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The document below was created in 1996 by the late Dymphna Clark (18 Dec 1916 - 12 May 2000). She had a deep interest in writings by Baron von Hügel. That long-term research project has been terminated by her death. Her descendants do not have the necessary expertise to answer any questions about Baron von Hügel or his family. They will be, however, most grateful to receive any communications which could cast light on the fate of Hügel's missing journals. Should you have any answers or clues please send them to Sebastian Clark, c/o Manning Clark House (manningclark@ozemail.com.au)

Sebastian Clark
11 Tasmania Circle, Forrest, Canberra ACT 2603, Australia
tel +61 (2) 62959 433

Canberra, 15 February 2001.

An appeal for information on
unpublished travel journals
Baron Charles von Hügel (1795-1870)

The purpose of this set of www pages, edited by Mrs Dymphna Clark and Dr T.Matthew Ciolek, is to act as a clearinghouse for all available information on the whereabouts and/or fate of missing unpublished travel journals and other papers of
Baron Charles (Carl, Karl) Alexander Anselm von Hügel (1795-1870)
- Austrian soldier, diplomat, courtier, horticulturist and scholar.

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From his extensive journeys 1831-36, Hügel brought or sent back to Europe more than 32,000 objects of natural history and 12,000 'memorandum slips' recording his travels and his botanical discoveries. Apart from these materials he had brought or sent to Austria 1249 coins, 928 ethnological items, 63 idols and temple utensils, 40 musical instruments, many ornaments, textiles and rare manuscripts. Some of these items comprise today a part of the Süd- und Südostasien, Himalayaländer collection at the Museum für Völkerkunde, Wien. There are also 3 major works on his world travels published to date: So far inquiries have failed to locate or to establish the fate of Hügel's 12,000 'memorandum slips' or any other edited journals by him. His accounts of other countries visited in 1831-36 would be of considerable interest to anthropologists as well as to environmental and other historians.
Baron von Hügel - data collected so far
Chronology of v. Hügel's activities
Evidence that he was preparing his other travel journals for publication
Bibliography of works about his life and person
About Dymphna Clark's translation and edition (1994) of v. Hügel's 'New Holland Journal 1833-1834'

Any information about the missing journals and other documents would be very gratefully received by:
Dymphna Clark
11 Tasmania Circle, Forrest, Canberra ACT 2603, Australia
tel +61 (2) 62959 433

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