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Tibetan Studies - Tibetan National Flag

Edited by Dr T. Matthew Ciolek

[Est.: 7 Apr 1995. Last updated: 19 May 2008. This page is frequently updated.

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About the Tibetan Flag - 1

An Explanation of the Symbolism of the National Flag of Tibet (www.earthlight.co.nz, NZ)
[The Tibetan flag (scanned and edited by Sonam Tenzin) plus a short commentary on the meaning of the Tibetan flag translated from the Tibetan grade 5 school text book published by the Tibetan Cultural Printing Press, Dharamsala 1989]

Abouth the Tibetan Flag - 2

A 1995 note by: andrew@dorje.demon.co.uk

The Tibetan National Flag was used officially up to 1951 and since then has been a rallying point for the independence movement.

I am told that the design was orginally proposed by a Japanese Military advisor to the 13th Dalai Lama who was part of amove by the Japanese Government to make allegances with other buddhist countries. Aparrently the incorporation of the rising sun and Fuji-style mountain elements into the flag were seen as a victory in diplomacy...

The various elements of the flag have symbolic meanings. I am not sure about them but here's what I recall:

Today, posession of the Tibetan flag within China is a criminal offence:

In China today it is refered to as "the snowlion mountain flag" as to call it the Tibetan Flag might infer some degree of legitimacy on its bearers...

Any updated information, corrections or comments would be appreciated.

Mail me at: andrew--at--dorje.demon.co.uk

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The Tibetan National Flag - Images

  • The Tibetan Flag
    26Kb GIF file. Copyright (c) www.savetibet.org/images/images/TibetFlag.gif
    [My deep thanks to Chris Jolley for suggesting 28 Apr 2008 the www.savetibet.org site - tmc]

  • Tibet Flag Image [miniature]
    2Kb GIF file. Copyright (c) 1995 Sonam Tenzin, Dhargyey Buddhist Centre, Dunedin, New Zealand. e-mail: sonamt--at--earthlight.co.nz

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