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Baron Charles von Hügel (1795-1870)

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Baron Charles (Carl, Karl) Alexander Anselm von Hügel (1795-1870)
- Austrian soldier, diplomat, courtier, horticulturist and scholar.

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Baron von Hügel - Chronology

Source: Hügel, Anatole von (ed.), 1903. Charles von Hügel - Apr 25, 1795 - June 2, 1870 (Memorial Volume). Privately printed, Cambridge, 76 pp.., illust.
23 Apr 1795
Born in Regensburg (Ratisbon), Bavaria
[A. Hügel (1903), gives an erroneous date of birth: 25 April]
Commenced studies at Heildelberg Univ., as law student
Officer of Austrian Hussars, taking part in the war (1813-1815) against Napoleon
Travelled in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Russia
Stationed with Austrian troops in Southern France and then, in Italy
Residing as private scientist and scholar at Hietzing outside Vienna
Setting out from Toulon, France travelled extensively in Greece, Egypt, Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Tripoli, Palestine, South India, Ceylon, Singapore, Sumatra, Java, New Holland (Australia), New Zealand, Norfolk Island, Philippines, China, Macao, Malaya, North India, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Himalayas, Punjab, returning via Cape of Good Hope and St. Helena to London
Residing as private scientist and scholar at Hietzing outside Vienna
Bethrothed in Verona, Italy to Elizabeth Farquharson, the teenage daughter of a Scottish general
On the outbreak of the revolution conveyed the Chancellor, Prince Metternich, out of Vienna to Feldsberg and thence, by the Hague, to England
Rejoined the army and under Field-Marshal Radetzky took part in the campaign in the Northern Italy
Austrian Envoy extraordinary to Grand Ducal Court of Tuscany in Florence
Married Elizabeth Farquharson in Florence
[This marriage to his Protestant British bride took place by papal dispensation]
  • Friedrich (1852-1925) who became a well-known Catholic theologian in England
    • Gertrud
    • Hildegard
    • Thekla
  • Anatole Andreas (1854-1928) who became Curator of Cambridge University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology 1884-1928. Co-founder of St.Edmund's College, Cambridge. His travels are described in: Roth, Jane and Steven Hooper (eds.), 1990, The Fiji Journals of Baron Anatole Von Hugel 1875-1877. Suva: Fiji Museum in association with Cambridge University Museum of Archaeology.
  • Pauline (1858-1901)

Austrian Ambassador in Brussels, Belgium
Lived in retirement with his family at Torquay, England
2 Jun 1870
Died in Brussels, on his way to Vienna

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