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Tibetan Studies - Tibetan Religion
- Sky Burial

Edited by Dr T. Matthew Ciolek

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The purpose of this document is to provide an ethnographic account of the Tibetan funeral ritual - the sky burial, (Tib.) 'jhator', literally 'giving alms to the birds.'

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A Sky Burial - The Sacred Solemn Funeral Rite of Tibet

The following notes were prepared by Mondo Secter (secter@sfu.ca), Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada in October 1999 for the use by the H-Net list for Asian History and Culture (H-ASIA@H-NET. MSU.EDU). They are reprinted here with kind permission of the author.


Witness to a Sky Burial - The Sacred Solemn Funeral Rite of Tibet

Copyright 1999 by M.Secter. The above text is not to be re-published without the author's written permission

Other eye-witness accounts of the Sky Burial

Visual documentation

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