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Tibet Current Affairs Archive

Edited by Dr T.Matthew Ciolek

[Est.: 1 June 1995. Last updated: 16 Feb 1998. This page is optimised for transmission speed, not for fancy looks]

The purpose of this Web document is to provide central access point to Tibetan current affairs analyses and news bulletins (ISSN 1355-3313) prepared by TIN - Tibet Information Network, City Cloisters, 188-196 Old St, London EC1 9FR, United Kingdom ph: +44-171 814 9011 / fax: +44-171 814 9015 / email: (tin@gn.apc.org). Materials derived from sources other than Tibet Information Network are marked accordingly. Average size of each bulletin is approx 12Kb.

The document is a part of the Tibetan Studies WWW Virtual Library. Please mail tmciolek@ciolek.com if you know of relevant networked resource not in this page.

TIN reports specifically addressing the human rights situation in Tibet are available from a wais (full-text) ANU-Tibetan-Human-Rights data base.
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