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Missionary Map of Tibet (1897)

This page is a subsection of the Tibetan Studies - Maps & Images of Tibet

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Missionary Map of Tibet (1897)

245Kb GIF, Black & White file. The map shows international boundaries, cities, settlements and major trade routes.

Missionary Map of Tibet (1897)

Sourced from: Shaw, F. Becker. 1897. Missionary Map of Tibet (dotted lines indicate trade routes) / The Scandinavian Alliance Mission has also Tibetan Missionaries in Ghoom, India, in Baksadnar, Bhutan, and in Guntak, Sikkim. In: "The Siege of Tibet," The Missionary Review of the World, vol. X (n.s), February 1897, pp.91-95 (The Map is printed opposite p.92). - tmc.

The map was originally published online at http://library.berkeley.edu/EART/maps/tibet.gif by the U. California, Berkeley, USA. Sometime in mid-2003 the image file, formely also labelled by the UC. Berkeley as "library.berkeley.edu_tibet.gif", was taken off that address.
Its valid URL is, at the time of writing, not known.

However, on 23 Mar 2005 Jim Casilio has kindly informed me that a cropped version of the same map has been made available online from http://www.lib.umich.edu/area/sasia/Tibet/Tibetan_collection_web/Tibetan_collection_home.htm - tmc.

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