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Harada-Yasutani School of Zen Buddhism
References & Footnotes number 401-500

This document is an integral part of the Harada-Yasutani School of Zen Buddhism page.
Both documents form a subsection of the Zen Buddhism section of the Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library.

Edited by Dr T. Matthew Ciolek

The purpose of this document is to provide comprehensive, factual and up-to-date information about the Sanbo Kyodan (Harada-Yasutani) school of Zen Buddhism. Any updated information, corrections or comments will be appreciated.

A Work in Progress - tmc


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References & Footnotes number 401-500

Note, for bibliographical details of books referred to below, please consult the Some References to Modern Zen Buddhism (1600-present) [T. Matthew Ciolek. 1992. 33Kb. E-Archive: ANU, Australia]

[401] "Dear Dr. Ciolek,  I just came across the following obituary in the New York Times for Bernie Glassman Roshi: [d. Nov 4 2018] [ - tmc], Regards,  Matt Fisher", email, 27 Nov 2018.
[402] [access 01 Dec 2018].
[403] "Dear Dr. Ciolek, On October 13, 2018, I completed Dharma Transmission with Mary Gates, Sensei, though the ceremony of Denbo.  Would you Kindly add that to her listing under my name? Thank you very much! Douglas Phillips Keido San'un, Roshi", email, 17 Oct 2018.
[404] "Dear Dr. T Matthew Ciolek, Thank you for maintaining the "Sanbo Kyodan: Harada-Yasutani School of Zen Buddhism and its Teachers." We have an update on the James Ford line. 
1. Bob Waldinger, Sensei received full transmission (Denbo) from Melissa Blacker, Roshi in November of 2018 and is the resident teacher for the Henry David Thoreau Sangha, a Boundless Way Zen practice group in Newton, MA
2. Mike Fieleke, Sensei received full transmission (Denbo) from David Rynick, Roshi in January of 2019 and is the resident teacher for Morning Star Sangha, a Boundless Way Zen practice group in Newton, MA. 
Gratefully, Michael Fieleke", email, 8 Feb 2019.
[405] [access 12 Feb 2019].
[406] [access 12 Feb 2019].
[407] [access 12 Feb 2019].
[408] "Dear Matthew.
Your website seems to grow through the years. It is a goldmine for information, and a joy to dig into it.
I hope it is fine for you, that I sent you a list with names. They are all successors in the Line of Maezumi Roshi.
It starts with the successor of Genpo Roshi: Niko Tydeman Roshi.
I am one of his 17 successors Gretha Jikai Aerts Roshi
And I have two successors, [...]. 
I hope there is space to fit us all in into the overview.

[a Feb 2019 list of] List of Dharma Successors from:
1. Niko Sojun Tenko Tydeman Roshi (Inka in 2018 from Genpo Merzel Roshi)
	1.	Gretha Myoshin Jikai Aerts (Shiho 2011, Inka 2019) 
	2.	Meindert Musho  Seiju van den Heuvel (Shiho 2011, Inka 2019)
	3.	Joke Heldere Dharma Traan Dajun Huiberts (Shiho 2011, Inka 2019)
	4.	Cornelia Gyokushin Wierenga (Shiho 2017)
	5.	Daan Zazenshin de Bruin (Shiho 2017) 
	6.	Willem  Kando Kaishin Scheepers (Shiho 2017)
	7.	Jan Mukan Klungers  (Shiho 2017) 
	8.	Dick Butsugen Verstegen (Shiho 2017)
	9.	Lolit Abhaya ten Hengel (Shiho 2017)
	10.	Maria Ryuzenmuki  Lemaire (Shiho 2017)
	11.	Jacky Shobogenzo Demmers (Shiho 2017)
	12.	Marieke Virya Heijman (Shiho 2017)
	13.	Ben Verlichtende Natuur Scheres (Shiho 2018)
	14.	Martin Myoki Pol (Shiho 2018)
	15.	Julia Jinne Veldkamp; (Shiho 2018)
	16.	Rob  Daigan Riki Eckhart (Shiho 2018)
	17.	Ronald  Keiyaku Uijtdehaage. (Shiho 2018)
 2.  Gretha Myoshin Jikai Aerts Roshi [Inka in 2019 from Niko Sojun Tenko Tydeman Roshi - tmc]
	1.	Leo Ahimsa Sumitra Huijg (Shiho 2019)
	2.	Marli Jifu Daigen Lindeboom (Shiho 2019)
With warm greetings, Gretha  Aerts, [...],", email, 19 Feb 2019.
[410] "Dear Dr Ciolek, I’m emailing you as a senior student of Barry Farrin Roshi and Dharma practice leader at Forest Way Zen, Doonan, QLD to confirm that I was present at his transmission ceremony held in Doonan, QLD on 9th August 2015.
Barry was made a Roshi in the Diamond Sangha which comes out of the Sanbo- Kyodan Harada-Yasutani School of Zen and the Transmission was given to him by his teacher Subhana Barzaghi with 53 students and friends in attendance. Yours sincerely, Dr Lynda Swaddling", email, 7 Mar 2015.
[411] [access 15 Feb 2019].
[412] [access 15 Feb 2019].

For earlier materials, see references numbered 001-200, 201-300 and 301-400.

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