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Prof. Dr. Gerard Ciolek (1909-1966) - photographs

Gerard Ciolek, B&W photo, 205Kb
[Gerard Ciolek, Tatra Mountains, Poland, spring, mid-1950s. Photographer: unknown]

Gerard Ciolek, B&W photo, summer 1955, 12Kb Gerard Ciolek, B&W photo, summer 1955, 619Kb
[Gerard Ciolek, Kopa Kondracka Pass, Tatra Mountains.
The background panorama: Świnica (L. of the head), Dolina Walentkowa (R. of the arm),
Hruby massif. Poland, summer 1955?. Photographer: unknown (probably Kazimierz Wejchert). Left hand image 12KB, Right hand image 619KB]

Gerard Ciolek, B&W photo, 24Kb
[Gerard Ciolek, Wilanow Palace, Warsaw, Dec 1965. Photographer: unknown]
Regina Ciolek, B&W photo, 41Kb
[Potrait of the wife, Regina Ciolek, Warsaw, late 1940s. Photographer: Gerard Ciolek]
Gerard Ciolek, B&W photo, 56Kb
[Gerard Ciolek, a passport photograph, Warsaw, circa 1964. Photographer: unknown]
This document is a part of the Prof. Dr. Gerard Ciolek (1909-1966) - some biographical and other data.

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