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    Asian & Pacific Studies Electronic Journals - pt. 2

    Edited by: T. Matthew Ciolek (tmciolek@ciolek.com).

    Est.: 3 May 1995. Last updated 15 Jan 2013.

    This document is a part of Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library and Pacific Studies WWW Virtual Library. It keeps track of leading on-line serials of value/significance to researchers in Asian and Pacific Studies. Please mail tmciolek@ciolek.com if you know of relevant information resource not in this list.

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  1. Ilankai Tamil Sangam (The Newsletter of the Ilankai Tamil Sangam, US.)
    [Tamil Sangam, US, is an Association of Tamils from the island of Sri Lanka [formerly Ceylon], now resident in the United States of America]
  2. India Today (The India Today Group Online, India)
    [India's leading fortnightly newsmagazine]
  3. Infosystem Mongolei - Journal on Mongolian Affairs (Free U.Berlin, Germany)
  4. Inner Asia Journal (The White Horse Press, Cambridge, UK)
    [An international journal seeking to strengthen understanding of the history, politics, economies and cultures of Inner Asia. Its concern is to be interdisciplinary and inclusive, the better to reflect diverse, indigenous and critical understandings.]
  5. Inside China Today (European Internet Network Inc., Prague, Czech Republic)
    [Provides daily news covering China, Macao and Taiwan.]
  6. Inside Indonesia Magazine (Collingwood, VIC, Australia)
    ['Inside Indonesia' has been published quarterly by the Indonesian Resources and Information Programme (IRIP) since 1983. Inside Indonesia gets behind the soundbite and the official propaganda. Every three months, it keeps you informed about the real Indonesia.]
  7. International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS) Newsletter (Leiden U, Netherlands)
  8. International Journal of Central Asian Studies (Institute of Asian Culture and Development, Seoul, Korea)
    An international periodical for languages, literature, history, culture, society and archaeology of the Central Asia.]
  9. International Journal of Central Asian Studies (IJCAS) (www.iacd.or.kr, South Korea)
  10. International Journal of East Asian History (EAH) (ANU, Australia)
  11. International Journal of Tantric Studies (IJTS) (Milan Politecnico, Italy)
  12. International Journal of Middle East Studies (IJMES) (Georgetown U., US)
  13. International Quarterly for Asian Studies [Internationales Asienforum] (Arnold Bergstraesser Institute for socio-cultural research (ABI), University of Freiburg, Germany)
    [One of the most important Asian journals. Edited at the ABI since 1996 (previously at the Weltforum Verlag). The journal comprises c. 400 pages per volume and there are two double issues per annum. Subscription orders can be sent directly to ABI, single issues are also available.]
  14. Interpoetics - Poetry of Asia and the Pacific Rim (Interpoetics Journal, US)
    [A triquarterly journal of poetry, translations, research and reviews.]
  15. Intersections: gender, culture and history in an Asian context (Murdoch University, Perth, Australia)
    [This refereed electronic journal deals with matters of gender, culture and history in an Asian context. At the same time, 'Intersections' is intended as a means to explore innovative ways of 'doing'history using new technologies.]
  16. Iran Business Digest (Global Publishing Group, US)
  17. The Irrawaddy Newsmagazine - Interactive Edition (Irrawaddy Publishing Group, Thailand)
    [The Irrawaddy, an independent news publication, raises awareness about Burma-related issues through unbiased reporting from a Burmese perspective.]
  18. Israel Line - Israeli News Papers Clippings (Technion U, Israel)

  19. J back

  20. Jahaan Eghtesaad (Economy World) (Global Publishing Group, US)
    [Covers customs, business, banking, and economic news of Iran. The site uses Persian HTML]
  21. The Jakarta Post (The Jakarta Post, Indonesia )
    [Indonesia's leading English language newspaper. The journal and reference of Indonesia today.]
  22. Jane's Asia-Pacific News (Coulsdon, Surrey, UK)
    [Browseable and searchable news covering regional developments in business, defence, aerospace, security and transport.]
  23. Japan Echo (Japan Echo Inc., Japan)
    [Tables of contents and article summaries of the quarterly journal Japan Echo, which presents translations of articles from the Japanese media]
  24. Japan Focus (Cornell University, US)
    [Writings about Japan, Japan in Asia and the world, as well as Japanese and international perspectives on contemporary Japanese politics, economics and society. The e-journal offers translations from Japanese and Japan Focus originals]
  25. The Japan Foundation Newsletter (www.jpf.go.jp, JP)
    [Information about current Japanese affairs, book reviews, Japan studies, and The Japan Foundation activities.]
  26. Japan in the World (Iwanami Shoten - Publishers, Japan)
    [Independent critical views on Japanese Politics, Economy, Society and Culture. This site is run by SEKAI (The World), a Japanese monthly journal [est. 1946], and ICU [International Christian University] Peace Research Institute (ICUPRI).]
  27. Japanese Journal of Political Science (Cambridge University Press, UK)
    [Free access to sample issue. Complete online version of the journal is available by subscription.]
  28. Japanese Journal of Religious Studies (Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture, Japan)
    [Electronic issues of the JJRS from the middle of 1986 (No.13) onwards. In Apr 1996 the online edition was not yet able to reproduce kanji, diagrams, and special diacritical marks
  29. Japan Today's Online News in English (Japan Today, Japan)
    [Japan Today's aim is to tell the truth about Japan, good and bad, that has been hidden from world view for too long. In addition to uncovering Japanese politics, business, crime and sport we have recently added new feature areas that will help you understand Japan even more.]
  30. Journal for Asian American Studies (Johns Hopkins University Press, US)
    [The official publication of the Association for Asian American Studies. The journal publishes original works of scholarly interest to the field.]
  31. Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies (U.Bergen, Norway)
    [Research in Arabic language and linguistics, medieval and modern Arabic literature, and Islamic culture]
  32. Journal of Asia-Pacific Business (The Haworth Press, Inc., US)
    [A pragmatic view of the business environment in The Asia-Pacific region, excluding Japan. Online access by a subscription.]
  33. Journal of Asian Martial Arts (Via Media Publishing Co., US)
    [Index to a quarterly that covers all historical and cultural aspects relating to Asian martial arts]
  34. Journal of Buddhist Ethics (Penn.State U, US)
  35. Journal of Bhutan Studies (Thimphu, Bhutan)
    [A bi-annual publication [ISSN 1608-4128] of The Centre for Bhutan Studies. It presents scholarly and researched articles on the social, cultural, and economic aspects of Bhutan.]
  36. Journal of Central Asian Studies (Department of Geography, Oklahoma State University, OK, US)
    [The Journal [formerly AACAR Bulletin - ed.] is the publication of the Association for the Advancement of Central Asian Research. It is the only scholarly, peer-reviewed journal published in North America devoted exclusively to the region of Central Asia.]
  37. Journal of the Chinese Language Teachers Association (JCLTA) (clta.osu.edu, US)
  38. Journal of Current Chinese Affairs - China aktuell (JCCA) (GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies, Germany)
    [Current developments in Greater China]
  39. Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs (JSAA) (GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies, Germany)
    [Current developments in international relations, politics, economics, society, education, environment and law in Southeast Asia.]
  40. Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient/ Journal d'Histoire Economique et Sociale de l'Orient (JESHO) (U. Michigan, US)
  41. The Journal of Filipino Studies (California State U. - East Bay, CA, US)
    [Research, theories, real world applications and literary contributions on the global Filipino experience.]
  42. Journal of East Asian Studies (JEAS) (U. California, San Diego, US)
  43. Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies (JIABS) (IABS, Switzerland)
  44. Journal of the Institute of Asian Studies, Chennai (JIAS) (IAS, Chennai, India)
  45. Journal of Islamic Jerusalem Studies (JIJS) (www.isra.org.uk, UK)
  46. Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society (Cambridge University Press, UK)
    [Free access to sample issue. Complete online version of the journal is available by subscription.]
  47. Journal of South Asian Women Studies (www.shore.net, US)
    [Disseminates works which address theoretical and practical issues that are of interest to both scholars of South Asia and to women in and from South Asia. Subjects: law, civil rights, gender issues, religion, philosophy, politics, feminism and ecofeminism, classical and modern literature, poetry, dance, music, drama, language, translations, history, folklore, customs, medicine, architecture, discoveries and cultural or social products by women, etc. Areas of study: India, Nepal, Tibet, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Shri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Taiwan, Maldives, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines]
  48. The Journal of Southeast Asian Studies (Cambridge University Press, UK)
    [Free access to sample issue. Complete online version of the journal is available by subscription.]

  49. K back

  50. Kanaiyazhi-Tamil Magazine (www.pcsadvt.com)
    [Tamil Literature Magazine, needs Fonts (Download available).]
  51. KanglaOnline (www.kanglaonline.com)
    [Daily news, views, editorials, analyses and educational info about Manipuri.]
  52. KITLV Indonesian daily reports (KITLV, Leiden, Netherlands)
  53. Knowledgenet Singapore (Singapore Heritage Society, Singapore)
    [The E-Journal of Singapore History is built in association with the Singapore Heritage Society and the South Seas Society. It is a multimedia, content-rich web site generated in association with National Archives Singapore and with support from the National Computer Board.]
  54. Kumudam- Tamil Weekly (www.kumudam.com)
    [needs Frames and Fonts (Download available)]
  55. Koleksi Indonesia News (www.geocities.com, Indonesia)
    [Collection of Daily News and Articles about Indonesia. It includes a list to freely distribute selected news via email.]
  56. Kompas On Line (Radnet, Indonesia)
    [Online access to Indonesian daily "Kompas"]
  57. [An economic & business weekly published in Jakarta.Kontan is the largest Indonesian newspaper specialising in economic issues. It is also known to the public for its investigations of the business activities of the Soeharto family.]
  58. The Korea Economic Daily (Han'guk Kyeongje Sinmun) (www.ked.co.kr, Korea)
    [Full text of articles (in Korean and English) from The Korea Economic Daily newspaper. Headlines of each article are found at the top of the news screen, and below the headlines are 10 icons which lead to each news groups. The ten groups are politics, economy/finance, industry/corporation, securities, real estate, society, international/trade, culture/sports, special, and people. Link to English language The Korea Economic Weekly covering: 1. Society 2. Money 3. Economy 4. Business 5. Automobile 6. Electronics 7. Miscellany]
  59. Korea WebWeekly (www.kimsoft.com, S.Korea)
    [The Korea WebWeekly is a non-partisan, non-profit news magazine dedicated to Korean issues. All news summary and editorials are contributed by volunteers]
  60. The Korean-American Science & Technology News (KASTN) (Duke U. US)
    [A weekly online newsletter carrying news and commentaries of scientific, technological, as well as socio-economic issues for the Korean-American community. Currently KASTN is read by approximately 16,000 professionals worldwide, especially in North America, East and Southeast Asia and Western Europe.]
  61. Kritika Kultura (Dept. of English, Ateneo de Manila U., Philippines)
    [As a pioneering electronic journal of language and literary/cultural studies in the Philippines, Kritika Kultura addresses issues relevant to the 21st century within these disciplines even as addressing those same issues would have to be precisely about crossing the very borders of these disciplines: language and literature and cultural policy, cultural politics of representation, the political economy of language, literature and culture, the production of cultural texts, audience reception, systems of representation, effects of texts on concrete readers/audiences, the history and dynamics of canon formation, gender and sexuality, ethnicity, diaspora, nationalism and nationhood, national liberation movements, identity politics, feminism, women's liberation movements, etc.]
  62. Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia (Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS), University of Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan)
    [A bi-annual on-line review of publications, debates, and ideas circulating in Southeast Asia. The site features review essays with multi-lingual abstracts, book reviews, features, and reprints of articles originally published in the region.]

  63. L back

  64. Lewi Web Newsletter (Hong Kong Baptist U, HK)
    [Publication of the David C Lam Institute For East West Studies, HKBU, HK]
  65. Little India (www.littleindia.com, US)
    [Little India is a monthly feature magazine focusing on overseas Indian life. The editorial focus of the magazine, now entering its sixth year of publication, is on the nearly one million Indians in the US.]
  66. The Little Magazine (TLM) (Delhi, India)
    [The Little Magazine is South Asia's only professionally produced magazine devoted to essays, fiction, poetry, art and criticism. Also the only publication to publish complete film and theatre scripts, and with a special interest in translation.]

  67. M back

  68. Malaysia News & Views (MalaysiaNews, Malaysia)
    [The site republishes/recycles Malaysia-related online information by The Star, Malaysia; Bernama Current; Straits Times, Singapore; South China Morning Post; Washington Post; CNN; Asiaweek; Far Eastern Economic Review; Yahoo! News; Time Magazine; Lim Kit Siang's Homepage. Also it offers access to Currency Exchange; Weather Forcast; Today's Comic; Links to Malaysian Sites.]
  69. Manushi: A Journal About Women and Society (New Delhi, India)
    [Manushi, founded in 1978, is a serious journal which aims to bridge the gap between academic/scholarly writing and popular literature. The magazine analyses political, economic and social issues from a people-oriented perspective.]
  70. The Maori Law Review (charm.wcc.govt.nz, New Zealand)
  71. Ming Studies - Journal of the Society for Ming Studies (Keene State College, US)
  72. Modern Asian Studies (Cambridge University Press, UK)
    [Free access to sample issue. Complete online version of the journal is available by subscription.]
  73. Mongolia This Week - E-Newspaper (Ulan Bataar, Mongolia)
    [The [English language] newspaper will provide timely information, commentary and available statistics regarding the social, political and economic developments in Mongolia.]
  74. Mongolia Today Online Magazine (Mongolia Today, Ulaanbataar, Mongolia)
    [Mongolia Today is a bi-monthly online magazine promoting Mongolian nomads cultural heritage, traditions and history. English language.]

  75. N back

  76. Nakkeeran Tamil Weekly (www.pcsadvt.com)
    [weekly news magazine, needs Fonts (Download available).]
  77. National Centre for South Asia Studies Newsletter [ftp] (ANU, Australia)
  78. News from Bangladesh (NFB) (http://www.bangladesh-web.com/news/)
  79. New China On-Line (Attaina Information Services Inc., Canada)
    [An experimental commercial site for business news from Xinhua News Agency]
  80. News On Japan (News On Japan, Mito City, Japan)
    [Main focus is quality daily news, also many resources for business, education and research.]
  81. The 1990 Institute Newsletter (www.dae.com, US)
    [The 1990 Institute is a US based, action-oriented think tank, and a tax-exempt non-profit corporation dedicated to the study of major economic and social issues relating to China.]
  82. New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies (NZJAS) (www.nzasia.org.nz, New Zealand)
  83. NKCHOSUN.COM - North Korea News (Chosun Ilbo, Seoul, South Korea)
    [Web site dedicated to news from and about North Korea.]
  84. Northeast Vigil: NE India e-journal (ALLWRITE Editorial and Media Consultants, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India)
    [The only comprehensive website on Northeast India with news, views and features from the seven states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura.]

  85. O back

  86. Occasional Papers in Shaykhi, Babi and Baha'i Studies (Digital Publication Series of H-Bahai)
    [The H-Bahai was reviewed by the Asian WWW Monitor in late August 1998 and given 5 stars.]
  87. Oceania Newsletter - Center for Pacific Studies (U.Nijmegen, Netherlands)
  88. Olive Tree Chinese Literary Magazine (Olive Tree Literature Society, US)
    [An electronic Chinese literary magazine that has been in existence for five years, originally as a poetry journal, now as a general literary magazine including fiction, essays and criticism as well.]
  89. Orientalia Journal (Orientalia Journal & Sandra Andacht Inc., US)
    [The Journal covers all aspects of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and SE Asian art/antiques. Also available Collector's Guide to Oriental Decorative Arts.]

  90. P back

  91. Pacific Journalism Review (U.Technology Sydney, Australia)
  92. [Archived issues of the now defunct periodical]]
  93. Pacific Island Group Newsletter (ANU, Australia)
  94. Pacific News (Association for Pacific Studies, Aachen, Germany)
    [The Magazine is the regular publication of the Assocation of Pacific Studies e.V. (APSA). It's the electronic form of the printed journal 'Pacific news' and offers news and background information about the Asian-Pacific region.]
  95. Pakistan Online Magazine from Japan (Showa Tsusho Co., Ltd, Japan)
    [Nawa-e-Tokyo is the first online magazine in English/Urdu from Japan."]
  96. Pakistan Press International (PPI) (Pakistan Press International, Pakistan)
    [A web site of the "Pakistan's independent news agency [...]. The site is updated twice daily, except Sundays and holidays."]
  97. Parabaas: Complete Bengali Webzine (Howell, NJ, US)
    [A Bengali webzine which has acquired quite a reputation as a quality web magazine focusing on Bengali culture.]
  98. Pasifik Nius (Journalism, University of the South Pacific, Fiji)
    [Daily current Pacific news digest website and listserve, particularly concentrating on Fiji and Papua New Guinea.]
  99. Perspectives Chinoises (Centre d'Etudes Francais sur la Chine Contemporaine (CEFC), Hong Kong, China)
    [With articles written by CEFC's own research staff and affiliated specialists as well as internationally renowned scholars, the journal provides an informed picture of social, political and economic developments in the People's Republic of China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.]
    [Online articles are accessible via a password - ed.]
  100. Pilipinas: A Journal of Philippine Studies (University of Western Sydney, Sydney, Australia)
    [A joint publication of the Philippine Studies Group of the Association for Asian Studies, Inc. (US) (csbs.csusb.edu/PSGNewsletter/) and the Philippine Studies Association of Australasia, Inc. (www.uws.edu.au/social/psaa/)]
  101. Philippine Studies Online (Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines)
    [The internationally refereed journal that fosters the study of the Philippines in theoretical, interdisciplinary, comparative, transnational, and global perspectives.]
  102. The Phnom Penh Post (www.vais.net)
    [Online edition of the Cambodia's national newspaper.]
  103. Positions: East Asia Cultures Critique (Duke U. Press, US.)
  104. Project MUSE: Asian Studies online journals (Project MUSE, Johns Hopkins U. Press, US.)
    [Access by subscription to: # Archives of Asian Art (Vol. 58 (2008) through current issue); # ASEAN Economic Bulletin (Vol. 23 (2006) through current issue); # Asian Music (Vol. 36 (2005) through current issue); # Asian Perspectives (Vol. 39 (2000) through current issue); # Asian Theatre Journal (Vol. 16, no. 2 (1999) through current issue); # Azalea: Journal of Korean Literature & Culture (Vol. 1 (2007) through current issue); # China: An International Journal (Vol. 1 (2003) through current issue); # China Review International (Vol. 6, no. 2 (1999) through current issue); # Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East (Vol. 20 (2000) through current issue); # The Contemporary Pacific (Vol. 12 (2000) through current issue); # Contemporary Southeast Asia: A Journal of International and Strategic Affairs (Vol. 28 (2006) through current issue); # Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies (Vol. 69 (2009) through current issue); # Journal of Asian American Studies (Vol. 1 (1998) through current issue); # Journal of Chinese Overseas (Vol. 1 (2005) through Vol. 4 (2008); archive only); # The Journal of Japanese Studies (Vol. 30 (2004) through current issue); # Korean Studies (Vol. 24 (2000) through current issue); # Late Imperial China (Vol. 17 (1996) through current issue); # Manoa (Vol. 11, no. 2 (1999) through current issue); # Monumenta Nipponica (Vol. 60 (2005) through current issue); # Oceanic Linguistics (Vol. 38, no. 2 (1999) through current issue); # positions: east asia cultures critique (Vol. 7, no. 2 (1999); Vol. 8 (2000) through current issue); # Sojourn: Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia (Vol. 21 (2006) through current issue); # Southeast Asian Affairs (Volume 2008 through current issue); # Twentieth-Century China (Vol. 33, no. 1 (2007) through current issue).]

  105. R back

  106. RagaNet - Electronic Journal of Indian Music & Arts (Batish Institute, US)
  107. Road to East Asia (York U, Canada)
    [A journal on contemporary East Asian literature in English. Written by students of FC1750.06, Founders College, York U.]
  108. Russian Magazine (www.vostok.com, Russia)
    [News from the Far East and Siberia]

  109. S back

  110. SAGAR - South Asia Graduate Research Journal (Center for Asian Studies at the University of Texas at Austin, US)
    [A biannual journal [... which] showcases exceptional graduate student and junior scholar articles. It also includes faculty and graduate research methodology, reports from the field, and book reviews.]
  111. Sangat Review (sangat.org, Pakistan)
    [Sangat Review will be a bi-monthly publication of Sangat Forum dedicated to high lighting the grass-root struggle of people in Pakistan and South East Asia in particular and the World in general.]
  112. Shenpen Osel Online Magazine (Kagyu Shenpen Osel Choling (KSOC), Seattle, US)
    [A tri-annual publication available in Acrobat (.pdf) format presenting translations and teachings of renowned [Tibetan Buddhism] Kagyu masters including Khenpo Tsultim Gyatso Rinpoche and Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche.]
  113. The Silk Road (The Silkroad Foundation, Saratoga, CA, US. )
    ["[O]ur view of the Silk Roads [... encompasses] pre-history, the era beginning with the establishment of trans-Eurasian trade and cultural interaction some two millennia ago, and the subsequent history of those interactions down through the centuries."]
  114. South Asia Graduate Research Journal (SAGAR) (U. Texas, Austin, US)
  115. South Asian Journal (SAJ) (Harvard U., US)
  116. South East Asia Newsletter (U.Calif, Irvine, US)
  117. South Pacific Journal of Psychology (U.Newcastel, Australia)
  118. South Pacific News with Tahiti Pacifique (www.tahitiweb.com)
    [Tahiti and South Pacific events with French language Tahiti Pacifique news magazine.]
  119. Stanford Journal of East Asian Affairs (Stanford University, US)
    [SJEAA strives to address compelling issues in the East Asian region in a manner accessible to a general audience. SJEAA showcases student work, both graduate and undergraduate, on East Asia in all academic disciplines. Beyond academic work, the publication also serves as a discussion forum for current issues in East Asia through editorials, interviews and book reviews.]
  120. The Star Online, Malaysia (www.jaring.my, Malaysia)
  121. Studies in Nepali History and Society (SINHAS) (John Hopkins U, US)
    [A new journal published semi-annually from Kathmandu. The SINHAS Web Pages include tables of contents, abstracts, notes for contributors and subscription information.]
  122. Sustainable Development Networking Programme SDNP-Indonesia Newsletter (www.sdn.or.id, Indonesia)

  123. T back

  124. Tabloid Bangkit (Tabloid Bangkit, Indonesia)
    [Political Tabloid from Indonesia. (A monolingual (ID) site) ]
  125. Taiwan Business News Scan (Pristine Communications, Taiwan)
    [ This [online archive and] database [...] provides access to English news summaries on government policies, legislation, finance, China-Taiwan economic and business developments, industry player activities and consumer attitudes - all from a local media perspective.]
  126. The Taiwan Journal of Southeast Asian Studies (www.dseas.ncnu.edu.tw, Taiwan)
    [In Chinese.]
  127. Tamil Eelam Newsletter (Eelam House, London)
    [ LTTE press releases in English, translations of Tiger articles and news in Tamil.]
  128. Tamil Guardian International (www.tamilguardian.com, London)
    [Electronic Version of the weekly newspaper in English.]
  129. TamilNet (www.tamilnet.com)
    [Electronic Version of the daily newspaper in English.]
  130. TCFA Update - Economic an Financial News about China (TCFA, US)
    [A weekly newsletter published by the U.S-based Chinese Finance Association
  131. Thai Yunnan Project Newsletter (ANU & NECTEC, Thailand)
  132. Thina Boomi
    [Tamil daily newspaper, needs Fonts (Download available)]
  133. Tibet Current Affairs (www.ciolek.com, Australia)
    [Central access point to Tibetan current affairs analyses and news bulletins (ISSN 1355-3313) prepared by TIN - Tibet Information Network, 188-196 Old St, London EC1 9FR, United Kingdom, email: (tin@gn.apc.org)]
  134. see also Tibet - News & Journals Register (www.tibet.org, US)
  135. The Tibetan Bulletin (Department of Information and International Relations (DIIR), Central Tibetan Administration, Dharamsala, H.P., India)
    [The official bi-monthly journal of the Central Tibetan Administration of H.H. The Dalai Lama.]
  136. The Tibetan Political Review (TPR) (sites.google.com, USA)
    [The journal's goal is to ensure that political debates are about issues, not personalities. TPR [est. Jun 2010] is founded and run by an Editorial Board consisting of Wangchuk Deden Shakabpa II, Nima R.T. Binara, Bhuchung D. Sonam, and Tenzin Wangyal]
  137. Tonga Online
    [Tonga's Weekly Newspaper, the first Pacific newsfeed on the Internet (est Jan 1997)]
  138. Transoxiana (School of Oriental Studies, Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
    [Transoxiana is a free-access E-journal on Asian Studies in Spanish from the School of Oriental Studies, Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires, Argentina.]

  139. U back

  140. UB Post Weekly (Mongol News, Ulaanbataar, Mongolia)
    [The UB Post [est. May 1996] is one of two English weeklies in Mongolia. The UB Post publishes news and information about Mongolia.]
  141. Udaya - Journal of Khmer studies (Authority for the Protection and Management of Angkor and the Region of Siem Reap (APSARA), Phnom Penh/Siem Reap Cambodia)
    [Udaya, a new journal of Khmer studies, aims to develop understandings of Cambodian culture in both the national and international arenas. Publishing articles in Khmer, English and French, the journal is conceived as a forum for the distribution of information to all students, scholars and professionals working in the field of Khmer culture in view of promoting research and professional collaboration.]
  142. UzWeb: News from Uzbekistan (Ataturk Cad, Turkey)
    [A trilingual site (English, O'zbek and Turkish): Information and news of Uzbekistan, News, Information, Politics, Music, Travel.]

  143. V back

  144. Vaergall: Tamil e-magazine (Thamizhar Kalam, India)
    [Vaergall is a Tamil monthly magazine that is being published from Thiruchi in Tamilnadu; and it pursues the cause of the right of self-determination to Tamils and their national liberation. A monolingual site which requires Tamil fonts!]
  145. Vietnam Business Journal (VBJ) (VBJ, US)
    [Selected and Web-edited articles from the paper edition of a journal which provides practical information and analysis on doing business in Vietnam. The Vietnam Business Journal is published bimonthly by VIAM Communications Group Ltd., New York, US]
  146. Vietnam Cultural Window e-Magazine (The Gioi Publishers, Hanoi, Vietnam)
    [The monthly magazine 'Vietnam Cultural Window' is a leading English-language magazine published in Vietnam to give deep insight into Vietnamese culture and people, present and past.]
  147. Vietnam Democracy Newsletter (Free Vietnam Alliance, France)
    [Published monthly by the Free Vietnam Alliance (FVA), a coalition of 35 Vietnamese democratic movements worldwide]
  148. Vietnam Economic News (Vietnam Economic News, Vietnam)
    [Selected articles compiled and translated from Vietnamese publications, updated each weekday.]
  149. Vietnam Insight Online (www.vinsight.org, US)
    [Vietnam Insight provides information on the Vietnamese struggle for freedom and democracy, insight of Vietnam's situation and Hanoi's maneuvers that are often misrepresented by communist propaganda, and a forum for the Vietnamese aspirations]

  150. W back

  151. World Hongming Philosophical Quarterly (France)
    [An electronic journal established mainly to promote the study of Buddhism, Dao, Confucianism, Theology, Indian Studies, Comparative Religion, Western Philosophy, Comparative Philosophy, Contemporary Philosophy etc..]
  152. World Tibet Network News (Poland)
    [Hypertext version of the WTN bulletin published by The Canada-Tibet Committee.]
  153. WTNN - Weekly Summary (The Swedish Tibet Committee, Sweden)

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