992 (becoming a Sensei) and in was then in 2005 that she received Inka from Genpo Roshi, becoming a Roshi.
See their website for confirmation.
Also, her third successor Corinne Frottier has a website here:
Amy Hollowell Sensei was born in 1958
Corinne Frottier was born in 1953", An unsigned email from 'stenning45@[redacted domain name]', 2 Feb 2010.
[239] "Dear Dr Ciolek, Please update your lineage charts to note that I have given Dharma Transmission to Pat George, who teaches at the Zen Center of Philadelphia, in the Joko Beck branch of the Harada-Yasutani-Maezumi lineage. thank you - Barry Magid", email, 12 May 2010.
[240] Pat George, the Zen Center of Philadelphia:
[241] "Two additions: Peter Lengsfeld died. (last year or the year before). Paul Shepherd: there is a small mistake in it: It should be 'Kokoro' and not 'Korkoro'" Peter Wicke, email, 07 Jun 2010.
[242] "Dear Dr. Ciolek, Thank you so much for the conscientious work on your website. It is strong resource for all of us. I have a few updates in my line:
Dharma Transmission: O'Hara, Barbara Joshin - April 2006. Jules Shuzen Harris - December 2007. Randall Ryotan Eiger - December 2008. Shinryu Sinclair Thomson - December 2009. Catherine Anraku Hondorp - December 2009.
Dharma Holder: Julie Myoko Terestman - July 2008.
Also, the teachings from the Village Zendo, including some from those listed above and many of mine, are available at: (except Jules Shuzen Harris: and Catherine Anraku Hondorp:
Again, thank you for this wonderful resource, bows, Enkyo", Pat Enkyo O'Hara, email, 19 Jun 2010.
[243] - Thomas Bolling, email, 6 Aug 2010 and
[244] "Dear Dr Matthew Ciolek, I see from your website that you invite people to send you corrections and updates, and I would like to do so. I am a student of Kanja Odland Sensei, who has been authorised to teach in this lineage by Roshi Bodhin Kjolhede. This fact is recorded on the Rochester Zen Center website on this page: You can also see her biography at:
I am also a student of Sante Poromaa Sensei, and I notice that his birth year is incorrectly stated on your webpage. He was born in 1958. You can see his biography at: Incidentally also, Roshi Kjolhede's name has been misspelled in the section listing his successors. Kind regards Shuna Lennon", email, 5 Sep 2010.
[245] "This is an addition for the list of Sandbo-Kyodan teachers: On September 23, 2010, Robert (Bob) Walker, Roshi named Paul Sanders as an Assistant Teacher. Marianne Roche", email, 26 Sep 2010.
[246] "Dear Mathew Ciolek, [...] I am now an apprentice teacher of Daniel Terragno Roshi, in California. I am wondering if you keep an updated list of Diamond Sangha teachers on your website. If you do could you please add my name and contact details to that list? [...] My birth date is 1959 and my dharma name is kenjo shin. [...] Much thanks, bowing across the sea in your direction, Antoinette Parekh (", emails, 26 Sep 2010 & 1 Oct 2010.
[247] "Dear Dr. Ciolek, On September 12, 2010, Danan Henry Roshi gave Dharma transmission to Peggy Sheehan, Ken Morgareidge, and Karin Kempe in an Ascending the Mountain/Appointment of Abbacy ceremony. Sensei is probably their most appropriate title now. (As Danan Roshi received Dharma transmission from Kapleau Roshi and was subsequently acknowledged as a Diamond Sangha master by Robert Aitken, there are two listings for the Danan Henry line: one under Kapleau and one under Aitken.) Thanks very much for your ever-ongoing work in progress! very best wishes, -- Hoag", Hoag Holmgren, email, 13 Sep 2010.
[248] "Dear Dr. Ciolek, Thank you for all your efforts in creating and maintaining the WWW Zen Virtual site. In the Sanbo Kyodan lineage, under Joko Beck's line [...] there are 2 other Dharma heirs of Joko. One is Barbara Muso Penn. I only have this old address for her, but am not sure if it is current:
Sandhills Zen Center, 150 Merry Mock Hill Road, Southern Pines, NC 28388.
There is an other Dharma Heir but I need to get permission to list him before can get you that info. Thank you. Bows, Elihu Genmyo Smith", email, 12 Oct 2010.
[249] "ZCSD Newsletter -- September, 2004 - 2047 Felspar Street, San Diego, California 92109-3551 858-273-3444. [...] Dharma Transmission: Joko announces with pleasure the transmission of the Dharma to Barbara Muso Penn of Southern Pines, North Carolina; and to Gary Nafstad of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Barbara leads the Sandy Hill Zen Group in Southern Pines. [...]" -
[250] "Shortly after Joko's departure in 2006 [from ...] the San Diego Zen Cente [...] Joko Beck sent a letter in which she stated that she was revoking Dharma transmission from two senior students: Ezra Bayda and Elizabeth Hamilton. Joko also stated that the San Diego Zen Center should not claim to represent her or her teaching. Joko's actions [...] led some [of her long-time students, such as her Dharma heir Barry Magid, to question her judgment. [...] [] [However,] In the same interview, Magid acknowledges that some students do not share his current view of Joko. [...] Later, in the spring of 2010, Joko announced that she had chosen Gary Nafstad to be her Dharma successor." - (v. 12 Oct 2010)
[251] Elizabeth Hamilton, biographical details -
[252] Ezra Bayda, biographical details -
[253] "Dear Dr. Matthew Ciolek, I like to inform you, that I installed a new HomePage [...] about the work and life of Brigitte D'Ortschy (Koun-An doru chiko Roshi). It is the Page of - Sanbo Kyodan Harada-Yasutani school - directly under Yasutani Roshi. I have also a page in english and download-text in english. Could be it is interesting for you. [...] With regards and Gassho, Monica Maurer, Wolkenverlag", email, 29 Sep 2010 & "Ladies and gentlemen, the homepage of Koun-An Roshi Doru Chiko Brigitte D'Ortschy (1921-1990) has changed. The new address is Yours, Richard Lechner", email, 19 Oct 2010.
[254] "Dear Dr Ciolek, Just a quick note about David Dohi Scott, who is currently listed as an "Assistant Teacher" to Genpo Merzel Roshi and as the leader of the "Liverpool Zen Group" [...] at
A couple of years ago, he left Genpo Roshi (under very good terms) and became a student of Tenshin Fletcher Roshi of Yokoji Zen Mountain Center near San Diego. In October of last year (2009), he received shiho from Tenshin Roshi, becoming David Keizan Scott Sensei. At around the same time, the Liverpool Zen Group became the StoneWater Zen Sangha, reflecting a less local focus for our organisation.
There are details of this on our own website at, and you can confirm the broad details on the Yokoji Zen Mountain Center website, e.g. Regards, Alasdair GF", Alasdair Gordon-Finlayson, email, 17 Oct 2010.
[255] “Dr. Ciolek: My wife and I are successors of Maezumi Roshi through Dennis Genpo Merzel.  Your page links all of his successors to the old Kanzeon Zen Center page.  That page used to list all Genpo's successors, but has been elminated and all links run to the Big Mind page, which is Genpo's new venture.  It contains no lineage information as he has moved away from traditional Zen.   Diane and I can be linked to bios at our own website,   We both teach at The Boulder Mountain Zendo, which has locations in Salt Lake City and Torrey, Utah.   Our dates, which are missing from your page, are:  Diane Musho Hamilton, born 1958, transmission May, 2006.  Michael Mugaku Zimmerman, born 1943, transmission December, 2006. I know that others of his successors can be found at other pages.  Catherine Geno Pages and MIchel DuBois are at Dana Sanga in Paris.  Tenkei Coppens and Tamara Gabrysh are at Zen River, north of Amsterdam.  Daniel Doen Silberberg is at  Richard Taido Christofferson is at Let me know if you need further information. Best, Michael Mugaku Zimmerman”, email, 27 Jun 2011.
[256] “Joko Beck passed away at 7:30 am, June 15th [2011]. Visit the Members/Comings & Goings page for a message from her family with a few photos of her last days.” -
[257] “About our teacher - Geoff Dawson” -
[258] White Plum Asanga Announcements, June 17, 2011 - “WPA is happy to announce that 7 teachers in the Maezumi lineage were approved for membership in the White Plum Asanga. Membership was reinstated for Alfred Jitsudo Ancheta who received transmission from Hakuyu Maezumi and Bernie Glassman. The new members are Carl Genjo Bachman (transmission teacher Robert Kennedy), Gary Myogen Koan Janka (transmission teacher Egyoku Nakao), Al Genkai Kazniak (transmission teacher Joan Halifax), Julie Myoko Kirin Terestman (transmission teacher Enkyo O’Hara), Bonnie Myotai Treace (transmission teacher Daido Loori) and Peter Seishin Wohl (transmission teachers Stef and Margaret Barragoto).” Src: & Peter Bruza, email, 12 August 2011.
[264] White Plum Asanga Announcements - February 2011
“The White Plum Asanga Board of Directors has accepted the resignation of Genpo Merzel from White Plum Asanga membership as well as an Elder of the White Plum. This resignation is a result of his recent disclosures regarding sexual misconduct with several of his students.”
Src: [265]
White Plum Asanga Announcements - June 2, 2011
“The White Plum Asanga affirms integrity, honesty, and humility as central to the practice of our Dharma teaching. We affirm non-harming in our relations with all those whom we encounter. We collectively vow to maintain our lineage as a vital branch of the Dharma tree, and to keep it as clear as possible from harmful actions.
We also recognize that, from the very root of our lineage, we have experienced misconduct in the areas of sex and alcohol. And, there have been occasions of abuse of power, sex and money in succeeding generations. We express our sincere apology to all those who have been harmed in any way by these actions. We resolve to act affirmatively to transform our collective karma by censure, healing and restitution.
In light of the above, a delegation of WPA members met with Dennis Genpo Merzel, and together discussed the current circumstances relating to his abuse of his position of teacher and Abbot. We sought to participate with him in a process of discernment to address his issues. He has indicated that he does not want to be accountable to his peers in the White Plum Asanga, and that he will follow his own path in addressing his personal issues and their impact on the Kanzeon Sangha. Since Genpo has resigned his membership in the White Plum organization, we have no authority over him. We appeal to him to address his issues and to take responsibility for healing the harmful effects they have had on his students, successors, and Sangha.
signed by the Board of The White Plum Asanga
Roshi Gerry Shishin Wick, President, Roshi Wendy Egyoku Nakao, Vice-President, Roshi Anne Seisen Saunders, Secretary-Treasurer, Sensei Joan Hogetsu Hoeberichts, Roshi Pat Enkyo O'Hara, Sensei Michael Mugaku Zimmerman.”
[266] "I am a student of Joan Sutherland, Roshi (dharma heir of John Tarrant), and have been invited to offer to you the fact of another dharma heir:  Andrew Palmer, born 8/5/71, who was made a sensei in Feb 2011.  He lives in Colorado Springs, CO. Hope that is helpful [...] Thank you, Margo Conover", email, 16 Sep 2011.
[267] "Hello Dr. Ciolek, Just looking at your web page on the Harada-Yasutani line.  Rachel Mansfield-Howlett received full dharma transmission and the title Roshi from John Tarrant in 2009.  She is now the head teacher at Santa Rosa City Zen. Thank you for keeping up your valuable web site. Best regards, Carol Spooner", email, 28 Sep 2011.
[268] "Hi Matthew, [...] just realized the info for Joan Sutherland is not correct.  She no longer teaches in California nor has a formal connection as a teacher for Mountain Cloud Zen Center, but is founder and head teacher of Awakened Life in Santa Fe (, and is also holding teacher for Open Source, a network of communities that includes Wet Mountain Sangha in Pueblo, Colorado and Desert Rain Zen Group in Tucson, AZ.  Also she is co-founder of the Pacific Zen School, not Pacific Zen Institute. Thanks again, Margo Conover", email, 18 Sep 2011.
[269] Springs Mountain Sangha: Our Teachers - (v. 20 Sep 2011).
[270] Women Active in Buddhism (WAiB) Pages: Female Teachers in Buddhism Zen / Ch'an - (v. 20 Sep 2011).
[271] "Dear Dr. Ciolek,   Would you please make the following addition (Thompson, Scott H.)  to your Harada-Yasutani School of Zen Buddhism and its Teachers page:   Maezumi Line -    Glassman, Bernard -       Kennedy Line -          Birx, Charles -             Thompson, Scott H. (7 Feb 1948) assistant teacher.
Scott was recognized as an assistant teacher on April 18, 2011. Thanks so much.  Keep up the good work. take care, charles", Charles Birx, email, 16 Jan 2012.
[272] - (v. 23 Jan 2013).
[273] Short History of The Sanbo Kyodan [] (v. 23 Jan 2011).
[274] Sanbo-Kyodan: Zen Leaders with Their Zen Centers [a list of formally authorised teachers] [] (v. 23 Jan 2011).
[275] (v. 23 Jan 2011).
[276] Zen Center Philippines, The ZCP Story. (v. 23 Jan 2011).
[277] "Dear Dr. Ciolek, Regarding your Harada-Yasutani lineage webpage, I'm writing to let you know that last weekend we celebrated the Ascending the Mountain Ceremony for our teacher at the Auckland Zen Centre. The ceremony was conducted by Roshi Bodhin Kjolhede of the Rochester Zen Center, and celebrated his Dharma Transmission to Sensei Amala Wrightson. Amala-sensei was born in 1958, ordained in 1999, and sanctioned to teach in 2004. With the recent ceremony she became a full Dharma heir, and is now herself authorized to sanction teachers. We would love to see her name added to your website. Kind regards, Kathryn Argetsinger for Auckland Zen Centre (New Zealand)", email, 28 Feb 2012.
[278] "Dear Dr. Ciolek, It has been a long time since I contacted you.  [...]
Also, many years ago I mentioned that my own Dharma name is Mitra Bishop and that I do not go by "Frances Mitra" Bishop.  Because it was so confusing to be known by one name and have my official identification in another, my name was legally changed many years ago.  It is now simply "Mitra Bishop."  Also, once I completed my formal practice at the Rochester Zen Center I went on pilgrimage to Japan (Japan only, since I had lived in Southeast Asia and been to Singapore and Hong Kong—and later to Taiwan) in 1992 after having met Harada Shodo-roshi and done sesshin with him in the States.  I spent two months at Sogen-ji in Okayama, Japan, (Harada-roshi's temple), then went also to sit at Soko Morinaga-roshi 's temple in Kyoto (Daishu-in), then did Rohatsu sesshin at Bukkoku-ji under Tangen-roshi.  A few months later I returned to Japan and lived and trained for the next three years at Sogen-ji.  When I returned from that period of intensive training, Roshi Philip Kapleau authorized me to teach. I have continued to train with Harada-roshi to this day, attending several sesshin a year with him, some at Sogen-ji and some in the States, while also teaching Zen students at Mountain Gate in northern New Mexico, U.S.A. ( and at Hidden Valley Zen Center (  I give you this information since you have been carefully archiving contemporary Zen teachers and their training. WIth nine bows, Mitra", email, 8 June 2012.
[279] "Dr. Ciolek, Earlier tonight I found information on the home page of the Pathless Path program in Tuscon that Fr. Pat Hawk Roshi died on May 8, 2012. That information, as well as information on instructors that will be invited to lead Pathless Path retreats, can be found at There are bios linked for many of the invited teachers, some of whom are described as having received Dharma transmission from Hawk Roshi. Regards, Matt Fisher", email, 15 July 2012. AND "Father Pat Hawk, CSsR has passed away. Please remember him in your prayers."
[280] "[...] Please update the information under John Tarrant to include the following: Please add the following teachers to my lineage: Atwill, Allison - Sensei
Joseph, Jon - Dharma Teacher
Gaudry, Guy - Sensei (Guy Teaches Here:
Grant, Steven - Dharma Teacher
Except for Guy, all of the teacher's ablove [sic] can be linked to here:
Deborah Saint's link is broken and can point to here: [...].", John Tarrant, email, 28 Nov 2012.
[281] "Pacific Zen Institute - More Locations"
[282] “Dear Dr Ciolek, For your records, please be advised that on the 11th of June 2012, Dr Mervyn Lander (Go'un ken) of the Sanbo Kyodan Lineage and Stone line, has given dharma transmission to Arno Hess and appointed him as Zen Teacher with Sun Mountain Zen in Brisbane. Also, on the 11th of August 2012, Yamada Ryoun Roshi, Abbot of Sanbo Kyodan, authorised Arno Hess as Zen Teacher (Zen-Kyoshi) in the Sanbo Koydan Zen Society  and has given him the teachers name Shu un-ken. For confirmation please see (teachers) and (Zen Leaders with their Centres). Kind regards, Arno Hess”, email, 12 Jan 2013.
[283] Sun Mountain Zen/Brisbane Community/Teachers -
[284] “Hi Dr. Ciolek, [...] Here's an update about Roshi Paul Genki Kahn: After serving as as President and Vice-Spiritual Director of the Zen Peacemakers in Montague, MA, and Executive Director of the Zen Peacemakers Sangha, Paul Genki Kahn returned to New Jersey and started Zen Garland (, an offshoot of the High Mountain Crystal Lake Zen Center. His Dharma successors are listed here: They include Roshi Ann Ankai Wagner, Roshi Bill Jikai Greenberg, and eleven Teachers, Dharma Holders, Priests and Chaplains. With warm regards, Len Moskowitz”, email, 2 Apr 2103.
[285] Zen Garland Order and Community for Zen Practice: Teachers’ Bios - (v. April 2013]
[286] “[...] I have a couple of updates that aren't yet reflected on your lineage pages: First, in the Kapleau line, Sunyana Graef has finally (finally!) consented to be called "Roshi". And Rafe Martin was granted permission to teach by Michael Danan Henry in the Aitken line last fall. Rafe teaches at Endless Path Zendo in Rochester, NY, and all over the world through his telling of the Jataka tales. With metta, - Rich”, email, 18 Apr 2013.
[288] “Dear Dr Ciolek, Greetings! I am Allison Atwill, dharma heir of John Tarrant Roshi in the Harada Yasutani lineage. I wanted to send you my birth date for your website on Zen Buddhism, as I see you have a question mark where the date should be; born March 5, 1959. Warm Regards, Allison Atwill Sensei”, email, 16 May 2013.
[289] “Dear Dr Ciolek: I have been meaning to send this update for some time regarding my listing on this webpage –
To wit: My birth year is 1942. I am no longer in Saudi Arabia and no longer a guest teacher in Leverkusen. I received Dharma transmission from Pat Hawk Roshi in 2001 and have been the teacher of Seven Thunders sangha in Oregon since 2003.
In addition, there are two other matters about which you may wish to obtain clarification: 1) to the best of my knowledge, Hawk Roshi gave Sr Joan Saalfeld permission to lead Christian contemplative retreats, but did not give her Dharma transmission.
2) In December 2012, Ruben Habito gave Dharma transmission to three women.
Thank you for maintaining a very informative website.
Leonard Kansho Shi'un Marcel”, email, 23 May 2013.
[290] “Dear Dr. Ciolek, Thank you for maintaining your informative site on Zen. Since you mention that updates are appreciated, I would like to update my own status in the Maezumi Roshi Lineage. I am currently listed as a Dharma Holder under Nicolee Jikyo McMahon Roshi. I received Dharma Transmission from Jikyo Roshi in 2009, and should be listed as a full lineage holder. Thank you very much, Ann Pirruccello, PhD University of San Diego Three Treasures Zen Community”, email, 4 Jun 2013.
[291] Three Treasures Zen Community
[294] Sanbô-Kyôdan Zen Leaders and Zen Centers [as of Jun 2013] -
[295] [about Valerie Forstman]
[298] [about Lee Ann Nail] and
[299] "Dear Dr.Ciolek, I am sending in updates for the Sanbo Kyodan page. Would you add the following under James Ishmael Zeno Myoun Ford:
Roshi Melissa Keido Myozen Blacker (19 March, 1954 - ) received Inka Shomei on 25 July, 2010. She is a member of the American Zen Teachers Association and the Soto Zen Buddhist Association. She is resident at the Worcester Zen Buddhist Temple and is the third school abbot of Boundless Way Zen.
Sensei Josh Keido Munen Rosenthal Bartok (24 May, 1971 - ) received Denbo on 20 July, 2012.  He is a member of the American Zen TeachersAssociation and the Soto Zen Buddhist Association. He is a senior guiding teacher of Boundless Way Zen. He currently serves as abbot of the Greater Boston Zen Center.
Dharma Holder Douglas Keido Kaishin Phillips (26 May 1947) received Lay Denkai on 5 January, 2013 He also received Dharma transmission in a lay Vipassana tradition from Larry Rosenberg. He is the Guiding Teacher of the Empty Sky Sangha
Roshi David DaeAn Rynick (1952 - ) received Denkai ordination on 27 May, 2011. He previously received full transmission in the Korean Linji lineage of Seung Sahn from Zen Master George Bomun Bowman. He is a senior guiding teacher of Boundless Way Zen. He is a member of the American Zen Teachers Association. He currently serves as abbot of Mugendoji, the Worcester Zen Buddhist Temple.
James no longer serves as an adjunct teacher with the Pacific Zen Institute.  He was the founding school abbot and is currently a senior guiding teacher with Boundless Way Zen.
Thank you, and deep bows. Edward Keido Sanshin Oberholtzer", email, 7 Jun 2013
[300] "Hello Dr. Ciolek,  I have some updates for you regarding the line of Joan Sutherland, Roshi:   Tenney Nathanson, Sensei (born 13 June 1946) was authorized to teach in March 2012. He is the resident teacher of Desert Rain ( in Tucson, Arizona.  For my listing, would you correct my birthday to read 5 August 1971, and add that I teach at Springs Mountain Sangha ( and Wet Mountain Sangha (  Many thanks for this, and for your work on this wonderful resource, Andrew Palmer, Sensei.", email, 09 Aug 2013.

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