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    Est.: 3 May 1995. Last updated 15 Jan 2013.

    This document is a part of Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library and Pacific Studies WWW Virtual Library. It keeps track of leading on-line serials of value/significance to researchers in Asian and Pacific Studies. Please mail tmciolek@ciolek.com if you know of relevant information resource not in this list.

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  1. Access Magazine: Asia's Newspaper on Electronic Information Products and Services (iGroup, Thailand)
    [Site contents: Curent Issue: (In This Issue, Other News); Back Issues (Mar 2001, No. 36 - present); Search.]
  2. Access Asia Review E-Journal (The National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR), Seattle, US)
    [A state-of-the-field journal that reviews and assesses current research in the field of contemporary Asian affairs. The journal draws upon AccessAsia, a project of The National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR) that tracks the expertise and current research of 3,000 leading Asia specialists worldwide. More information about NBR and the AccessAsia project can be found on our website (http://www.nbr.org).]
  3. AfghanMagazine.com (Aftaabzad Publications, US)
    [Afghan Experience, Afghanistan Geographics, Book Reviews, Event Reviews, Essays, Fiction, History, Music, Poetry, Profiles, Travelogues, Visual Arts, Wellness.]
  4. Asian and African Studies Quarterly (Faculty of Arts and Humanities, U. Ljubljana, Slovenia)
    [Original and translated academic articles from the area of intercultural studies. Published in Slovene, English, Chinese or Japanese languages since 1997. It is mainly focused upon humanities, particularly from the fields of cultural studies, intercultural methodology, literature, linguistics, history, history of art and philosophy within Asian and African studies.]
  5. American Journal of Chinese Studies (AJCS) (American Association of Chinese Studies, US)
    [The official publication of the American Association for Chinese Studies and is published twice a year, in April and October. The language of publication is English. The Journal invites the submission of original articles on Taiwan, mainland China, and locales with significant Chinese population or influence in all disciplines of the social sciences and humanities. ]
  6. Anantha Vikatan
    [A Tamil Weekly Magazine. Needs Tamil-Fonts (Download available). ]
  7. Aniketana (www.aniket.com)
    [English-language quarterly journal of the Karnataka Sahitya Akademy. First regional language literary journal which is wholly dedicated to the promotion of Kannada language and literature.]
  8. Annual of the Japanese Biblical Institute (AJBI) (ajbi.org, Japan)
  9. Anthropology of Japan in Japan (AJJ) (Tohoku U., Japan)
  10. ANU Asia Newsletter (ANU, Australia)
    [This newsletter is about the research, teaching, and outreach activities of Asia-related programs at the Australian National University. Information is grouped under country and regional headings. The newsletter is an initiative of the ANU Asia Committee]
  11. ANU Chinese Studies Bulletin (ANU, Australia)
    [Unless otherwise indicated, the Chinese text included in this document employs the Guo Biao encoding system and the pinyin system of romanisation.]
  12. APEX-J Asia-Pacific EXchange (Electronic) Journal (Kapi'olani College, Hawaii, US)
    [A refereed journal dealing with on international and multicultural education with a special focus on Asian and Pacific college campuses]
  13. Asia Pacific Cultural Studies (APCS) e-Journal (School of Asian Studies, Faculty of Arts, The Univ. of Auckland, NZ)
    [A refereed e-journal with an interdisciplinary orientation focusing on the Asia-Pacific.]
  14. Asia Observer (www.asiaobserver.com, Hong Hong)
    [A start page for observers of Asian affairs, providing news, background and useful links. Intends to give easy access to quality information about East and South-East Asia. Separate pages for each country.]
  15. The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology (TAPJA) (ANU, Australia)
  16. Asia Pacific Newsletter (ANU, Australia)
    [Published in PDF format (via the front page of the NIAP website) by the National Institute for Asia and the Pacific (NIAP), The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia. ]
  17. Asia Pacific: Perspectives (U. of San Francisco, US)
    [A peer-reviewed electronic journal published roughly once a year in April or May. It welcomes submissions from all fields of the social sciences and the humanities with relevance to the Asia Pacific region]
  18. Asia Pacific Special Interest Group (APSIG) Newsletter [ftp] (ANU, Australia)
  19. Asia-Pacific Economic Update (USCINCPAC, U.S. Pacific Command, US)
    ["As part of the U.S. security strategy, USCINCPAC's Asia-Pacific Economic Update helps to strengthen the link between U.S. economic and military instruments of national power. It diagnoses economic conditions in key Asian economies and recommends economic strategies for improving performance in an Asian social and political context. Opinions are those of the author and are not to be construed as U.S. policy".]
  20. Asia Policy E-journal (The National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR), Seattle, US)
    [Asia Policy [est. Jan 2006 - ed.] is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to bridging the gap between academic research and policymaking on issues related to the Asia-Pacific. Asia Policy publishes, in descending order of emphasis, three types of peer-reviewed essays: (1) social scientific research articles, (2) research notes, (3) policy analyses.]
  21. AsiaInfo Journal: Online Monthly (Bilingual Press, Sydney, Australia)
    [A commercial, bi-lingual [EN, CN] site. The AsiaInfo (launched in March 1999) materials are intimately linked with the shop's sales programme]
  22. Asian Analysis Newsletter (Asean Focus Group Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia)
    [Short but authoritative commentaries - written by top country specialists from the Australian National University and other institutions concerned with Asian studies as well as by other independent specialists and experts. First issue Apr 1998, free subscription.]
  23. Asian Anthropology Journal (Chinese University of Hong Kong, HK, China)
    [The journal is editorially based in Hong Kong, but welcomes contributions from anthropologists and anthropology-related scholars throughout the world with an interest in Asia, especially East and Southeast Asia.]
  24. Asian Currents E-bulletin (Asian Studies Association of Australia (ASAA), Australia)
    ['Asian Currents' [ISSN 1449-4418] is published with a view to encouraging greater attention to Asian studies in Australia. ]
  25. Asian Journal of Social Sciences (AJSS) (Singapore / Hong Kong)
  26. Asian-Pacific Law & Policy Journal (APLPJ) (William S. Richardson School of Law, Univ. of Hawaii, US)
    [The Journal was founded in 1999 [... and covers] legal, policy-based, and socio-economic issues that arise in or impact the geographic regions of East Asia and Polynesia, as well as the individual nations of those regions, and Australia.]
  27. Asia-Plus - Tajikistan Information Bulletin (Asia-Plus, Dushanbe, Tajikistan)
    [A bi-weekly English-language online information bulletin, highlighting major events and processes in the life of the Tajikistan society - problems of economics, international relations, social sphere, science, legislation, defense and security, etc.]
  28. Asia Times (Asia Times, Singapore)
    [A regional daily newspaper (est.1995) and printed in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and New York. Daily updated sections: South Asia, Southeast Asia, North Asia, China. Also available: Around the World, Perspective, Editorial, Comment & Opinion, Off the Record, Companies & Markets, Photo Gallery. The site has a very fast & friendly search engine for archived documents and articles]
  29. Asian American Center Newsletter (Queens College, CUNY, US)
    [Issues: Spring 1994 onwards]
  30. Asian Arts (www.webart.com, US)
    [The on-line journal for the study and exhibition of the arts of Asia]
  31. Asian Business Chronicle (infomanage.com, US)
    [Country Backgrounds, Competitive Insights, Industry Focus, Joint Ventures, Business Risks Briefs]
  32. Asian Business Daily (infomanage.com, US)
    [The latest news on trade, stock developments, industry changes and company decisions in Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Japan, China, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia and Taiwan. South Asia and the South Pacific will be covered less frequently]
  33. Asian Libraries Journal (MCB University Press, United Kingdom)
    [The online library and information journal for Asia and the Pacific. The journal covers all areas of interest to library and information professionals around the world with particular reference to Asia including: Information technology - Information management - Preservation and outreach - Networking/resource sharing - Education and training - Architecture and design - Collection development - Policy, censorship, control, etc. - Professional development - The Internet - Conference reports.]
  34. Asian Studies Newsletter (Association for Asian Studies, US)
    [A resource for all those involved in Asian studies, the Asian Studies Newsletter is published four times per year. Each issue contains an average of 70 pages.]
  35. Asian Studies WWW Monitor (RSPAS, ANU, Australia)
    [The Asian Studies WWW Monitor (ISSN 1329-9778) was established 21 April 1994. The journal, a pioneering and the only publication of this kind in the world, provides daily abstracts and reviews of new/updated online resources of significance to research, teaching and communications dealing with Asian Studies. ]
  36. AsiaRights Journal (RSPAS, ANU, Australia)
    [An initiative developed by the 'Asian Civic Rights Network: National Security, Media and the Promotion of Rights in the Twenty-First Century.' The project is supported by the Toyota Foundation.]
  37. ASIATICA ASSOCIATION (http://www.asiatica.org/)
    *International Journal of Tantric Studies* and the *Journal of South Asia Women Studies*
    [In May 13, 1997 our e-journals, the *International Journal of Tantric Studies* and the *Journal of South Asia Women Studies* became part of the larger 'Asiatica Association.' The Asiatica Association is a non-profit, non governmental, cultural association to promote and diffuse the study of Asian cultures.
    Includes NINA fonts for Devanagari (ftp://ftp.shore.net/india/members/).]
  38. Asiatica Veneziana (Dipartimento Di Studi Sull'asia Orientale, Universita Ca' Foscari di Venezia, Venice, Italy)
    [The publication of the Department of East Asian Studies, University of Venice.]
  39. Asiaweek Online (www.pathfinder.com, Hong Kong)
    [On line access to selected articles from weekly periodical "Asiaweek"]
  40. Asiaview (Murdoch U, Australia)
    [The newsletter (produced 3 times a year) of the Asia Research Centre at the Murdoch University. Asiaview will keep academic, business and government communities informed about the Centre's activities and research, and will note new developments]
  41. Asian Voices (NY University, US)
    [An annual publication of the Asian Cultural Union at New York University. The original intent of the magazine was to allow Asian students to express their ideas and opinions]
  42. AUS-CSCAP Newsletter (ANU, Australia)
    [The purpose of the Newsletter is to provide a means by which those government agencies and non-governmental institutes can report on their activities with respect to security cooperation in the Asia Pacific region]
  43. Azerbaijan International Magazine (Azerbaijan International, US)
    [A printed & online "magazine published quarterly since 1993. Art, music, culture, social issues, business, international relations, more than 550 articles, 1,000 photos, 70 sound samples."]

  44. B back

  45. Bangalore Monthly Online
  46. Bangkok METRO Magazine (IndoChinaNet, Thailand)
    [An online version of Bangkok Metro Magazine]
  47. B.C. Asian Review E-Journal (University of British Columbia, Canada)
    [A refereed journal featuring graduate research including textual studies and other forms of critical analysis, as well as translations and reviews on the research of China, India, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia. We welcome feedback concerning our articles and hope to cultivate dialog among graduate students working in all areas of Asian Studies with discussion pages linked to each article.]
    [Articles are in PDF format and need Adobe Acrobat reader - ed.]
  48. Bangladesh International Community News (BICN Dhaka, Bangladesh)
    [News & information about Bangladesh for visitors, expat residents, non-resident Bangladeshis, anyone interested in BGD.]
  49. Beijing Scene E-Journal (Beijing Scene, China? )
    [China's first independent English-language newspaper.]
  50. Bhutan News Online (New York, US / Kathmandu, Nepal)
    [Bhutan's first private online newsmagazine featuring comprehensive web-based news, view, opinions and articles on Bhutan.)
  51. Bhutan's Weekly Newspaper (Kuensel Corp., Bhutan via Singapore)
    [The online English edition of Bhutan's only weekly newspaper; published weekly at Thimpu Bhutan in three languages (Dzongka, Nepali and English). Formerly the official bulletin of the government, now privatized.]
  52. Bimasakti E-Magazine (Monash University, Melbourne, Australia)
    [Indonesian net-magazine with articles and reviews written by students undertaking Indonesian language and cultural studies in Australian Universities. The magazine is in Indonesian.]
  53. BITIG: Journal of Turkish World (SOTA, Netherlands)
    [An independent quarterly Journal of the (SOTA) Research centre for Turkestan, Azerbaijan, Crimea, Caucasus and Siberia.]
  54. BASAS Newsletter (British Association of South Asian Studies)
  55. Buddhism/Buddhist Electronic Newsletters & Journals (www.ciolek.com, Australia)
    [An up-to-date register of scholarly/other buddhism-focus serials]
  56. Bulletin of the Asia Institute (BAI) (Bulletin of the Asia Institute, Bloomfield Hills, MI, US)
  57. Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars, see: Critical Asian Studies (www.bcasnet.org, US)
  58. Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies (BIES) (RSPAS, The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia)
    [A refereed journal published by the Taylor & Francis Group under its Routledge imprint at www.informaworld.com/smpp/title~content=1472-7234. Housed in the Indonesia Project at The Australian National University, BIES was founded by the late Professor H.W. Arndt, and has been in continuous publication since 1965.]
  59. Bulletin of the Institue of Modern History Academia Sinica (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
  60. Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies (Cambridge University Press, UK)
    [Free access to sample issue. Complete online version of the journal is available by subscription.]
  61. BurmaNews (US/UK)
    [A newslist dispatching news and information about Burma collected from international media.]
  62. Business Asia Magazin (First Charlton Communications, Sydney, Australia)
    [A monthly magazine reporting on Australian and Asian Business trade and incorporating Overseas Trading magazine, a magazine for the export industry.]
  63. Business Inf. Service for the Newly Independent States (BISNIS) Bulletins (www.bisnis.doc.gov, US)
  64. Burma Focus Newsletter (U.Kansas, US)
    [Bi-monthly news letter published by the All Burma Students' Democratic Front (Europe Office)]
  65. Bytes For All (Goa, India)
    [A Voluntary Online Initiative from South Asia. [A source of unique, succinct and timely information and commentaries about South Asia.]

  66. C back

  67. Calcutta Online Newspaper (West-Bengal, India)
    [Online edition of Calcutta's leading daily newspaper.]
  68. Caspian Crossroads (United States-Azerbaijan Council, US)
    [Caspian Crossroads magazine examines political and economic implications of the latest developments in the Caspian region.]
  69. Caucasian Regional Studies (Intl. Association for Caucasian Regional Studies, Georgia)
    [E-quarterly on the Caucasus' (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, North Caucasian part of Russia) Politics, Economics, Sociology, Law, International Relations and Modern History published in English and Russian editions. The CRS (each issue is over .5Mb) is available online, in WWW and PDF formats]
  70. Caucasian Review of International Affairs (CRIA) (CRIA, Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
    [A Germany-based quarterly peer-reviewed free, non-profit and online academic journal.]
  71. CCC News (www.pactok.net.au, Australia)
    [Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC) is a membership organization for NGOs working in Cambodia and has been in existence since 1990]
  72. Central Asian Survey (CAS) Journal (Carfax Publishing Limited, UK)
    [The only established journal in the world concerned primarily with the history, politics, cultures, religions and economics of the Central Asian and Caucasian regions.]
  73. Center for South Asian Studies - Newsletter (U.Virginia, US)
  74. Centre of Non-Western Studies (CNWS) (Leiden U, Netherlands)
    [The Centre comprises the Research School of Asian, African, and Amerindian Studies]
  75. China Brief: A Journal of Information and Analysis (The Jamestown Foundation, Washington, DC, US)
    [Site contents: Online Issues from Volume 1, Issue 1 (Jul 2001) - till present. Volume 3, Issue 11 was published on 3 June 2003]
  76. China Heritage Newsletter (ANU, Australia).
    [Issues related to Chinese archaeology, culture, art, museums and history. Edited jointly by Bruce Doar and Geremie Barme, this quarterly newsletter has themed issues and regular features.]
  77. China Information (Documentation and Research Center for Contemporary China, Leiden University, Leiden, The Netherlands)
    [China Information is an English-language, non-profit, refereed academic journal on Contemporary China Studies.]
  78. China Development Briefing (Asia Pacific Social Development Research Centre, Hong Kong)
    [A newsletter intended to improve the quality and flow of information to and between development agencies, particularly international non government organisations]
  79. China News Digest (CND) (www.cnd.org, US)
  80. China Journal - online version (Contemporary China Centre, The Australian National University, Australia and JSTOR, US.)
  81. CBJ - Chinese Business Journal (www.ncb.gov.sg, Singapore)
  82. China Business Monthly (Stonecutter Publishing Inc., Canada)
  83. China Media Research (American Chinese Media Research Association and Communication Studies Institute of Zhejiang U.)
  84. China Quarterly (Cambridge University Press, UK)
    [Free access to sample issue. Complete online version of the journal is available by subscription.]
  85. China Tourism Research (The Haworth Press, Inc., US)
    [The latest research on tourism (all articles printed in both Chinese and English) that relates to China and its citizens. Online access by a subscription.]
  86. Chinese Type Contemporary Art Magazine (www.chinese-art.com, PRC?)
    [A non-profit bimonthly web magazine designed to provide collectors, historians, curators, dealers and critics outside the modern China context with an in-depth look at some of the art making history in China today.]
  87. Chinese-English Translation Journal (Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China)
    ['A window onto Chinese literature', be it poetry, prose, drama of fiction. [...] While maintaining academic standards worthy of the loyal patronage of top China scholars, translators and other specialists worldwide, the journal emphasises high artistic values, readability and diversity, attracting a large non-specialist readership.]
  88. Chinese Religions ToC Project (Society for the Study of Chinese Religions SSCR, US/Germany)
    [Tables-of-Contents [of] Journals in the field of Chinese Religion(s). To date five journals pertaining to Religion in China, and, more specifically, to Chinese Taoism, have been input: 1. The Journal of Chinese Religions (JCR); 2. Taoist Resources; 3. Daoxie huikan (a rare neibu journal); 4. Zongjiaoxue yanjiu (dito neibu); 5. Daojia wenhua yanjiu.]
  89. see also Chinese Serials Database (ANU, Australia)
  90. Chinese Literature (CIBTC, China)
    [Chinese Literature, founded in 1951, is a quarterly magazine published in English and French, presenting contemporary and classical writing, poetry, literary criticism and arts.
    [Single issue (Spring 1997), so far, is available online - ed.]
  91. China Human Rights Forum (www.humanrightsforum.com, US)
  92. Chosun Journal (Edward Kim - Editor, New York, NY, US)
    [An independent, non-profit, reader-driven site whose sole agenda is to inform, provoke, and mobilize consciences for the sake of human rights in North Korea.]
  93. Common Voice (Eastern Turkestan, Inner Mongolia and Tibet) E-Journal (The Allied Committee of The Peoples of Eastern Turkestan, Inner Mongolia and Tibet, US )
  94. Comparative Connections - East Asian Bilateral Relations E-Journal (Pacific Forum CSIS, Honolulu, HI, US)
    [A constellation of fast-loading, crisp factual briefs by foreign affairs and international security specialists. An outstanding and elegant online publication.]
  95. The Copenhagen Journal of Asian Studies (CJAS) (U. Copenhagen, Denmark)
    [A refereed journal that focuses on the social political economy of contemporary Asia.]
  96. Critical Asian Studies [formerly: Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars] (www.bcasnet.org, US)
  97. Crossroads: A Journal of Nagasaki History and Culture (U. of Wisconsin Oshkosh, US)
    [An annual English-language publication.]
  98. Cyber-Caravan E-Journal (Central Asia-Caucasus Institute, Johns Hopkins University, US)
    [A new biweekly publication [est. Dec 1998], devoted to news and analysis of the Caucasus and Central Asia.]

  99. D back

  100. Darpan (www.prairienet.org, US)
    [A literary magazine devoted to reflections on India. It is published by students at the U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.]
  101. Daily News, Sri Lanka (www.lanka.net, US)
  102. Dainik Jagran - Hindi Newspaper Online (Jagran Prakashan Ltd., UP, India)
    [The first ever web site of a Hindi Newspaper known as 'Dainik Jagran' (Daily Awakening). The site has freely downloadable Hindi Fonts for Win 3.1 and Win 95/NT.]
  103. Dharma Deepika - A South Asian Journal of Missiological Research (Chennai, Tamilnadu, India)
    [Dharma Deepika is an academic journal, evangelical in commitment, ecumenical in scope, global in vision, dedicated to open inquiry of issues related to the Church's mission in contemporary South Asia, published by the Deepika Educational Trust.]
  104. Democracy Network of Iran (DNI) News (www.algonet.se, Sweden)
    [DNI monthly news bulletins]
  105. Dien Dan Forum - Vietnamese E-Journal (Dien Dan - Forum, France)
    [A monthly Vietnamese magazine published in Paris. A monolingual (VN) site which heavily relies on the use of graphics.]
  106. Dina Mani (www.dinamani.com, US )
    [popular Tamil daily newspaper, needs Fonts (Download available).]

  107. E back

  108. East Asia Law Review (EALR) (U. of Pennsylvania Law School, Philadelphia, PA, US)
    [English language annual legal journal examining issues in East Asian law. The journal accepts submissions on a variety of subjects and of a number of types. Formerly the Chinese Law and Policy Review.]
  109. East Asian Library Resources Group of Australia (EALRGA) Newsletter (National Library of Australia, Australia)
    [A semiannual newsletter aiming at promoting awareness of various issues in East Asian library resources and librarianship in Australia, and enhancing interaction among library professionals and anyone interested in East Asian studies.]
  110. eNews Asia (members.xoom.com, Hong Kong)
    [A free on line web zine about e-commerce in Asia, it provides up-to-date news, e-biz trend and newsclipping about e-commerce news in Asia.]
  111. East Asia: Cyber Journal (Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, Ill, US)
    [A multilingual international forum to discuss the issues on the peoples and cultures of East Asia.]
  112. East Asia Library Resources Group of Australia (EALRGA) Newsletter [ftp] (ANU, Australia)
  113. East Timor Press (School of Media and Journalism, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, QLD, Australia)
    [The official site for the East Timor Independent Print News Media. Site contents: Latest reports, Archived reports, Timor Post (Current Editions, Archived Editions).]
  114. Eastern Turkestan Information Bulletin (www.afn.org, US)
  115. Electronic Journal of ASPAC (Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast) (Pacific U., US)
  116. E-Desh (Bangladesh)
    [A place where Bangladeshi people all around the world read Bangladeshi news, currents events in Dhaka and other cities, Bangla literature, etc.]
  117. E-Journal on Hong Kong Cultural and Social Studies (HK University, China)
  118. Electronic Journal of Contemporary Japanese Studies (ejcjs) (www.japanesestudies.org.uk, UK)
    [A new e-journal dedicated to publishing scholarly writing on all aspects of contemporary Japanese economy, politics, and culture.]
  119. European Journal of East Asian Studies (EJEAS) (Institut d'Asie Orientale, Lyon, France)
  120. Electronic Journal of Oriental Studies (EJOS) (U. Utrecht, The Netherlands)
  121. Electronic Journal of Vedic Studies (northshore.shore.net, US)
  122. English Islamic and Middle-Eastern Related Newspapers and Magazines (www.maxinet.com, US)
    [Links to: Al-khbar, Palestine; Washington Report., US; ComputerNews ME, UAE; Economic Perspectives, Jordan; Melad, Jordan; PC - ME, UAE; Lebanon News Wire, Lebanon; BYTE - ME, Jordan; AL-HEWAR, US.]
  123. Economic and Political Weekly (EPW)
  124. EurasiaNet (Central Eurasia Project, Open Society Institute, New York, US)
    [EurasiaNet provides information and analysis about political, economic, environmental and social developments in the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus, as well as in Russia, the Middle East, and Southwest Asia.]
  125. Eurasie - webzine de la culture asiatique en France (Asie Media, France)
    [A French language e-magazine dedicated to Asian cultural events taking place in France: museums, books, exhibitions, conferences, plus links to Internet resources.]
  126. European Journal of East Asian Studies (The Institut d'Asie Orientale (IAO), France)
    [Published in Europe by European specialists, the journal covers the whole of the broader East Asian region, including Southeast as well as Northeast Asia.]

  127. F back

  128. Far Eastern Affairs (East View Information Services, Inc., Minneapolis, US)
    [Scholarly journal about China, Japan and problems common to the Asia-Pacific region. The only periodical in Russia on this subject appearing in English.]
  129. Far Eastern Economic Review Interactive Edition (Review Publishing Company, HK)
    [Asian current affairs, business, economies and investment". The site also provides up-to-the-minute Asian business news, and pointers to Asian web sites]
  130. Focus: The Journal of International Relations (U.Karachi, Pakistan)
    [An e-journal focusing on topics of international, regional and domestic politics from South Asian perspective.]
  131. Free Vietnam Alliance Newsletter (Free Vietnam Alliance, France)
    [Vietnamese language serial published by the Free Vietnam Alliance (FVA), a coalition of 35 Vietnamese democratic movements worldwide]

  132. G back

  133. Graduate Journal of Asia-Pacific Studies (GJAPS) (U. of Auckland, New Zealand)
  134. Guangdong Economic & Business Newsletter (Asian American Publishing Group, Ltd, US)
    [free English text news (web and email edition) from China PRC]

  135. H back

  136. Harvard Asia Pacific Review (Harvard Asia Pacific Review, US)
    [A new semi-annual academic journal devoted to issues pertinent to the Asia Pacific, bringing together students of the region - from world leaders, renowned scholars and leading professionals to Harvard graduates and undergraduates.]
  137. Harvard China Review Interactive Edition (Harvard University, US)
    [Harvard China Review' is dedicated to objective coverage and in-depth analysis of social and economic change in China.]
  138. Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies (HJAS) (Harvard University, US)
  139. Haveeru Daily (Male', Maldives)
    [The only publishers of an online daily newspaper in Maldives. It is published in Dhivehi and English.]
  140. High Asia Online Journal (Amnye Machen Institute, Tibetan Centre for Advanced Studies, Dharamshala, HP, India)
    [Best contemporary writings on the Web on Tibet and its neighbours. Travelogues, essays, polemics, belles-lettres, short stories and translations of writing from inside Tibet.]
  141. Himalaya [formerly known as The Himalayan Research Bulletin--HRB] (Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies (ANHS), US )
    [Subscribe, Archives (Vol XXIV No 1 & 2, Vol XXIII No 1, Vol XXIII No 2, Vol XXI No 2, Vol XXI No 1, Vol XX No 1 & 2, Vol XIX No 1, Vol XVIII No 2), Future Issues, Projects, Links, About Us, Contact Us, Bazaar]
  142. Himalayan Online News Service (Daily News, Views, Analysis & Media Reports ...)
    [HimoNews provides daily news, local media reports, and current affairs analysis from Kathmandu, Nepal, on events/developments in the Himalayan countries of Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet]
  143. The Hindu (www.webpage.com, US?)
    [The online edition of India's national newspaper. Offers weekly news about India and the world]
  144. Hong Kong News On-Line (Sibor Media Communications Limited, HK, China)
    [Hong Kong News and Coming Events Web Site provides information of major events that will take place in Hong Kong.]
    [Site requires readers to register - ed.]
  145. Hye Sharzhoom (California State U., Fresno, US)
    [English language Armenian newspaper]

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