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Edited by Irena M. Goltz (tmciolek@ciolek.com)

Est.: 24th Apr 1997. Last updated: 18 Jun 2012. This document is a part of Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library.

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This document compiles web links to leading bookshops/publishers/booksellers with online information about the Asian Studies publications. Please mail tmciolek--at--ciolek.com if you know an information system which should be listed here.

Details of services and expertise offered by those sites will be provided at the bookshop's request.

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  1. Aboriginal Studies Online Bookstore (www.ciolek.com, Canberra, Australia)
    [High quality books, CDs, and videotapes from an Amazon.com associate]
  2. Adyar Bookshop (Sydney, Australia)
  3. Akhil Books (Delhi, India)
  4. Al Isra and Mi'Raj Bookshop (Hobart, Australia)
  5. Amazon.com Online Bookstore (Seattle, WA, US)
    [A very fast, searchable catalogue of mainly current Nth American publications]
  6. Amazon.co.uk Online Bookstore (London, UK)
    [A very fast, searchable catalogue of mainly current British and European publications]
  7. Aro Books worldwide (Penarth, UK)
  8. Ars Libri Ltd. (Boston, MA, US)
  9. Asean Academic Press Ltd/Pelanduk Publications (Selangor, Malaysia)
  10. Asia 2000 (Hong Kong, China)
  11. Asia Book Direct (Paris, France)
  12. Asia Book First (Sacramento, CA, US)
  13. AsiaPac Books PTE Ltd. (Singapore)
  14. Asia Bookroom (Canberra, Australia)
    [Asia Bookroom, established in 1969, sells books old and new on Asia, the Middle East, the Pacific and Africa.]
  15. Asia Pacific Press (ANU, Canberra, Australia)
  16. The Asia Society Bookstore (New York, NY, US)
  17. Asian Arts Bookstore (Asian Arts, Santa Fe, NM, US)
  18. The Asian Experts - Booksellers (Queensland, Australia)
  19. Asian Rare Books (Manila, Philippines)
    ["We are now in our new home in Manila [the old home, till mid-2006, was in New York, US - ed.]. [...] We continue to provide written appraisals of books being donated for tax relief or other purposes and to advise on acquisitions of Asia related books."]
  20. Asian Studies Book Services (Utrecht, Netherlands)
  21. Associazione Tibet Domani (ATD) (www.tibetdomani.com, Rome, Italy)
  22. B

  23. Bagchee Associates (Pansila, India)
    [A premier indological Book Dealer from India. Issues subjectwise catalogs on Art, Buddhism, Sanskrit, Ayurveda, Music, Tibet, Jainism, Islam, Numismatics, Astrology, Indian Philosophy etc. Orders welcome for any title published from anywhere in India. Also Issues New Books from India Catalog (Monthly). The company specializes in Blanket Approval Plan for Indian Publications]
  24. Buddhist Churches of America (BCA) Bookstore (Berkeley, CA, US)
  25. Biblioindica (??, India)
  26. Bibliophile Australia (Sydney, Australia)
  27. Bishop Museum Press (Honolulu, HI, US)
  28. bookSiam: Asian Books on the Web (Bangkok, Thailand)
  29. Books & Periodicals Agency (Delhi, India)
  30. Booklovers India (Delhi, India)
  31. Books on India, Books from India (Delhi, India)
  32. Bookshop of India (Jaipur, India
  33. Borneo Books (Sabah, Malaysia)
  34. Brill Academic Publishers (Leiden, the Netherlands)
  35. Buchversand Krieger (Lobbach, Germany)
  36. Buddhism Propagation Center (San Jose, CA, US)
  37. Buddhist Bookshop (Sydney, Australia)
  38. Bunsei Shoin Booksellers Co. Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan)
  39. C

  40. Charbo's Antiquariaat (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
  41. Cheng & Tsui Company (Boston, MA, US)
  42. China Books (Melbourne/Sydney, Australia)
  43. China Books & Periodicals, Inc. (San Francisco, CA, US)
  44. Chinese-artbooks.com (New Art Media Ltd., USA?)
  45. Chinese Books Cyberstore (Hong Kong, China)
  46. Chinese Bookshop.com (London, UK)
  47. Chinese Culture Books (Bellevue, WA, US)
  48. Chinese University Press (Hong Kong, China)
  49. Cornell East Asia Series (Ithaca, NY, US)
  50. Cornell Southeast Asia Series (Ithaca, NY, US)
  51. CupriMedia - Iranian Books & Maps (London, UK)
  52. D

  53. D.K. Agencies - Indian Publications in English language (Delhi, India)
  54. D.K. Publishers Distributors (P) Ltd (Delhi, India)
  55. Delhi Law House Online (Delhi, India)
  56. Dharma Publishing (Berkeley, CA, US)
    [Founded in India in 1963, reestablished in America in 1969, Dharma Publishing offers a wide range of Buddhist teachings to the West in books for practitioners, scholars, and general readers]
  57. Dina El Chiati Zouein (Paris, France)
  58. DongQuan ShuWu (Chinese Book Store) (Hong Kong, China)
  59. Drungtso Publications (Drungtso Tibetan Healing & Astrological Service Centre) (Dharamsala, India)
  60. E

  61. East-West Center (Hawaii, HI, US)
  62. East View Publications, Inc. (Eastview Publications, US)
  63. Eastern Books of London (London, UK)
  64. Eastwind Books & Arts Inc. (San Francisco, CA, US)
  65. Economic Analytical Unit, DFAT (Canberra, Australia)
  66. Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd. (Cheltenham, UK)
  67. Evergreen Books Publishing (Monterey Park, CA, US)
  68. F

  69. Fitzwilliam Ltd. Bookshop (US)
  70. G

  71. Gert Jan Bestebreurtje Antiquarian Bookseller (Utrecht, Netherlands)
  72. Golden Crown Book Store (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
  73. Great Wall Books & Arts (Seattle, OR, US)
  74. H

  75. Han-Shan Tang Books (London, UK)
  76. Hindustan Publishing Corporation, India (Delhi, India)
  77. Hurst & Co. (London, UK)
  78. I

  79. IA Books (IndoamericanBooks) (Abbotsford, Canada/ Delhi, India)
  80. IDC Publishers (The Netherlands)
  81. IdeaIndia.com (London, UK)
  82. India Books (www.indiabookstore.com, India)
  83. The India Club Inc. (Greenbelt, MD, US)
  84. Indian Books Centre (Delhi, India)
  85. Indus Books (Portland, OR, US)
  86. Institute for International Economics (Washington, DC, US)
  87. Institute of East Asian Studies (U. California, Berkeley, CA, US)
  88. Institute of South East Asian Studies (Singapore)
  89. Institute of Zen Studies Bookstore (Honolulu, HI, US)
  90. I.R.A.N. - Iranian Resources for Academic Needs (London,UK)
  91. IraniBook.com (Tehran, Iran)
  92. K

  93. Kegan Paul International Publishers (London, UK)
  94. Ketabname Online: Arabic and Persian Books from Iran (Sacramento, CA, US)
  95. K.K.Agencies - Online Store of Indian Publications (Delhi, India)
    [With an extensive BookSearch DataBase which is updated evey week. Also issues periodic e-mail updates on new books]
  96. Kichuudo - The Electronic Mind Buddhist Bookstore (Kyoto, Japan)
  97. Kuo Chow Studio (Taipei, Taiwan)
  98. L

  99. Lin Shu Wu (Kowloon, HK)
  100. Low Price Publications (Delhi, India)
  101. Löwendahl Rare Books (London, UK)
  102. M

  103. Mangajin (US)
  104. Manohar Book Service (Delhi, India)
  105. Man's Book Company (Kowloon, HK)
  106. Middle East Studies: Publishers and Bookstore (Columbia U, New York, US)
    [A register edited by Frank Unlandherm, Middle East/Jewish Studies Librarian, Middle East Studies WWW Virtual Library]
  107. Maruzen Co. Ltd. (Yokohama, Japan)
  108. Melting Pot Books (New Haven, CT, US)
  109. Middle EurAsian Books (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)
  110. Moe's Books (Berkeley, CA, US)
  111. Monash Asia Institute Publications (Monash U, Melbourne, VIC, Australia)
  112. Moneesh Ltd. On-line Bookstore (Hurleyville, NY, US)
  113. Multicultural Media (Barre, VT, US)
  114. N

  115. National Foreign Language Center (NFLRC) (Hawaii, HI, US)
  116. Nihon Shoseki Shuppan Kyokai (Japan)
  117. Nordic Institute of Asian Studies Bookshop (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  118. Norman Ross Publishing Inc. (New York, NY, US)
  119. O

  120. O-Hayo Sensei's Online Japan Bookstore (San Francisco, CA, US)
  121. The Old Bookroom (Canberra, Australia)
  122. Online Bangla Book Resource (??, US)
  123. Orchid Press (Hong Kong, China and Bangkok, Thailand)
  124. Oriens Orientalist Bookshop (Paris, France)
  125. Oriental Books Store (Delhi, India)
  126. Oscar Publications (Delhi, India)
  127. P

  128. Pacific Book House (Gold Coast, QLD, Australia)
  129. Pan Asian Publications (US)
  130. Parallax Press Bookstore (Berkeley, CA, US)
  131. Pariyatti Books (Seattle, WA, US)
  132. Pasifika Press & Books Pasifika (Auckland, NZ)
  133. Paragon Book Gallery Inc. (Chicago, IL, US)
    [Specializing in both new and out-of-print books on Asian arts and Asian studies, we invite you to visit our Web site, which contains an easy-to-use searchable database that is updated every day. You can place an order directly on-line or by phone/fax/mail/email. We ship worldwide and welcome library orders and your book offers. Address: 1507 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60605, Email: paragon--at--paragonbook.com]
  134. Paulus Swaen Old Maps and Prints (Ah Heeze, Netherlands)
  135. Publish Australia (Sydney, Australia)
  136. R

  137. Rare Oriental Book Co. (Aptos, US)
  138. Readworthy Publications Pvt. Ltd. (Delhi, India)
  139. Renditions (Hong Kong, China)
  140. Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies Bookshop On-line (Canberra, Australia)
  141. Ridgeback Press: Books on Meiji Restoration (Pinole, CA, US)
  142. Rinsen Book Co. (Kyoto, Japan)
  143. Rostis: Secondhand Books in Russian (Odessa, Ukraine)
  144. Russia Online, Inc. (Russia Online, Inc., US)
  145. S

  146. SAGE Publications India Pvt Ltd. (Delhi - Chennai - Kolkata - Hyderabad - Pune, India)
  147. Sang-e-Meel Publications (Lahore, Pakistan)
  148. San Min Book Company (Taipei, Taiwan)
  149. Sasugua Japanese Bookstore (Cambridge, MA, US)
  150. Saujanya Books (Delhi, India)
    [Books on Buddhism, Himalayan Studies, Tibet & Ladakh]
  151. Shambhala Publications Online (Boston, MA, US)
  152. Shen's Books and Supplies (Arcadia, CA, US)
  153. Shingon Buddhist International Institute Bookstore (Fresno, CA, US)
  154. The Singapore Bookshop (Singapore)
  155. Singapore University Press Pte Ltd / NUS Press (Singapore)
  156. Smitskamp Oriental Antiquarium (Leiden, The Netherlands)
  157. South Asia Books (Columbia, MO, US)
  158. South Asia Book Vendors, Exporters and Publishers (Columbia U, New York, US)
    [A register edited by Dr David Magier, South Asia Librarian, SARAI - South Asia WWW Virtual Library]
  159. Southeast Asia Program Publications (Cornell Univ., Ithaca, NY, US)
  160. Snow Lion Web (Ithaca, NY, US)
  161. Southeast Asia Publications (SEAP) (Northern Illinois Univ., US)
  162. Sreejoni - International Booksellers & Library Suppliers from Calcuta (Calcuta, India)
  163. Stone Bridge Press (Berkeley, CA, US)
  164. Sulu Arts and Books (San Francisco, CA, US)
  165. T

  166. Ta Tong Book Company Ltd. (Taipei, Taiwan)
  167. Tamarind Books (Greensboro, NC, US)
    [We specialize in mainly out-of-print books on all subjects relating to those regions of Asia ranging between--and including the borderlands of--India and China, with emphasis on Mainland and Insular Southeast Asia. Our Web site features country catalogues. Email: tamarind--at--greensboro.com]
  168. TARU - Books & Journals (Delhi, India)
    [Exporters, since 1976, of Books, Journals, Serial Publications, Proceedings, Govt. Publications, Rare Books, Back Volumes on all subjects from any publisher in India.
  169. Thornton's Bookshop (Oxford, UK)
  170. Tibet Online Bookstore (www.ciolek.com, Australia)
    [High quality books, CDs, and videotapes from an Amazon.com associate]
  171. Tibetbook.net - Online Bookshop (Berlin, Germany)
  172. Times Editions (Singapore)
  173. Tohan Co. (Japan)
  174. Tokyo Koshokumiai (Tokyo Antiquarian Booksellers Corporatives) (Tokyo, Japan)
  175. Toshokan Ryutsu Center Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan)
  176. Towards Freedom (Kolkata, India)
  177. Trevor Leggett Books Web Site (Venus Internet, UK)
  178. Tuttle Publishing (Boston,USA / Tokyo,Japan)
  179. U

  180. University of Chicago Press (Chicago, IL, US)
  181. University of Hawai'i Press (Honolulu, HI, US)
  182. V

  183. Vedams Books International (Delhi, India)
  184. Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften (Vienna, Austria)
  185. Vietnam Art Books (Montreal, Quebec Canada)
  186. Victor Kamkin, Inc. (Rockville, MD, US)
  187. Viking Hong Kong Publications (VHKP) (Hong Kong, China)
  188. Village East Books (New York, NY, US)
  189. W

  190. Weatherhill, Inc (Trumbull, CT, US)
  191. White Lotus Press (Bangkok, Thailand)
  192. William & Nina Matheson Books, Inc. (Washington DC, US)
  193. William H. Allen Bookseller (Philadelphia, PA, US)
  194. Wisdom Books (London, UK)
  195. WisdOM: India's Gift to the World (Calcutta, India)
  196. World Bookstore (San Francisco, CA, US)
  197. The World of Good Books (Taipei, Taiwan)
  198. Z

  199. Zen Buddhism Online Bookstore (www.ciolek.com, Australia)
    [High quality books, CDs, and videotapes from an Amazon.com associate]
  200. Zita Books - Antiquarian and Rare Book and Print Catalogs (New York, NY, US)
  201. Asian Studies 'Off-line' Bookshops and Booksellers

  202. A List of Chinese Bookstores (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
    [An annotated register of bookstores in Germany, UK, Japan, PRC, Taiwan and US that carry scholarship on traditional China and reprints of old Chinese texts]
  203. Antiquarian bookdealers specializing in Oriental and East Asian Studies (Kiel Univ., Germany)
    [Specialist shops in Germany, Great Britain, Netherlands, France, USA]
  204. Australian and New Zealand Association of Antiquarian Booksellers Limited (Sydney, Australia)
  205. Book Hunter Press (Yorktown Heights, NY, US)
    [An online searchable database of 8,000 used and antiquarian book dealers in the United States and Canada, including dealers specializing in Asian Studies]
  206. See also Best big Online Bookstores - A Consumer Guide
    [Bookstore Lists, Antiquarian, Foreign Books, Publishers, Book Gossip, Book Reviews, Bestseller Lists, Specialty Titles, Libraries]

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