The Internet in 1998:
Opportunities and Disadvantages to Scholarly Work

(results of an online brainstorming session)

edited by
Dr T. Matthew Ciolek,
Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies,
Australian National University, Canberra ACT 0200, Australia

Document created: 10 Mar 1998. Last revised: 6 Jun 2000

This is a 1998 paper. A follow up study carried out two years later is available from


On 3 March 1998 a 'brainstorming' question was posed via email to 24 leading creators of online resources in the areas of social sciences and Asian Studies:

"..I would be grateful if I could learn what each of YOU considers to be:

(1) the greatest opportunity
(2) greatest disadvantage

that the today's Internet poses to YOUR scholarly work. The anonymity of your kind response is assured.

The email has also indicated that any replies should reach this author by Sunday 8 March 1998. The brainstorming question was answered by ten persons: All eleven 'brainstorming' answers, minus any salutations, valedictions and other passages of text which could reveal the identity of a respondent(s), are printed verbatim in no particular order:

Brainstorming Replies

Comment 01

Comment 02

Comment 03

Comment 04

Comment 05

Comment 06

Comment 07

Comment 08

Comment 09

Comment 10

Comment 11

A summary of themes and concerns

The above replies, indentified by a number in a round bracket, suggest a number of threads of thought:


I am indebted to my impressive and hard working Internet colleagues who kindly agreed to participate in this informal 'opinion poll'.

See also:
Ciolek, T.M. 1998. The Scholarly Uses of the Internet: 1998 Online Survey

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