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Aboriginal Online Bookstore

Created: 22 Dec 1997. Last Updated: 30 Nov 2007.

Edited by Dr T.Matthew Ciolek

This document is a part of the Aboriginal Studies WWW Virtual Library.

Please notify tmciolek@ciolek.com about relevant new titles dealing with Australian Aboriginal societies, their history, ways of life and culture. Your feedback will be gratefully appreciated. This page is optimised for transmission speed, not for fancy looks.
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Books & CDs recommended by the editor of
Aboriginal Studies WWW Virtual Library

Titles listed on this page have been selected from the Amazon.com database on the grounds of their
(1) authoritative content, (2) short delivery time and (3) comparatively lower price.
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The following books/CDs (this list is regularly updated - please let us know, if the title you need is not listed here)
can now be purchased online from the Amazon.com.

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The Bestsellers

  1. Berndt, Ronald, H. and Catherine H. Berndt. 1994. The Speaking Land : Myth and Story in Aboriginal Australia. Inner Traditions International Ltd.
    [Ships in 24 hours / Paperback ]
  2. Windschuttle, Keith. 2001. The fabrication of Aboriginal history. : An article from: New Criterion, September 1, 2001. Foundation for Cultural Review.
    [Available for download now / Electronic document: *Format: HTML; *Printable: Yes; *Mac OS Compatible: Yes; *Windows Compatible: Yes; *Handheld Compatible: Yes.]
  3. Elkin, A. Peter. 1993. Aboriginal Men of High Degree : Initiation and Sorcery in the World's Oldest Tradition. Inner Traditions International Ltd.
    [Ships in 2-3 days / Paperback ]
  4. Caruana, Wally. 1993. Aboriginal Art (The World of Art). Thames & Hudson.
    [Ships in 24 hours / Paperback ]
  5. Sutton, Peter (Editor) and Pat Sutton. 1997. Dreamings : The Art of Aboriginal Australia. George Braziller.
    [Ships in 2-3 days / Hardcover ]


Aboriginal Music

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