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Information Quality - Catalogue of Potent Truisms

Edited by Dr T.Matthew Ciolek

[Est. 15th October 1994, Last revised: 10 Nov 1997. Some minor improvements to the flow of words were added on 6 Oct 2005.
Otherwise please note that this document is no longer maintained or updated.]


The purpose of this page is to collect and catalogue as many as possible of truisms, well-meant advice, self-evident truths, 'friendly' suggestions, gut-feelings, and other 'motherhood-is-good' type of banal observations which if subjected to pruning, analysis and translation may (with some luck and persistence) generate some practical design criteria. Please mail if you know of a truism not listed here or if you have any suggestions (conservative or radical) on better organisation of the notes below. Your additions and modifications will be gratefully appreciated.


Work on this page has been furthered by information, suggestions, comments and advice kindly provided by:

T.Barry, K.Bellingham, S.Benson, A.Brown, M.C.Brown, P.Crow, J.Gilding, I.Goltz, J.Jones, T.Knoll, A.Marr, M.C.Miller, K.McVicker, D.Nathan, D.Nissen, B.Penny, C.Rayner, K.Richardson, D.Shannon, T.Sherratt, R.Soulier, B.Thoen, J.Wodetzki

'MOTHERHOOD IS GOOD' list of commonsense statements

The 'quality' networked information facilities:

  1. Provide their OWN information
  2. Are useful and informative
  3. Are easy to find
  4. Are universally accessible
  5. Are well structured & organised
  6. Are well formatted & edited
  7. Are easy to establish, run, maintain and improve on

These seven root principles can be, in fact, further unfolded and elaborated upon. See the following notes:

For a list of wrong practices see

For examples of what is (or has been) thought as a good information site see:

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